36 Most Popular Christmas Gifts For College Girls

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This post is all about Christmas gifts for college girls.

christmas gifts for college girls

We’re just a few weeks away before the big day and like many others, I’m super excited. You’re here because you’re looking for something special to give the college girl in your life. Well, here’s a great list of the most popular Christmas gifts for college girls that I put together.

When I was in college, I owned a few of these items including some on my wishlist. These items are most definitely must-haves she’ll love. I’ve included several affordable items that can be gift wrapped or can be straight up stocking stuffers.

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So let’s jump right into the list of Christmas gifts for college girls!

Practical Christmas Gifts For College Girls

1. Swell Water Bottle

christmas gifts for college girl

I remember when I was gifted a Swell water bottle a few years ago and how happy I was because I wanted to upgrade from a plastic bottle to a stainless steel one. This is an item that’s seen all over college campus and would make a great gift idea for the college student.

2. Day Planner

gifts for college girls

I’m an organizing junkie and whenever I was given a planner or journal I was super happy. I seriously collect these. Trust me, people who love planners and journals just as much as I do, have probably 5 unused ones somewhere in their dorm and they’ll be happy to receive another one.

3. Gift Cards

gifts for college students

Who doesn’t love gift cards? Gift cards is one of the best practical gifts and really helped me out when I was in college. Every time I received one, I was so grateful. Us broke college students at the time couldn’t be happier receiving one especially if it was one of our favorite shops or restaurants like a Starbucks gift card. That’s why they make great Christmas gifts for college girls. Even better if it was just a Visa or Mastercard because then we could spend it anywhere.

4. Casetify Phone Case

college girl gifts 2021

Honestly, phone cases will also make great Christmas gifts for college girls and stocking stuffers too. Casetify is such a popular phone case amongst college students so this will make a great gift idea! If this style is not your fancy, there are plenty of others to choose from.

5. Yeti Travel Mug

best gifts for college students 2021

Yeti became popular on college campuses years ago and I literally see everyone with a Yeti travel mug when I go to college games and events. The Yeti Rambler will make a great gift for the tea and coffee lovers out there. It will keep your drink hot all day long which is perfect since we’re diving more and more into the colder months. If you don’t like black there are 24 other colors to choose from.

Self Care Christmas Gifts For College Girls

6. Sheet Face Masks

cheap gifts for college students

Sheet face masks are every college girl’s obsession. And you can never have too many. I’ve given a 5-pack to one of my friends who was still in college a few years back and she couldn’t stop raving about it because it was the closest thing to a spa. The masks did what it needed to do for her skin and to this day, she’s still obsessed with them.

7. Hair Scrunchies

best gift for a college girl

Who doesn’t love hair scrunchies? They’re such a stylish way to dress up your ponytail. Hair scrunchies will always be popular amongst college girls and this one from Kitsch is the one of the most popular ones.

8. Eyeshadow Palette

college girl gifts 2020

The perfect eyeshadow palette for a college student is one that has shades that can be worn for the day and shades that can easily transition to night. This eyeshadow palette from Tarte would be a college girl’s dream eye palette.

9. Personalized Makeup Bag

personalized gifts for college students

Every college girl who’s a makeup enthusiast would love a makeup bag with different compartments, especially a personalized one. When they’re taking their makeup bag to different places like parties and games, it would be nice to have a makeup bag that has your name or initials on it just in case it gets lost and you or someone else can easily identify who it belongs to.

10. Homesick Candles

christmas gift for girl in college

I’m a huge candle lover and when I received one of these Homesick Candles as a birthday gift, it was love at first sight. I think this is such a brilliant gift idea for college students because so many will be home sick while away at college, especially those who will be attending for the first time. These candles are made of soy and have a scent profile reminiscent of the state their family is from and will help remind them of home. They can add them to their living space, shower or next to their bed if they live in a small dormitory.

Dorm Christmas Gifts For College Girls

11. Mini Keurig

popular christmas gift for college girl

Every college girl has that one friend or two that are coffee addicts and you’re probably one yourself. That’s why this Mini Keurig would make a great gift idea. It can easily fit inside a small dorm room or college apartment. Instead of having your friend spend money daily at Starbucks before heading to class, have her save money by brewing a cup or two with her own machine. If you pick this up, get her coffee mug too!

12. The Essential College Cookbook

college girl christmas gift

If you have college friends or children who are living on their own or heading off to college for the first time, have no kitchen skills and tired of eating ramen, this cookbook is the perfect gift. The recipes will give them the basics in cooking and help them create nutritious meals and snacks with ease. Even better if you pair this with an electric cooker that has a wide rang of cooking usage so they have at least the basic essentials to cooking in the dorm.

13. Cozy Blanket

college girl gifts knit blanket

Chunky knit blankets are super popular right now especially in college dormitories. Any college girl would love to receive a gift like this. I can already image cozying myself up in this while watching Netflix or catching up on my favorite shows on Hulu. They are warm, cozy and simply beautiful to look at which is why they make great Christmas gifts for college girls.

14. Candle Warmer

college girl gifts candle warmer

College girls living in a dorm who likes candles would love to receive a thoughtful gift like this. Why? Many college dormitories don’t allow you to burn candles so this candle warmer would make a great alternative. I would also gift her a few scented candles along with it too.

15. Party Game

Funny party games can be enjoyed by any college girl and their friends. Why Do You Meme and Cards Against Humanity are pretty popular games that would make great stocking stuffers.

16. Weighted Blanket

college girl gifts weighted blanket

A college girl could definitely use a weighted blanket in her life. It’s surged in popularity in recent years because it’s known to help reduce stress levels, improve your overall mood and get better sleep. What student couldn’t benefit from this? I highly recommend this one as the perfect gift!

17. Succulent Planter Terranium

college girl gifts terranium

This Succulent Terranium Container is the perfect gift for a college friend who’s a plant lover. These cute and small succulent plants make great Christmas gifts for college girls who want to add some greenery in their dorm room or college apartment. These succulents are so popular on social media especially on Instagram. There’s never a day on Instagram when I don’t see an image with these plants.

18. CraveBox Care Package

college girl gifts cravebox care package

The perfect gift for broke college girls who might not have enough treats to indulge in with friends and/or roommates. I found this CraveBox Care Package on Amazon which contains 45 delicious snacks and treats to enjoy while studying or during college final exams to keep you going or for movie nights. Definitely one of the best gifts for students to enjoy during late night study sessions.

Stylish Christmas Gifts For College Girls

19. Lululemon Leggings

college girl gifts lululemon pants

There’s not a college girl alive who doesn’t own or want a pair of Lululemon leggings. That’s how popular they are and with good reason. Not only are they comfy, they go with just about anything in your closet. You can wear them when working out, for yoga or if you just want to throw them on with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers when heading to class. It’s a bit on the pricey side but they last a very long time. I’m still wearing a pair of Lululemon leggings that I bought 4 years ago because they’re still in good condition.

20. UGG Slippers

college girl gifts ugg slippers

I owned my first pair of UGGs when I was in college and I’ve been a fan since. They are super popular with college girls and with good reason. These UGG Slippers are super comfy to walk around inside the dorm, your college apartment or when walking the dorm hall. They come in so many different colors and styles to choose from too. They’re super cute and make the perfect cozy winter gift.

21. White Sneakers

When I was in college, all my roommates and friends owned at least one white sneaker. It will always be a popular sneaker because once it gets so dirty to the point it can’t retain its normal white color, we always want a new pair. I also like this pair too!

22. Oversized Hoodie

college gift gifts everlane hoodie

Comfort and style is what every college girl likes which is why an oversized hoodie is a great gift idea this Christmas. They’re super popular right now because they are so perfect to wear in class or at college events with a pair of leggings or jeans and sneakers.

23. Initial Necklace

college girl gifts initial necklace

This inexpensive yet chic initial necklace is all the rage right now with college girls. They make a cute everyday accessory for college girls to wear at school. It also makes a great stocking stuffer gift!

24. Long Winter Jacket

college girl gifts long coat

This is one of the must have Christmas gifts for college girls who attend a school that gets extremely cold during the fall and winter season. Unfortunately some colleges don’t cancel classes when it’s snowing or freezing outside so this is perfect to keep her warm. This one from Steve Madden might be a bit pricey but it’s of good quality and will last a long time.

25. Pajamas

college girl gifts pajama set

What college girl doesn’t love a warm and cozy pajama set? When I was in college, my go-to sleepwear was a plain t-shirt and a pair of shorts or pants during the colder months. I was too broke to buy a pajama set and always wished someone gifted this to me. My wish came true one Christmas, and the same could happen for your college friend (or college-attending daughter) if you gift her this.

26. Weekender Bag

college girl gifts weekender bag

A weekender bag is perfect for the gym, road trips, travel carry on, short trips or an impromptu overnight stay. This is a useful gift that any college girl would love to have. 

27. Sherpa Pullover

college girl gifts sherpa fleece

This is the perfect gift for the winter weather that she would love to wear during the colder months. Staying warm inside the dorm or college apartment can be a real challenge for many college girls. The Sherpa Fleece Pullover is so soft, warm and cozy that you can just throw it on when lounging around the dorm or before heading to an early morning class.

28. Fuzzy Socks

College girls love nothing but layers during the cold winter months. That’s why a pair of fuzzy wool socks like this one and this one are a necessity and are perfect Christmas gifts for college girls. These are perfect for keeping your toes warm this winter and for wearing around your dorm or college apartment during chilly days and nights.

Tech Christmas Gifts For College Girls

29. Airpods

college girl gifts apple airpods

For the busy college student that wants to listen to music or podcasts on the go, the Apple Airpods are the perfect gift. I prefer these over bluetooth headphones. It’s been extremely popular with college kids these days too because they are essential and take up less space in their backpack unlike wireless headphones. Students love them because their wireless, the battery life is long and doesn’t easily break. 

30. Apple Watch

college girl gifts apple watch

There are so many fitness trackers in the market, but this particular health tracker stands out among the rest. The Apple Watch is another popular item from Apple on college student’s Christmas wishlist. It’s a great choice because it’s something college girls can use everyday. It can track your fitness and sleep patterns, heart rate, help you stay organized with school work and more. You can even answer calls, use as an alarm clock and receive texts on it.

31. Bluetooth Speaker

college girl gifts bluetooth speaker

This JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is hands down the best speaker I’ve ever had. Not only is it waterproof, the sound quality is amazing. A portable bluetooth speaker is a must-have for college students and this particular one can easily fit inside your backpack or handbag when on-the-go.

32. Multifunctional Lap Desk

college girl gifts lap desk

College girls spend a lot of their time on the laptop in the dorm room, specifically in bed. If living in a college apartment, her time might be spent between her bed and her couch. I totally get it! Even though I’m no longer in college I still like to use my laptop in bed. In fact, I’m on it right now as I’m typing this. 

You can make it easier for her if you buy her a multifunctional lap desk. One of the best gift ideas to help elevate her productivity when tackling her homework.

33. Tile

college girl gifts tile

If you have a college friend who tends to lose things a lot like her keys and gets anxiety over it, then give her a Tile for Christmas. It’s pretty much a smart keychain that tells you where your purse or keys are through an app you download on your phone. It’s even integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest. She’ll never misplace her things again. It’s one of my favorite Christmas gifts for college girls that is inexpensive (under $25!).

34. Selfie Ring w/Tripod

college girl gifts selfie ring

A selfie ring with a tripod is every college girl’s dream who lives on Instagram or Youtube. It can dramatically improve the quality of the pictures and videos you take on your cell phone or camera. It’s also usb powered so it works with most devices that supports a usb port.

35. Instax Mini

college girl gifts instax mini

Another one of my favorite Christmas gift ideas on this list! Fujifilm Instax Mini camera is a cult favorite amongst college students and will make the perfect gift to give to the college girl in your life for Christmas. They love the retro style of the Instax Mini camera and it’s overall a great camera to capture memories while in college.

36. Portable Charger

college girl gifts anker portable charger

How many times have you reached for your phone when on campus only to discover your phone died because you forgot to charge it the night before? If that’s you or describes a friend of yours, buy a portable charger for your smartphone. It’s so much better than carrying your phone charger with you everywhere. I really like this Anker charger because it can easily fit in your handbag or backpack when you’re on campus or at a college event.

More Christmas Gifts For College Girls

christmas gifts for college girls

1. Tri-fold Lighted Makeup Mirror with Lights // 2. Simple Modern Stainless Steel Bolt Water Bottle // 3. Clinique Turn It Up, Take It Off // 4. KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer // 5. UGG Classic II Shimmer Metallic Bootie // 6. Lap Desk with Phone Holder and Device Ledge // 7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Undressed Lip Set // 8. 2021 Planner // 9. Mini First-Aid Kit Clutch // 10. Halogen Cashmere Tech Gloves // 11. Sephora Collection Skincare Surprise Set // 12. Made By Design Mesh Wall Organizer // 13. Try Treats – International Snack Subscription Box // 14. Laptop Backpack

This post is all about Christmas gifts for college girls.

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