15 Wholesome Fall Self Care Ideas You Will Love

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This post is all about fall self care ideas.

fall self care ideas

Fall is already here and you may be preparing to go back to work or school. Well, after a lazy summer, it’s easy enough to forget to check in with yourself and go back to your regular activities without taking a break. Eventually, you may end up feeling more stressed than necessary. It’s important to take care of yourself, during autumn and these fall self care ideas will come in handy.

How Do You Take Care Of Yourself In Autumn?

You can take care of yourself during autumn by doing things that make you feel happy. Whether it’s trying out new food recipes, taking long walks, watching the leaves change or anything else that puts you at peace, try it out and enjoy the best of what autumn has to offer. Remember, self care is anything that involves taking care of yourself and boosting your energy.

mini self care daily planner

If you don’t take enough time to take care of yourself during autumn, you may end up experiencing some of the following negative effects.

• Crankiness
• Burnout
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Overwhelm
• Stress
• Frustration
• lethargy

However, if you try out several fall self care ideas, you may enjoy numerous benefits such as the following…

fall self care challenge
  1. Improved Resilience

There is so much going on in the world today. Well, you can build your resilience by practicing several fall self care ideas. This way, you will not instantly respond negatively to anything negative in your environment. You will take time to choose the right response.

  1. Improves Self Esteem

You may not be offering yourself the type of self care you need because you are forgetting about your personal needs. If you have a busy life, it’s easy enough to forget your needs. As such, you may end up feeling unworthy. Well, by taking care of yourself, you may remind yourself why you are important.

  1. Improves Overall Wellbeing

With proper self care, you will improve your overall sense of well-being. If you imagine your body, mind and spirit as a system, then doing positive things for the entire system ensures overall benefits. With simple acts of self care, you will improve your overall well-being effortlessly.

  1. A Benefit To Everyone Around You

Self care will also play a huge role to everyone around you. After being filled up, you can attend to people from a place of satisfaction. For instance, if you haven’t been taking care of yourself, you may end up feeling cranky at first. However, if you take good care of yourself, you will end up approaching situations differently altogether.

  1. Boosts Self Confidence

By taking proper care of yourself, you will generally improve self-confidence. It also comes back to your self-worth. When you are feeling full and better, you will approach the world in a confident way, feeling less depleted and feeling generally happier about yourself.

  1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Taking care of yourself will allow you to respond better to any feelings that may be coming from stress and anxiety. By taking a few breaths of fresh air every morning, the whole system will respond positively. These simple actions will calm your system regularly to avoid further issues. However, if you constantly feel stressed or anxious, you can seek professional help.

Fall Self Care Ideas To Try Out

Here are some of fall self care ideas to try out that will guarantee all the benefits mentioned above and many more.

fall self care tips

1. Enjoy Your Favorite Fall Drink

Do you love taking coffee or hot cocoa during fall? Well, taking your favorite hot drink during autumn will always give you something to look forward to. Even better, you can always take a few minutes out of your day to sit down and enjoy doing something you love. Find a good place in or out of your house to sit down and enjoy your favorite fall drink to feel good about yourself.

2. Unplug For The Day

Give yourself a day away from social media and appreciate everything around you. Try sitting down in your favorite spot in the garden and going through what you need to do this season before the cold season sets in. Additionally, you can also meditate, do yoga or do anything else that makes you feel good about yourself. Stay away from your phone or electronic devices.

3. Do Some Holiday Baking

Do you love the smell of fresh bread or muffins? Well, try some baking during this time of the year. You will love coming home to the fresh smell of baked goods. Baking is a great hobby that allows you to appreciate food in many ways. You will love getting back into the basics and preparing some of your favorite baked goods.

4. Go For A Walk In The Park

fall activity walk in the park

If you are feeling a little lethargic or moody during autumn, try taking a walk in the park. You can enjoy watching the leaves change and breathing in a lot of fresh air. Nature will improve your mood and help you feel energetic effortlessly. On the other hand, a small walk in the park is great exercise for you to remain fit.

5. Make Meals Using Fall Vegetables

Do you have a small garden in your backyard where you have been planting a few vegetables? Well, you are going to feel excited to eat something from your own garden. Rather than going grocery shopping, take time to look through your vegetable garden to find out what is ready for harvest. Use these vegetables to prepare meals for yourself and your family.

6. Binge-watch Your Favorite Shows

Another great way to feel good about yourself is to get lost in the cinematic world. Do you have a show you have saved on your favorite streaming site but never get time to watch it? You can always set some time aside from school or work and catch up with your favorite characters. It’s a good way to release the troubles of the day and feel great about yourself too.

7. Buy Fall Scented Candles

Fall is a great time of the year with amazing scents both in and outdoors. You can bring the smell indoors by buying fall-scented candles. The fresh air in your home will make you feel better, especially if you have been a little depressed or anxious. The new scents will also make you feel relaxed and calm.

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8. Write Down What You Are Grateful For

Do you often get exhausted or depressed by your daily life and are wondering how to get out of it? Despite your current feelings right now, you have a lot to be thankful for. Therefore, you need to take time and appreciate everything positive in your life. Every time you start feeling down, take a look at this list and it will help you feel better.

9. Decorate Your Home With Fall Décor

Fall is a great season of the year with many colors that will help make you feel better in and out. You can decorate your home with these varying colors to make it feel beautiful. Going around your house with the various striking colors of fall will definitely improve your mood.

10. Go Outside And Play In Leaves

Simply because you are grown up, doesn’t mean that you can go around and play in leaves. Go out and roll around in a pile of leaves or throw them in the air to feel good about yourself. If you want to make things more fun, you can bring your kids or friends along. After 30 minutes of such a fun activity, you are bound to feel better.

11. Go Apple Picking

Fall is always a great time to go apple picking. You can enjoy picking the ripe apples with your friends and make it a fun activity. Even better, you will be outdoors in nature so you can rejuvenate or self-recharge without any worries. If possible, you can also bring home the apples with you and make great apple pies among other dishes.

12. Visit A Pumpkin Patch With Friends

fall self care

Pumpkins are the best representation of fall so you can’t miss out on the fun with friends. If you are looking for something fun and to improve self-care, you need to go pumpkin picking with your friends. Visit a farm and pick out the various pumpkins for decorations. Also, you can use them for Halloween as jack-o-lanterns for the best experience. Go here to find a pumpkin patch near you!

13. Get 7+ Hours Of Sleep

Since you are back to work or school, you need to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Make sure you sleep for 7+ hours if you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. To avoid restless sleep, you need to put away your devices before bed, read a book, meditate or simply take a shower. If you have a sleep condition such as sleep apnea, visit a doctor to make it easier for you to sleep at night.

14. Workout At Home

As the chilly weather sets in during autumn, don’t forget to work out. Daily exercises will help you keep fit and happy. If you don’t love workouts, you can try simple exercises such as aerobics, jumping rope, taking jogs and many more. Remember, exercising is a great way to release the happy hormones to make your body feel better.

15. Read A Book

Do you have a favorite book that you never get around to reading? Well, reading a book is a great self-care activity that you definitely need to try out during autumn. Whether you have a busy schedule at school or work, always take some time off to read a book. You can become engrossed in the characters in your favorite book and escape the real world for a few hours every day.

Can You Involve Other People In Your Fall Self Care Ideas?

fall self care idea binge watch shows

You can always involve other people in your self care routines during autumn. Some of the activities listed above are more fun if you do them with other people. Or maybe do a fall self care challenge with them. Here are some of the best ways to involve your family or friends in your self-care activities during autumn.

  • If you always have a hard time reading a book on your own, try joining a book club. You will be able to get through the book easily and look forward to talking about it.
  • Kids always love the outdoors, especially if it’s playing with leaves. Don’t worry about the mess, if you are outdoors playing with leaves. Just enjoy yourselves and have fun.
  • Halloween is a great adventure to try out during fall. It doesn’t have to be scary at all times. You can go to a party with friends or walk around the block with your kids for trick and treat. Whatever you decide to do, you will have a lot of fun doing it with friends.
  • If you are never able to get through a show on your own, you can try doing it with a friend or partner. You can always set some time aside from your busy days to catch up on your favorite show together and enjoy quality time together.
  • If you choose to unplug for the day, you can make it a group activity with your friends or family. Even better, you can turn it into a contest where the person who unplugs for the longest will receive a gift.
  • Finally, when preparing meals using fall vegetables, you can involve your kids in the activity. They will love being in the kitchen and making meals with you. Besides recharging yourself, you will also make your feels kids feel excited about it.

Remember, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, you can always talk to someone about it. You don’t have to go through it alone. Some of these activities will make you feel better, especially if you are doing them with friends.

Final Thoughts

Fall is a great season of the year. Many people are always looking forward to it, especially after a long and hot summer. During autumn, the weather changes, the air feels fresh and it’s time to get back to your work or school activities. You need to make sure you also appreciate yourself every day by doing self-care activities to help you feel better.

I hope you enjoyed these fall self care tips!

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