50 Funny College Halloween Costumes That Will Blow Your Mind

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This post is all about funny college Halloween costumes.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America. In fact according to Statista, Americans spent $10.1 billion in 2021 on Halloween and is expected to reach a record of $10.6 billion this year, making it the country’s second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.

When you really think about it, it’s not all that surprising. Ever since I was a little girl I looked forward to Halloween and that never changed even when I entered college. In fact, I had the best Halloweens during college. When October rolls around, all the college students are looking forward to all the Halloween events, festivals and of course parties.

Picking the right Halloween costume is all big part of the fun too. I’ve done everything from the classic spooky, and sexy costumes. Out of all the costumes I wore, my favorites were always the silly ones. Today there are so many funny college Halloween costumes out there are laugh out loud hilarious. If you’re thinking of going the funny route this year, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, you’ll find 50 funny halloween costumes to inspire your next college party look.

What Should I Be For Halloween In College?

Trying to figure out what to be this year? What you love most about Halloween can give you an idea on what to be this year. Consider if you plan to buy a costume at the store or make it yourself. Your perfect costume is out there. In fact, you can start with the Halloween costume ideas below for inspiration.

If you’re the silly type, then let us help you figure out a few funny yet creative ideas with our hugest list of funny college halloween costumes. Halloween is all about having fun anyway. So, might as well go with a costumes that will make people laugh their butts off.

What Are The Top 5 Costumes For Halloween?

According to this site, the top 5 costumes for Halloween are:

  1. Witch
  2. Rabbit
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Spider-man
  5. Cruella De Vil

This is no shocker as traditional costumes are here to stay. However, with more pop culture having an influence on our Halloween choices, we’re seeing more creative, quirky and downright funny Halloween costumes trend that college students are jumping on.

Funny College Halloween Costumes

If you plan to go funny route this year, here are 50 funny college Halloween costumes that will sure to give people some laughs.

1. Instagram vs Reality

Want to show the reality of social media in real life? You can do so with this fascinating costume set. The beauty of Instagram vs the reality of real life is a funny option for Halloween. A great last-minute costume idea for couples.

2. It’s Da Weeknd

Weeknd is popular for his songs and of course his name. Why not take this for a spin as a couple? The “Saturday” and “Sunday” look is funny and perfect punny costume for your Halloween party. All you need is a black tshirt, black jeans, a jean vest, fake dreads, cool shades and a sign, that you and your friend can easily DIY yourself, to put around your neck to complete the look.

3. Tammy Tuck “Mommy Makeover” From Dr. Ryan O Plasty

The “Mommy Makeover” is a classic new-age costume and is a funny take on Dr. Ryan O Plasty. Have fun with this as a couple and spice it up as you like.

4. #Filter / #NoFilter

Filters are a big part of modern life. Show the world that you know there’s a difference with this hilarious costume. One person has the filter and one does not.

5. A Ship Called “Everstuck”

This is a great one for those who want to have a single costume. This is a fun, little costume that looks appealing and has the hilarity you are going for.

6. Little Red Riding HOOD

It’s time to put the Hood in Little Red Riding Hood. This is a funny spin on the classic story and one of the more iconic characters in children’s tales. Little Red Riding is no longer angel in this get up, lol.

7. My Favorite Spongebob Meme

The Spongebob meme is a classic that has been around for a while and is commonly used on social media. Why not take this for a spin as you put together this fun-filled costume for Halloween? It is light, breezy, and colorful. One of my favorite funny college halloween costumes on this list!

8. Black Swan

There is a certain charm associated with Black Swan and you are going to want to mix it up with this delightful costume set. The black and white outfit combo is a fascinating sight. Bonus points if you’re ready to perform a cool dance when asked, lol.

9. Flamin Hot Cheetos

Want to dress like a snack? Well, this is a great way to take this type of look for a spin by dressing as nothing more than a Flamin Hot Cheeto!

10. Ghouls Gotta Eat

Want to keep it simple and funny? Dress up as a ghoul and float around from place to place. After all, ghouls gotta eat and you will want to show this to everyone. This is one of my favorite couples halloween costumes on this list because it’s so chill and simple to make.

11. Indoor Plant

Indoor plants are simple, to the point, and fun. You will love this diy look and you can mix it up by changing the type of plant you are.

12. Card Against Humanity

When it comes to funny college Halloween costumes, this is a game that is right at the top of the list for party games. Why not bring this party game to life by grabbing a shirt and dressing it up as the cards you love to read? One of the easiest last minute halloween costumes to put together with a friend.

13. DoodleBob

It’s time to bring out the Spongebob doodle and this is the best way to do it. You are going to fall in love with how the costume looks and how it feels as you are walking around. One of the simplest college halloween costume ideas!

14. “She Doesn’t Even Go Here”

Instead of a Regina George costume, why not go with the classic meme from the iconic movie Mean Girls. This is simple, hilarious, and to the point. You are going to want to stick the paper to your chest and let the world know that she doesn’t even go here. It’s one of those funny college halloween costumes that will never not be funny.

15. Drunk 1 and Drunk 2

When it is time to start partying, you know there is going to be a bit of drinking too. This is when it is time to plan and let everyone know that drunk 1 and drunk 2 are here to have fun. One of the best college halloween costumes to wear with a friend.

16. Winnie The Pooh Squad

Winnie the Pooh is a renowned show and one that has been passed down over the generations. The characters are revered and it is time to become them when it is time to find funny college Halloween costumes.

17. “But That’s None Of My Business” Cosplay

There’s always the realist walking around while partying. You can be one too. It’s time to let people know that this is none of your business even though you know what they are all about.

18. FBoy

There is nothing more common than an FBoy and it is time to let the world know what they are all about. You can turn this person into a character of your own and show the world why this matters.

19. Leg Lamp

Want to dress like a lamp? Why not become a leg lamp? This is a gorgeous and quite funny costume that makes you a walking lamp as you move from one place to another at the party. You can easily find an old skirt and turn it to a lamp shade.

20. Mario Kart “Final Lap”

Mario Kart is a cult classic when it comes to gaming and you will want to bring the final lap to life. This is one of those funny college Halloween costumes you are going to adore as soon as it is put on.

21. Frat Boys

When it comes to dressing as a group, you are going to want to become frat boys. When it is a college theme, you will know frat boys are going to be around. This is when it is time to flip things around and get some college girls to become one of them. If you’re looking for easy college halloween costumes, this is it.

22. Gatorade Water Bottle

When you are not carrying a Gatorade around with you at the party, it’s time to become one yourself. This eye-catching costume is a lot of fun and will look the part as you begin to let everyone know that you are always hydrated.

23. Money Heist

When trying to look for funny college halloween costumes for a big group, look no further than this one. You guys might not be robbing a bank but you all are going to be robbing hearts with this group costume set. All you need is a red long sleeve sweater, knee high black boots, fake toy gun and the mask to compete this look. You can easily find the masks on Amazon here. If you’re clueless about this costume, check out Money Heist on Netflix. You won’t regret watching. This is one of the best easy costume ideas to wear with friends.

24. M&Ms

Everyone loves good chocolate. Why not become M&Ms? You are going to look like a treat and it will be fun walking around as a group. All you need is a pair of black pants and M&Ms shirts in different colors for each of your friend to wear which you can grab on Amazon here. Y’all will have on the funniest and hottest college halloween costumes at the party.

25. Alvin and The Chickmunks

This is always fun as a costume and a legendary option for those who adore the characters. You will want to go as a trio to make it come to life.

26. Spongebob & Patrick

There is no Spongebob without his buddy Patrick. Go as the two and let the world know you have your best friend right beside you to have a blast.

27. Cheech and Chong

This is a duo that is as classic as they come. Cheech and Chong are a perfect way to highlight your personality and have fun while doing so. Definitely one of the classic funny college halloween costumes.

28. Slinky Dog Couple

Become a slinky and move around as a unit. You are going to enjoy this slinky dog look as it will make you stand out.

29. Holes

Anyone that adores Holes will want to start digging. It’s time to put on the orange uniform and start finding those Halloween holes to dig.

30. Kanye “I Love It” Meme

Kanye is renowned for his whacky choices and this is one of them. You can make the meme a reality with this boxy costume set.

31. Oreo Cookie

Why not dress up as everyone’s favorite snack? You will look like a treat when it comes to becoming an Oreo cookie.

32. Campfire & S’mores

There is nothing more Halloween-oriented then smores. This is the perfect time of the year to bring out this beautiful and warm look.

33. Sushi

For a lot of people, this is their favorite food. You will want to become a sushi roll and stand out as a modern delicacy.

34. Slurpees

Slurpees are a refreshing beverage and one you are going to want to become. You will be the refreshment of the party and the colors will pop too.

35. Human Toilet

Enjoy the party from the comfort of a toilet. You will know nothing will go to waste with you around.

36. Rock, Paper & Scissors

This is a game everyone knows how to play. Become a walking game and have the time of your life with these costumes on. Definitely one of my favorite group halloween costumes.

37. Shake & Bake

Shake and Bake is all about bringing these two brands together. You will want to bring them to life in a way that is unique and personable.

38. Weed Bag

Put on this costume and make sure you don’t stop in front of a police car or they might have to confiscate you. The weed bag is a classic costume and one you will love putting on.

39. Ula from 50 First Dates

Try this look at your next college halloween party. Ula is a legend and it is time to show that you can do it even better than Rob Schneider.

40. White Chicks Bird Dress

White Chicks is a comedy classic and it is time to dress up as the white chicks themselves. You are going to want to bring their personality to the party and spice things up.

41. Hungry Hungry Hippo

This is a cute, simple look that is perfect for a group of friends. Put on this costume and know you are going to stick out for all the right reasons.

42. Hulk Hogan

This wrestling legend is renowned for his bushy mustache, popping muscles, and dynamic personality. You can bring all of it to the party by dressing as Hulk Hogan himself.

43. Mugatu Zoolander

When it comes to Zoolander, this is the costume for you. This is vibrant, funny, and has all the spark you are on the hunt for when it is time to put on a good costume for the day.

44. Rosie The Robot

The Jetsons used to be one of the most popular shows and Rosie The Robot was a special part of that cast. You can bring Rosie to life through this dynamic Halloween costume. It is a brilliant take on a costume adored by everyone.

45. Cousin Eddie From Christmas Vacation

Cousin Eddie is memorable and you are going to want to bring him to life through your costume. This is one of those funny college Halloween costumes you will get recognized for and it will jog everyone’s memories immediately. This is a great last minute costume idea!

46. Scream

Scream has all the fears rolled into one costume. This is a costume that has a bit of blood, a bit of gore, and of course, all of the frights you are on the hunt for from a Halloween costume.

47. Mrs. Clean

Everyone knows who Mr. Clean is, but what about Mrs. Clean? It’s time to dress up as Mrs. Clean and let the world know she is all about keeping clean too.

48. Minecraft Dressing Gowns

Minecraft has been all the rage for years and it is time to show your love for it. These dressing gowns are easy to put on, funny, and have the type of quality you are on the hunt for.

49. Shrek and Lord Farquaad

Shrek is a classic and this is your chance to dress up as the legendary character combo. This is a great one for those who adore this movie and want to show your passion for it.

50. Prescription Bottle

There’s nothing more important than keeping up with your medication. Why not become what you need? It’s time to dress up as your favorite prescription bottle and let the world know you are a health fanatic.

Which of these funny college Halloween costumes is your favorite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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