Self Care Essentials for Every Busy Gal

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self care products the busy gal

If there’s one thing that most of us can identify with, it’s not having enough hours in the day. Whether it’s work, school, family, or all of the above, it’s not easy to be a busy girl these days and we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. I think giving yourself permission to take care of yourself is probably the best thing you can do, not only for you but for the people in your life.

Self-care doesn’t require a room of candles and a spa-grade bath. In fact, I’m always on the lookout for self-care products that are quick and easy to use, but still get me prepped to feel good and look good!

Below are a few of my favorite self-care essentials that every busy gal should have:

bloom mineral 4 piece kit

Bloom Mineral 4-Piece Kit

This 4-piece kit has all the necessary ingredients for the perfect skin cocktail! Here’s the best part…it’s under $40 (with code “skin25” you can get an additional 25% off). I tried each one of the products in the kit and it left my face so soft and smooth. The Bloom Mineral Kit comes with:

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  • Softening Cleansing Milk: This makeup-removing cleansing milk uses only natural moisturizers from Dead Sea minerals leaving your skin clean and refresh.
  • Purifying Mud Mask: After the cleansing milk, you apply the mud mask to remove all the impurities from skin.  With ingredients like olive oil, honey, and aloe vera extract, it also replaces lost moisture to help reduce and delay wrinkles and facial lines for softer, younger-looking skin.
  • Moisture Shield: I learned years ago that the key to youthful-looking skin is moisture. This creams floods my skin with moisture and keeps it hydrated all day long.
  • Shielding Eye Cream: It’s contains Vitamin E fruit extracts and Dead Sea minerals which helps wake up my tired eyes.
nads sensitive hair removal cream

Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

With my busy schedule, I just don’t have the time to shave my legs everyday. That’s why I prefer a hair removal cream like Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream. Not only is it simple, quick, and removes hair easily, I find the results better than shaving. I get silky smooth legs in just 4 minutes and it has this new odor elimination technology for a more pleasant hair removal experience!

Clear Eyes Pure Relief

I’m on the computer at least 8 hours a day and sometimes I develop dry or irritated eyes from staring at the screen for long periods. To relieve my eyes, I’ll take rest breaks or use eye drops. I’ve used Clear Eyes in the past but this was my first time trying Clear Eyes Pure Relief. They’re preservative-free eye drops that relieves red eyes and has its own purifying filter that keeps bacteria out. The soothing effects work immediately and last for hours! Click here for $3 coupon.

Coobie Lace Bralette

When I have a busy day ahead of me, I think about my clothing options so I can feel comfortable and look great all day. I never want to leave the house feeling uncomfortable in a garment or scratchy fabric because discomfort always shows and never in flattering ways. I love this bralette from Coobie because it’s ultra comfortable. It is made with a soft, stretchy lace, holds everything in place, and adds a bit of sexy for everyday wear!

Which self-care product(s) would you like to try?


  1. I need to make time for more self care in my life! I have an infant daughter so there is very little “me time” in my world right now. I would love to try the Purifying Mud Mask 🙂

  2. I’ve added facial scrub to my morning routine before shaving and it has done a nice job of keeping my pours clean during hot summer months when your skin gets sweaty. There are some basic things people can do for healthy looking skin that can make a big difference.

  3. It’s so true. You have to take care of yourself. I don’t do this enough. The last time I painted my nails was a couple years ago. It’s time for some self-care.

  4. I need to make more time to pamper myself. I know it is always nice to have a clean house, an empty laundry basket and a good home cooked meal, but there should also be time to love myself. I may be interested in those mineral skin care products. I will have to check them out soon.

  5. I have used Nads in the past and I am a big fan of their products. They are a must for the summer months. no one wants stubble!

  6. I am interested to try that Bloom Mineral Kit. It looks like amazing products to try. You are right. I would rather have minerals on my skin than chemicals.

  7. These look like cool and beautiful items. Of all the ones that you list here I am sure that my daughter would really love the facemask. She seems to love those.

  8. I love getting boxes that are full of great surprises. With these products, you will definitely feel good about yourself!

  9. These are all great essentials for self care. I would love to try the Bloom Mineral 4 piece kit. These products sound amazing. The lace bra sound great too. Thanks for sharing these essentials.

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