6 Amazing Self Care Podcasts to Listen to When Stressed Out

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self care podcasts

This post is all about self care podcasts.

Podcasts are an excellent tool for helping you get in a better mood and can even help you when dealing with stress! There are tons of great podcasts out there that are perfect for helping you through difficult times in your life or helping you become less stressed when you’re not feeling your best. Here are the best self care podcasts to listen to when you’re feeling stressed out.

Self Care Podcasts

Here are some of the best self care podcasts that you can listen to right now whenever you’re feeling stressed or need to uplift your mood. Enjoy!

1. The Simple Self Care Podcast

If you are looking for a regular dose of self-care in your life, this podcast is the perfect fit! Naturally Randi Kay will you tune into your true needs and feel empowered! She believes that self-care should be part of your normal daily activity, and help you manage your stress daily instead of in your spare time.

Listen on iTunes: here

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2. Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast

Emma Kupi Mitchell and Christine Pensa host this podcast, and these women take a deep dive into their own self-care and help open up a new world of possibility for others! These ladies have created a sacred space where all are welcome to feed your deeper self-care needs. This podcast is best suited for women and is great for those who are looking for something more than a little meditation or yoga.

Listen on iTunes: here | website

3. The Struggle Bus: Self-Care, Mental Health, and Other Hilarious Stuff Podcast

This podcast is excellent for those who are looking for something a little more light-hearted and fun! Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin host this podcast, and they talk about everything from family to love and everything big, small, and weird! These two friends share their opinions and feelings about everything related to mental health, self-care, and helping us get through the day!

Listen on iTunes: here

self care podcasts when stressed

4. Put Yourself First Podcast

Kat Horrocks is the host of this fantastic self care podcast! This podcast is all about empowering you to make time for yourself and learn to put yourself first. Her podcast interviews amazing women and discusses how they have used this philosophy of putting themselves first to accomplish incredible goals in both their professional and personal life.

Listen on iTunes: here | website

5. Spark Intention Podcast

Jenna Monaco believes that the first step into making anything happen is an intention, and her podcast is based around this philosophy. This podcast is for people who want to heal their stress and anxieties naturally. This podcast is perfect for those of you who feel overwhelmed but are looking for intentional actions you can take in your life to start feeling better.

Listen on iTunes: here

6. Self Care Spotlight

Alyssa Kuzins hosts this fantastic podcast and is a fun and lighthearted listen. Alyssa talks about self-care as a lifestyle and goes deeper than a simple massage or bubble bath. This podcast discusses living a life aligned in self-care and making it the backdrop of your everyday life. The goal of her podcast is to show you actionable things you can do to help manage your stress and completely transform your life!

Listen on iTunes: here

Stress is something we’ll all encounter! However, these self care podcasts can help you get through this challenging time so you can feel your best sooner.

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Which of these self care podcasts is your favorite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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