27 Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas That Are Budget Friendly

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This post is all about spring bucket list ideas.

spring bucket list

Spring is finally here! Are you the type that has of bucket list of things to do whenever a new season arrives? Then you’ll love this spring bucket list I put together. When considering spring bucket list ideas, it’s important to consider all of your options. There are many fun activities to include in your list. Some of your activities will require some funds; however, most of them are free of charge, and thus even better to include in your list.

What Are Typical Spring Activities?

There are many fun spring activities, including going to parks and looking at flowers in bloom. Many families enjoy taking picnics and long walks in the forest during the springtime. During spring, people are beginning to pack away their winter clothing, including sweaters, parkas, and snow boots and bring out their spring dresses, shorts and rain boots.

What is The Most Popular Spring Activity?

By keeping a running list, you can be at the ready at a moment’s notice to go out and enjoy a nice spring day. These ideas are sure to get your creativity going. The most exciting things to do in the spring are the ones that are nearly free of charge and include the entire family. From picnics to playgrounds to hiking to enjoying the flowers, there are no wrong ways to enjoy spring. Let’s get started and find some great spring bucket list ideas that are budget-friendly.

Spring Bucket List Ideas

Beat the winter funk and enjoy the warmer season by doing these fun things. These spring bucket list items are ideal for individuals, families, and groups. Check out this list of spring bucket list ideas!

1. Picnics

At the top of many lists are picnics. Nothing quite screams frugal fun than a picnic. Pack up a lunch and pack up the kids, and you’re sure to have a great time.

2. Flowers

spring activities for young adults

April showers bring May flowers. Actually, many regions have flower gardens and visitors come from all around to look at the flowers in bloom during all the spring months. From tulips to petunias, there are many fun opportunities to go look at flower gardens. Most of them don’t charge a fee; however, there are a few that will charge a fee, so be sure to check out websites and other information first. If you don’t have the time to visit a flower garden, head to a flower shop and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers that bloom in the spring.

3. Feed The Ducks

Many areas have duck ponds where you can go in and feed the ducks. Take along some bread crumbs or purchase approved duck feed and take the kids along for a fun time feeding the ducks in your neighborhood park.

4. Fly Kites

Most areas have an inexpensive store nearby that sells kites for a reasonable price. Grab a couple of kites and take the kids to an area with no power wires overhead and enjoy an afternoon of kite flying. For the teens that don’t want to be seen having fun, this one is usually a big winner.

5. Water Balloon Fights

Grab that cooler and drain the water out of it from winter snow storms and start filling up some water balloons. Take the kids to a park where they can enjoy throwing them at one another or at a target. Just remember, toddlers, birds, and other animals can choke on the small parts of the balloon, so make sure to take along a trash bag and pick up the debris. If it’s spring break, invite your friends to the park and have an extreme water balloon battle.

6. Visit A Farmer’s Market

Spring is the time that most Farmer’s Markets are starting to open. Wander the stalls and take in the aroma of fresh produce (ie. herbs and vegetables) as well as other delights that frequent a Farmer’s Market. I always find some of the sweetest strawberries at my local Farmer’s Markets so I can make Strawberry Lemonade. Many areas offer Farmer’s Markets in a park-like setting so you could even bring your lunch along and have a picnic thus ticking off two separate spring bucket list items. Who knows, they may even offer some free samples! Here’s a local directory to find a farmer’s market near you!

7. Pick Berries

Many early berries rip in the spring, and you can grab a bowl or bucket and start your berry picking. Kids of all ages will enjoy picking berries such as cherries, strawberries and raspberries. If you pick enough berries, you can go home and make jelly or jam or even rinse them and eat them with dinner.

8. Hiking

Put on some sturdy walking shoes or boots and go for a hike. There are a lot of great hiking trails out there, from beginner to pro. Grab your camera or smartphone, and you’re all set to enjoy a hike and take some fun pictures.

9. Collect And Paint Rocks

Kids love to collect things and make crafts. Why not combine the two and collect rocks to paint later? Rocks come in all shapes and sizes, so kids of all ages can join in on the fun. Glue them together for rock animals or creatures, and have a fun afternoon.

10. Bike Ride

Gather everyone up and take a nice bike ride through the neighborhood or the nearby park. It feels good to get out of the house after a long winter and get some exercise and sunshine.

11. Road Trip

Jump in the car and take that country road that you’ve always wanted to take. See where it leads and enjoy an afternoon visiting the countryside.

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12. Plant A Garden

things to do in spring at home

Whether you plant flowers or vegetables, you’re sure to enjoy some time digging in the dirt. Kids of all ages enjoy gardening. This is an ideal way to introduce young children to how fruits, vegetables, and flowers come to be. Kids will enjoy planting seeds and watching them sprout and grow into strong, healthy plants. This is one of just many things to do in the spring at home.

13. Go Fishing

All those worms you noticed while gardening will go great with this bucket list idea. Gather up your worms and your fishing poles and head to the nearest fishing hole. Make sure that those that need to be licensed are properly licensed to avoid any fines.

14. Attend A Local Baseball Game

From Little League to pro, there are always baseball games going on in rural and larger cities. Whether you go to the local T-ball team and route for your team or go to a pro game, you’re sure to enjoy an afternoon of fun and excitement.

15. Go Camping

If you’re not overly adventurous, you could simply camp out in the backyard. Otherwise, there are plenty of great campsites all around the world. Kids of all ages enjoy camping. It’s a great way to get back to nature and enjoy some time outdoors.

16. Afternoon Tea

Tea parties are fun to attend. Throw a tea party and invite some friends. You can spread out a picnic blanket or set up a picnic table. Put out some fun tea mugs and cookies, and you have the setting for a fun afternoon of visiting and socializing. This is one of my favorite things to do in the spring with friends.

17. Stargazing

Grab a star chart and head outside after dark. If you know someone who has a telescope, invite them to bring it along. Looking up at the sky, you can see all kinds of constellations and stars. See who can spot the various stars and constellations first.

18. Go Kayaking, Sailing, Or Canoeing

Chances are you know someone who owns one of the above, or you could go to an area like a state park where they rent them out by the hour or day. Make sure everyone has a life jacket, and make sure to take a lot of fun pictures to remember your trip.

19. Local Festivals

Seek out some local festivals. From music to crafts to other fun festivals, there are sure to be some coming up soon in your region. Peruse local papers and local bulletin boards and ask around to find out what is going on in your region.

20. Scavenger Hunt

Write out clues for a fun scavenger hunt. These can be set up around town or in the backyard. Work together as teams or individuals and see who can find the items the fastest.

21. Visit A National Park

There are national parks all around us. Find out which ones are closest to you and go visit one. Learn the history of the area and hike the trails.

22. Visit A Museum

things to do in the spring with friends

These may require a fee, or they may have specific free days throughout the year. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy some time wandering around a museum and learning about the area. This is one of the best spring activities for young adults.

23. Make Bird Feeders Or Houses

Gather your supplies and make a bird feeder or birdhouses. Your feathered friends will enjoy their new snack stations or houses, and you can watch them from your window if you place them in the right area.

24. Celebrate A National Day

Did you know that there is a reason to celebrate each and every day of the year? Check out what’s going on for any given day and celebrate that particular day! Popular holidays in the spring are Mother’s Day and Earth Day.

25. Host A Neighborhood Barbecue

Gather the neighbors and host a neighborhood barbeque. Everyone can bring something, and you can get to know your neighbors.

26. Volunteer

Many areas have a neighborhood clean-up day. Whether you volunteer your hands to help clean up or your pickup truck to make runs to the dump, step in and help around your neighborhood.

27. Visit A Beach

Just because you don’t live near the ocean doesn’t mean you can’t go to a lake and wander around the beach there. There are many great beaches around to enjoy. I personally like to take a nice strol at the beach to see the sunset with friends.

Clearly, there are many great fun spring bucket list ideas that are budget-friendly. Choose one or more and get out and enjoy the weather and your friends and family. It’s a great way to socialize and enjoy the great outdoors.

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