8 Coolest Nail Art Designs Using Tape

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nail art using tape

Nail art designs can be quite a challenge but, if you want to make beautiful designs with your nails without the trip to a salon then why not give it a try. Some of my favorites look like abstract art but, they look so difficult to recreate. Ever wonder how nail artists perfectly create geometric nail art? I did all the time but now I know the secret…. IT’S SCOTCH TAPE!

Below are tutorials of some of the coolest nail art designs using tape. Are you up for the challenge?

Bonus: Browse our list of free nail polish samples that features on-trend colors for your tips!

1. Gorgeous Nail Tape Art from Trends Nail

2. ManGlaze Abstract Art from Manicurator

3. Rainbow Foil from WackyLaki

4. Winter Chevron from Polish You Pretty

5. Sparkly stripes from Tumblr Weed

6. Pink & Glitter from Of Faces and Fingers

7. Geometric print from Nailside

8. Strippy McStrip Stripe from Nailasaurus

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