How to Have a Fun Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by on behalf Simply Summer’s Eve®

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There’s no shame in being alone on Valentine’s Day. In fact, I plan to spend the majority of my day enjoying Valentine’s Day alone. So, what am I doing on this love-fest holiday? Today, I’ll share with you my plans on spending Valentine’s Day and tips on how to get you through the day if you’re single or plan on flying solo.

As for my personal care routine, it’s not only about looking your best, but feeling your best too. To help me get ready for the day, I’m teaming up with Summer’s Eve as their new Simply Summer’s Eve campaign is the perfect addition to my beauty routine to help me stay fresh throughout Valentine’s Day.

Morning: Get in the V-Day Spirit

First, I’ll hop in the shower and enjoy my bath time while playing some upbeat music. I recently added Simply Summer’s Eve Gentle Foaming Wash to my shower routine and I’m glad I did because it’s gentle and has such a delightful scent. This Foaming Wash will definitely stay in my shower. To get into the V-Day spirit, I’ll start my day with fresh brewed hot coffee in my favorite V-day mug and sweet treat. I normally eat something healthy in the morning like avocado toast or oatmeal, but not on this day. I’ll eat something tasty like a donut or cupcake to get a nice a boost of energy and sweetness to start my morning.

valentines day coffee and red velvet cupcake

Mid-Day Break: Do Some Shopping

Once it hits around 2pm, I’ll do a little shopping. There are so many sales happening right now. I need a couple of new lipsticks and eyeliners, especially for later on tonight. In fact, looking good for Valentine’s Day is not only time-consuming, but it’s also breaking the bank.  Here’s some statistics for you conducted by Wakefield Research: On average, women spend about 30% more getting ready for a Valentine’s Day date than they do for a regular date. Millennials, like myself, are the biggest spenders when it comes to dolling themselves up for love, with more than a third (34%) estimating they spend 50% or more on their Valentine’s date prep than a regular date, while only 19% of Baby Boomers said the same.

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Evening: Have a Date Night With Girlfriends

So, will I be staying in or going out? I’m going on a date night with a few of my single girlfriends. I made these plans a week before the big day because I know the girls have such busy schedules, but finalizing plans a couple of days before is fine too. Now, it’s on to beauty prep.  I plan on wearing a dress so I made sure to get a wax treatment this past Saturday. My vanity is covered with my perfumes, makeup, jewelry, feminine care and other essentials I’ll need for the night. Even though I used the Summer’s Eve Gentle Foaming Wash in my morning shower, I like having the individually-wrapped Cleansing Cloths on hand just in case I need to freshen up on-the-go.

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Did you know, that women will be engaging in extensive beauty routines this Valentine’s Day – even prioritizing feminine care over getting a hot outfit! According to a study done by Wakefield Research, the top ways women plan to get ready this February 14th are as follows: they prefer shaving or waxing (63%), next picking the perfect scent (50%), then selecting special lingerie (43%) and using feminine hygiene products (36%) and lastly, buying a new outfit (35%).

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So there you have it? Here’s how I planning my Valentine’s Day. However you plan to celebrate the day, at least be your freshest! Purchase any two (2) Summer’s Eve products, get a FREE Beauty Treatment or Fitness Experience on Summer’s Eve! The promo ends February 13th. Get the details here!

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