9 Reasons to Love 100% Pure Argan Oil

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Pure Argan Oil

If you haven’t heard by now, pure argan oil is the latest must have beauty item around. Its known as Morocco’s miracle oil that contains 80% fatty acids with loads of vitamin E. Not only does is makes your skin extremely soft and supple, it helps cure many skin ailments. Here are 9 reasons why you should use 100% pure argan oil.

1. It softens dry, cracked skin– Argan oil is known for having a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It even has more than shea butter so its an ideal all-over face, and body moisturizer.

2. It’s used in the prevention of stretchmarks– Wow..it doesn’t get any better than that. The oil absorbs extremely well deep into the skin and helps with collagen production. It also doesn’t leave the skin oily.

3. It lightens scars– For acne sufferers, argan oil should be your best friend. It can help diminish scars including acne scarring. Argan oil for skin lightening is a popular post-acne treatment that works and is why I highly recommend it.

4. It keeps the skin’s natural oils balanced– Argan oil is a non-comedogenic so just because it’s an oil doesn’t necessarily mean that it clog pores. It actually does the opposite to keep the skin clear and acne-free.

5. Suffer from eczema or psoriasis? Argan oil healing properties is due to its abundance of Vitamin E. It treats a number of skin ailments.

6. Keeps cuticles soft by leaving argan oil on it overnight.

7. Suffer from split ends? Argan oil penetrates the hair for an intensive hair treatment. Make a great hair conditioner.

8. Alleviate dry, itchy scalp– Apply to scalp and wrap head in a warm towel for 30 minutes or overnight to soothe irritation.

9. Shiny hair– If your hair lacks luster, smooth it on for intense shine and vibrancy.

Looking for an Argan Oil to try? Josie Maran 100% Organic Argan Oil is a good product to test-drive. I use it on my hair sparingly and I’ve had amazing results. It delivers superb shine!

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  1. I “found” Argan oil in Morocco after an accidental run in with a local medicine man. My initial experience with it was olfactory decadence…I fell in love with the nutty smell. Little did I know the oil that I had purchased was culinary grade. The reason for the nut smell, as I learned after my research, was the toasting of the nut before its pressed for its oil. Unfortunately, it loses some of its nutrients because of the high heat. Needless to say, I loved it so much that I co-founded a skin care company called Arganica, Natures Age Defying Skin Food of which the highest grade (cosmetic grade…this is from cold pressed unheated nuts), in which our base is 100% cold pressed argan oil that we resource from a womens cooperative in Morroco. Our motto: sustainable, empowering and age defying…using Natures Apothecary!


  2. I have been using LAVEVE PURE Argan Oil on my face, elbows, heels, and nails. What a difference this oil has made. It is 100% and certified organic. My facialist said it is the first time she has seen me where my skin was dehydrated. I love this product. I found an online coupon code H7264 and got 20% off my entire order at http://www.laveve.com. Their hair treatment with argan oil is to die for, too!

  3. I would like to know the difference between the “pure cold pressed ” 100% Argan oil and the “raw cold pressed ” 100% Argan oil. Why in some says raw and some pure?
    How they classified or better how they tell the difference between the raw or pure if it’s processed in the same way? or is it different process?!

  4. Why would you state that Argan oil is non-comedogenic when that is not a fact??? Argan oil does reduce sebum oil that can cause acne and is does absord quickly, not leaving an oily residue. Unfortunately, at the same time the oil is comedogenic and can clog pores.

  5. I love Argan Oil. I have rosacea and it has helped moisturize and balance my skin, so it is not red in appearance. I am so glad I was introduce to Discover Argan’s product. Reasonably priced too! Check it out at discoverargan.com

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