16 Cool Juneteenth Decorations To Celebrate At Home

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This post is all about Juneteenth decorations.

juneteenth decorations

Juneteenth is a time to celebrate with family and friends, but there are some easy ways to jazz up the festivities at home. You can use craft materials lying around the house to make your cool Juneteenth decorations or you can find some amazing finds online.

I found some amazing Juneteenth decorations online perfect for celebrating this special holiday at home. A lot of these are great for parties and get-togethers with friends. Whatever you choose to do, think about the occasion and how you want to dress it up.

This post will give you some ideas to work with to make your decorations as fun and inexpensive as possible. These Juneteenth decorations are great for outside and even inside the home. Be creative and enjoy!

What Exactly Is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is a new federal holiday that honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. Actually Juneteenth gets its name from the blending of the words “June” and “nineteenth.” It’s the oldest African American holiday dating back to June 19th, 1865 when soldiers from the civil war arrived in Galveston, Texas to announce the end of the civil war and that slavery in America is abolished.

Not only is it an important day that is a part of black history and recognizes the end of slavery but also celebrates African American culture.

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What Are The Colors You Wear On Juneteenth?

what is juneteenth

During Juneteenth, various colors are worn. It is a time to show your pride at a time when African Americans are celebrating their freedom. You’ll see these colors worn a lot at Juneteenth festivals and parade events. The most popular colors are red, green, and black. When decorating for Juneteenth, you can use these colors as part of your decoration, or you can incorporate these colors on Juneteenth T-shirts, posters or other buys that you wear to celebrate this day. These colors are what African American people wore during their emancipation phase and those who fought for their freedom.

Different colors have different meanings for the African American community.

1. Red: The color red is the blood shed to be free during slavery. It represents the struggle and sacrifice African Americans went through during slavery to win their freedom. Today, blood is still being shed so it symbolizes unity, power and pride.

2. Green: It represents the natural wealth of the land of Africa. This color is a powerful symbol as it represents the productivity, fertility and prosperity of Africa.

3. Black: Black stands for black people. It represents the melanin and the unity of the African diaspora. African Americans frequently wear this color during Juneteenth celebrations as it is associated with power and strength.

Each of these colors has a deeper meaning than will be conveyed to you if you attend a Juneteenth celebration, but you will feel the power behind them if you are in attendance. These colors represent the history, pride, and freedom day of African Americans.

How Do You Honor Juneteenth At Home?

Of course, if you’re throwing a Juneteenth party, you’ll want to dress up and show your pride in the African American culture. But you can also decorate your home with Juneteenth decorations to honor this special holiday.

There are several ways to do this.

1. Hang black, red, and green banners: Hang black, red, and green banners around your yard or inside your home. You can put one of these banners in each window of your house or at the front door. These banners can be simple, or you can put them together to be more artistic-looking.

2. Change up the curtains: If you’re having a party, you will want to change your curtains and blinds so that the room looks different. You can have black, red, and green curtains on your windows and one flag hung from your front door in each of these colors.

3. Use pictures of famous African Americans: Hang pictures around your house of famous African American men and women. These can be pictures of famous African American singers or actors, athletes, leaders, doctors, and inventors. You can also hang pictures in each window of the house or even on your mantle. Be creative!

4. Hang pictures of African American history: You can also hang pictures around the house of African American history and events. It could be the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, Civil Rights March, or famous inventors or scientists from Africa.

5. Decorate throughout the house: You can use African decorations throughout your house to get in the spirit of Juneteenth. Use streamers, tablecloths, and even cookies and appetizers that have an African American theme or colors of black, red, and green.

6. Get creative with tablecloths and other decorations: You can also get creative with tablecloths or other Juneteenth decorations in your home. You can buy Juneteenth tablecloths and other home decorations at stores.

7. Have Juneteenth tableware: Throwing a barbecue or delicious soul food at home? You gotta have Juneteenth tableware when celebrating the holiday. It can include plates or cups with African American themes, colors, or images.

8. Use a flag as a tablecloth: You can also use a flag as a tablecloth for your Juneteenth celebration in your home. Tie the flag to the table or make a banner and hang it from the ceiling.

9. Rent a decorator: You can rent a decorator to help you with your party decorations if you want to throw your own Juneteenth party. Your decorator can make custom tablecloths and banners for your party.

10. Throw a Party for Juneteenth: If you want to throw your own Juneteenth party, you can rent a spot in your city or throw your own party at home.

These are just some of the ways you can honor Juneteenth at home and celebrate the African American culture.

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Juneteenth Decorations

While preparing Juneteenth decorations, you should choose the right decoration ideas to create the right ambiance for your party or event. It would help if you considered these ideas:

1. Juneteenth “Celebrate Freedom” Banner

juneteenth party decorations

The traditional and best Juneteenth decoration idea is to hang a black, red, and green “Celebrate freedom” banner at your party whether indoor or outside. It signifies the day of the year when African Americans are freed from slavery.

2. Juneteenth Glasses

Get everyone in the festive spirit by passing out these Juneteenth glasses to use during your event or party. You can make these glasses by visiting a local craft store or purchase them. I found these on Etsy and they’re super creative! You can even use them as table decorations by attaching these glasses with adhesive.

3. Juneteenth Vertical Door Banners

You should consider buying vertical door banners of Juneteenth or Juneteenth panels from a local party store. You can hang these banners from your home and decorate your home for your party.

4. Juneteenth Straws

Another wonderful Juneteenth decoration idea is to custom make a bunch of Juneteenth party straws. You can find purchase these party straws online or you can purchase some straws in different colors and patterns to decorate at home.

5. Juneteenth Cupcake Toppers

How cool are these Juneteenth cupcake toppers? I just love the glitter on the “Black AF” design. You can purchase these online and attach them to your cupcakes.

6. DIY Confetti Poppers

You can create confetti poppers using Juneteenth colors. I really love DIY Juneteenth decorations like this one I found on Crafting A Fun Life. Her instructions are very easy to understand so check her site and try making this with your kids.

7. Happy Juneteenth Balloons

You can’t have a Juneteenth party without balloons. I love this balloon set I found on Amazon. You could also purchase three different colored balloons and place your own image on them at a local party store if you want to go the DIY route. When you’re ready to decorate, hang them throughout the party area.

8. Juneteenth Wine Bottle Labels

Grab some wine bottles and replace the labels with these Juneteenth wine bottle labels I found at Walmart. This is one of my favorite Juneteenth decorations on this list. They are going to look great on top of the party table!

9. Juneteenth “Rooting For Everybody Black” Banner

Issa Rae coined the term so why not create a banner out of it? You can create this banner with black crepe paper and attach it to your ceiling or place it on a table. If you’re not a DIY person, I found this “I’m Rooting for Everybody Black” banner on Etsy and it’s fire.

10. Stick Flag for Kids

You can create stick flags for your Juneteenth party made of popsicle sticks with your kids. You can paint them black, red, and green and decorate them with buttons or beads if you like.

11. Juneteenth Decorative Yard Banner

Here’s a decorative yard banner of the Juneteenth flag I found on Etsy. It’s a simple decor that you can easily place anywhere in your home. You can hang it up in your front yard or alongside the wall.

12. Free-ish Banner

I love this free-ish banner for Juneteenth. It’s so clever and cute. Another one of my favorite Juneteenth decorations.

13. Juneteenth Outdoor Ribbon Banner

Here’s a Juneteenth ribbon banner for your outside front door. As soon as your guests enter your compound, they’ll be greeted with this lovely banner. It works just as great for indoors too!

14. Juneteenth “Celebrate Freedom” Yard Banner

I love the bright color and vivid pattern design of this banner! This Juneteenth “celebrate freedom” yard banner is great for the backyard, the deck, veranda, patio, porch, lawn or garden.

15. Juneteenth Table Runner

Consider purchasing a table runner for your Juneteenth party. You can choose a black, green, red color theme one you like the one above from Amazon. You can then place this table runner on your dining table or outside if you plan to throw an outdoor bbq party.

16. Juneteenth Party Photo Booth Props Kit

Having a photo booth at your Juneteenth party? You’ll definitely need Juneteenth decorations like this set party booth set. You can purchase a Juneteenth party photo booth props kit for your party. This is perfect for a crowd as everyone will love the funny sayings on these photo booth props.

These are some of the most unique and creative Juneteenth decorations that you can purchase. You can also create your own Juneteenth decorations and use these as inspiration.

Happy Juneteenth!

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