12 Genius Airbnb Hacks To Save Money

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This post is all about Airbnb hacks.

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Travel provides the remarkable opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and submerge yourself into new cultures. However, going from place to place can become quite costly and in the past, accommodation was one of the biggest budget busters. Thankfully, Airbnbs offer more affordable options for guests and the airbnb hacks below can help you to save even more.

1. Create an Impressive Profile

You build trust with an Airbnb host through your profile; therefore, you should include as much information as possible. Remember that with this type of accommodation, you are staying in the home or investment property of someone else. As such, he or she wants to ensure you are a good person who will not destroy the place.

Outline the reasons for your stay, some of the things you like to do and what you enjoy about traveling. You could even provide feedback you have received from people you’re your colleagues, landlords and employers about the wonderful individual you are. Show that you are trustworthy, so that when you contact a host for a booking, he or she will have no reason to say no.

2. Search for Gaps in Their Calendar

If your travel dates are flexible, you could save lots of money by searching listings to find gaps in the calendars of Airbnb hosts. From the perspective of the host, an empty room will not make any money; therefore, some hosts will provide a discount if you are willing to compromise.

For example, you could offer to check out by 7 a.m., so the room can be cleaned before the check in time of the next guest. Alternatively, you could propose arriving later than the usual check-in time. Essentially, you should strive to make a win-win offer – your host gets paying guests and you get a discounted place to stay.

3. Purchase Airbnb Gift Cards from Amazon

There is the option of buying Airbnb gift cards on Amazon and sometimes you will even find discounted offers, like paying $35 for a gift card valued at $50 through Amazon’s Gold Box Deals. However, I read a few reviews from people who had trouble adding the travel credit; therefore you should ensure you have sufficient time before your departure to resolve any issues. If you are planning to go on a big trip and would like to store some travel credit, Airbnb gift cards provide a great option.

4. Stay Longer

For those who can, staying for longer than a week typically qualifies for discounts. Staying for a month or longer reduces your nightly rate to rock-bottom. There are a number of reasons a host will offer discount for longer stays. For example, guests take care of their own laundry and cleaning and there is just one check in and check out to manage within the 30-day period.

Additionally, for hosts who work full time, a longer stay is preferable and as such, they discount accordingly. The discount can be between 5 percent and 40 percent off the regular cost. Therefore, if you time things correctly, you could actually get more days for the same cost you would be paying originally.

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5. Make a Last-minute Booking

A last-minute booking could be a remarkable way of saving money on your Airbnb. With this approach you run the risk of losing out on the property you want; however, if you can be flexible, you should consider sending the host a message on the same day someone else is checking out and this could get you a discount. Watch the property calendar closely; if there is a vacancy in the next day or so, making an offer to be flexible with your arrival or departure times could get you a sizeable discount.

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6. Negotiate

This is one of those Airbnb hacks that is often overlooked. There is absolutely no any harm in requesting what you want. Negotiating is actually common when it comes to booking an Airbnb. If you find an ideal location, ask the owner if he or she is flexible on the price or has special discounts for first-time clients. You could try something as simple as sending a message like “Hello! I’m truly interested in staying at your Airbnb but the cost is a little outside of my budget. Any chance you can be flexible?” Otherwise, you could write a longer letter outlining what a great house guest you will be.

7. Get Your $40 Credit

airbnb travel credit

If you’re new to Airbnb, you can get a $40 credit when you sign up through my link. Depending on your destination, where you’ll be staying and for how long, this discount could go a far way.

Though you only receive $40 off initially, you will get a referral code once your account has been made. Each time your code is used by a new renter, you will get $20 towards a future booking.

8. Compare Offers

When looking at potential Airbnbs, you should cast a wide net; however, you should ensure that when comparing costs, you consider the variations between the rentals. Essentially, they do not all provide the same amenities such as washer/dryer, Wi-Fi, and television.

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9. Solicit Several Hosts

Consider writing a polite and concise message and send it to roughly 15 listings. If a host makes an offer to lower their rate, this can be used as leverage with other listings to potentially get a better deal. Simultaneously pursuing multiple offers could also result in other perks. Without lowering their price, you could be offered free amenities like rides around town or free breakfast.

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10. Look if the Same Listing is Cheaper Off-site

Another one of my favorite Airbnb hacks. Many bigger operations, like family-owned hostels, will publish listings in many places. Often, an Airbnb listing costs more than when the same room is listed on the website of the hostel. Actually, this is typical when a booking is made through a third party.

This is because the property owner has to compensate for a cut in revenue from the listing on the third-party site. Direct booking through the website of the property allows the owner to make more.

11. Take Note of the Fees, Cancellation Policy and Extra Costs

The listed price might not be the total cost as there could be other charges and fees lurking. For example, on the search engine results page, the cleaning fee will be divided across the number of days you will be staying. However, on the listing page the cleaning fee will be separate. A low daily rate may be displayed but with an additional higher-than-average cleaning fee. This and other fees, like water usage and extra people should be considered before booking. You may also have to pay extra for amenities like parking.

Furthermore, some listings enable you to get a full refund upon cancelling your booking (the cute piggy on the right can help with this). However, there are others who are less flexible and will refund only 50 percent if you cancel 7 days before the date.

12. Read the Reviews

One of the ways of ensuring you get the best bang for your buck is by reading the reviews. Make sure the place you’re considering suits your preferred accommodation style. For instance, if you prefer to stay with a host who can show you around, you should check out what previous guests say about how interactive the host is. If you prefer to be left alone, you should ensure that you can do so at the Airbnb you choose. The more reviews a host has, the better you will be able to determine the value you will get for your money.

Airbnb is an ideal accommodation option for many travelers. Payment is easy and they are way more affordable than hotel rooms. These Airbnb hacks are remarkable, especially when stretching your travel budget is the aim.

If you haven’t already, signup to Airbnb using this link to get $40 towards your first qualifying booking. Enjoy!

Do you have any Airbnb hacks to share? How do you save extra money on the site? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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