A Guide to Travel Exotic Destinations

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exotic travel destinations

Do you live the life of a digital nomad or just looking for some serious escapism from the chaos of your everyday life? For many of us (including myself), the new year brings desires to travel to new and unknown places. There are a number of great exotic travel destinations great for an ideal getaway. Here are a few notable exotic travel destinations to consider for your next vacation.

What Is The Most Exotic Place On Earth?

This is a big world that we live in and the possibility of fun and adventure is endless so the most exotic place depends on your own personal taste. We’re living in a world with tons of exotic travel destinations making it so hard to decide where to go. If you want some serious escapism, this list shares my picks of the most exotic places to travel to when you want to experience a cool and fun getaway.

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1. Bahamas

rokers point settlement the bahamas

Location: Rokers Point Settlement, The Bahamas

The Bahamas is considered to be one of the top destinations in the Caribbean. This is perhaps not surprising, given some of its fantastic beaches. In addition to this, the Bahamas also has some great golf courses and resorts for visitors. As such, it is a great destination for golf holidays.

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2. Barbados

Another one of the top Caribbean travel destinations is that of Barbados. Barbados has some renowned beaches and resorts along the famed Platinum Coast. The capital of Barbados is that of Bridgetown, which has the fascinating Harrison Cave. Barbados is also famous for its Rum, and so in this respect has many Rum distilleries which are open to visitors.

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3. Spain and the Spanish Riviera

mijas spain

Location: Mijas, Spain

Spain and the Spanish Riviera are considered to be the most exotic of European travel destinations. This is perhaps not surprising, given the fine stretch of beaches along the Spanish Riviera and Mediterranean climate. The Balearic Islands also have some renowned resorts such as San Antonio Bay with a variety of beaches, bars, and water-sports.

Beyond the sun and sand is Ibiza Town which has the Dalt Vila UNESCO heritage site and the cathedral of San Maria d’Eivissa. Notable cities in Spain also include Barcelona, a hot spot for architecture and art from the likes of Gaudi and Picasso.

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4. France and the French Riviera

nice france

Location: Nice, France

The French Riviera of southern France is perhaps one of the most loved European destinations, and warmest areas in France. Here, some fine beaches can be found along the Mediterranean coastline at Nice, Cannes, and Saint Tropez. Here, the likes of Monaco also provide some great casinos and entertainment venues for those visiting the French Riviera.

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5. Greece and Greek Islands

oia greece

Location: Oia in Santorini, Greece

Greece is another exotic European destination, which has a number of notable Greek Islands. Exotic Greek Islands include the likes of Corfu, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes. Such Greek Islands have great summer sunshine and long sandy beaches. Athens is the Greek capital, and a city that has some famous and historic landmarks which are also well worth visiting.

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More Exotic Travel Destinations

So, these are a few exotic holiday destinations in the Europe and the Caribbean. Such destinations as Barbados, the Bahamas, the Spanish & French Riviera, and Greek Islands are all notable exotic travel destinations that are visited by many tourists.

Holidaying in an exotic location conjures up images of the wild, the unexplored and the mysterious. We think of faraway places, but with every passing year the world shrinks in size. Not too long ago, Egypt would have been considered an exotic destination.

Even distant destinations like Hong Kong are now on the been there, done that, bought the T-shirt list. If, like Robert Frost, you want to take the road less travelled, read on to learn which are the most exotic locations in the world to visit today.

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6. The North Pole

How about visiting a truly unique destination: the North Pole? Only reached by man within the last hundred years, you can now take an Arctic cruise and step foot on the northern most point of the Earth’s surface: truly a once in a lifetime achievement. The icebreakers that take you are extremely comfortable and even have heated swimming pools on board. Some allow you to fly over the Pole in a helicopter as well. You may encounter a walrus or even polar bears on your voyage to a truly exotic place.

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7. Madagascar


If the frozen north sounds too chilly, head to Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, floating in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa. Home to the largest and smallest chameleons in the world, as well as many other unique varieties of wildlife, Madagascar is a fascinating travel destination.

In its national parks you can observe cool animals like the indri lemur which makes a sound something between a police siren and the song of a hump-backed whale. In fact, this is the only place in the world where you can see lemurs in the wild. In Madagascar, you can take a stroll in a rain forest or bask on a beach, munch on deep fried bananas or gaze up at awesome baobab trees.

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8. Bhutan

thimphu bhutan

Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

Heading up the list of the most exotic travel destinations in the world today is Bhutan. Located between India and China, up in the Himalayan mountains, this tiny Buddhist kingdom boasts spectacular scenery and a pristine environment. Indeed, the government deliberately restricts tourism to protect its culture. They rate Gross National Happiness, a philosophy that guides the government of Bhutan, higher than Gross National Product, so their highest concern is protecting their citizens from harmful influences. To this end the sale of tobacco is banned, as are plastic bags.

To visit Bhutan, you will need to go through a travel agent, as no independent travellers are allowed. While the visa is relatively cheap at 20 dollars, a tour will cost at least 200 dollars per day. This price includes internal travel, food and accommodation. To get there you will need to fly via India, Thailand or Nepal. Once in, you can enjoy trekking at high altitude, or learning about Bhutanese culture: the national sport is archery, and the food is always spicy.

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Of course, there are other places perhaps even more exotic. Los Cabos is another favorite of mine and they have some of the most beautiful hotels like Dream Los Cabos.

For your first travel adventure, stick to any one of these exotic travel destinations for the holiday of a lifetime.

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