What to Wear On a Road Trip

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This post is all about what to wear on a road trip.

what to wear on a road trip

Wondering what to wear on a road trip? Make certain to choose a wardrobe consisting of comfy yet casual, weather-appropriate items that easily transition from day to night.

What to Wear On A Road Trip

Interested in hitting the open road this upcoming summer? Road trips are a great way to explore—whether you are heading out on a simple day trip or trekking across the country. Pile your best friends into the car, load up your iPod with an energetic, road worthy playlist (you’ll certainly want songs you can sing along to) and throw a pillow or two in the backseat. Most importantly, dress comfortably! Attempting to pull off an outfit change in a rest stop bathroom is neither glamorous nor adventurous.

What Should I Wear On A Road Trip?

What to wear on a road trip on a long drive? Well, you should aim for comfort since you’ll be riding in a car hours at a time. So be sure to pack a few comfy road trip outfits that you plan to wear inside the car. Below are even more road trip clothing tips to stay comfy and stylish while on the road.

Here’s what to wear on a road trip!

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are the pinnacle of all cozy travel outfits–whether you’re gearing up for a road trip, a cross country flight or a cruise to the Caribbean. Shoes that won’t pinch or cause horrendous blisters are sure to keep you happy throughout the duration of your trip.

Ballet flats are a popular choice among many road trippers, as they are the perfect marriage of comfort and chic style. They often feel like wearing a cozy pair of socks. Plus, they are super easy to slip on and off in the car and for walking around in during breaks, or to stretch your legs and fill up on coffee (hey, you have to stay alert!)

Sandals are another popular, time-tested footwear option for long road trips, especially if you are either driving during or heading to a destination featuring warm weather. Since I mostly go on road trips during the summer, I always wear a pair with my summer road trip outfit. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, they will keep your feet cool and blister free. Like ballet flats, they are also super simple to slip on and off. Many seasoned road trippers suggest keeping a pair of broken in flip flops handy at all times as a backup.

road trip fashion

Sneakers or cross trainers round out our footwear suggestions, as they too are effortless and comfy (are you noticing a trend yet?) No need to wear your boots or highest heels when sitting in the car—always go for comfort over fashion. While sneakers are not quite as easy to slip on and off, they are ideal for colder climates, as they keep your feet nice and warm. Perhaps most importantly, warm feet in cold weather actually helps you to avoid exacerbating the threat of coming down with a cold or the flu. How depressing would it be to finally arrive at your destination only to be stuck in bed with a box of Kleenex?

2. Bring a Large Handbag

A large handbag is another important road trip fashion accessory. Leave your clutches at home. You’ll need ample space to stash all of your must haves including tissues, makeup for touch ups, hand sanitizer, cash for snacks, etc.

The best thing about a large handbag is there is truly no limit to the travel essentials you can throw in: reading books, a Kindle or iPad, a stylish, floppy hat (to hide messy travel hair), gum, scarves, bobby pins—the list goes on and on. It’s also nice to have all of your items snugly tucked away in one convenient place.

3. Don’t Leave Home Without Your Sunnies

Next up are sunglasses. This is another item with an important two fold purpose: style and sun protection. Big lenses are typically the best choice for most road trip adventures, as they help to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays—whether you are in the driver’s seat or admiring the landscape from the window in the backseat. Sunglasses ensure your eyes won’t grow as tired as quickly, which helps you to remain a bit more alert throughout the duration of the journey.

Additionally, if you’re taking turns breaking up the driving responsibilities, shielding your eyes with a big pair of dark sunglasses while you’re lounging in the backseat can help you achieve a bit of much-needed shut eye. Just don’t annoy your friends if you’re prone to snoring!

4. Comfy Pants

Just like comfortable shoes are an imperative part of road trip attire, so are comfy pants. Roomy boyfriend jeans and stretchy, black leggings are perfect for long drives. Both of these options ensure you won’t be annoyed by pinching or synching around the waist during the duration of your trip. Boyfriend jeans are just baggy enough, which enables you to move comfortably while traveling.

summer road trip outfit

Black leggings, or yoga pants, are the socially acceptable form of sweatpants—they are undeniably comfortable, and stretch perfectly to accommodate all body types. The best part is both boyfriend jeans and black leggings can be paired with a brightly colored long hem jumper, an over sized sweatshirt or a soft, breezy tee to achieve an effortless, laid back aesthetic.

Nothing is more annoying than an uncomfortable pair of pants, and this is especially true when you’re stuffed into a moving vehicle for an undetermined amount of time. Think ahead and dress for relaxation.

5. Dress in Layers

When setting out for the open road it is also incredibly important to dress in layers. If you leave in the early morning hours before dawn, a drastic temperature fluctuation is almost inevitable—and it’s best to plan for this.

comfy road trip outfits

When temperatures are projected to be cooler it is always nice to have a soft sweater or zip up hoodie with you to layer on top of your t-shirts and tank tops. These additional clothing items can also be easily tucked away in the aforementioned large handbag when not in use. Gauzy infinity scarves are another great option for layering up when preparing for a long day—or days—of travel. They don’t take up much additional room and can easily be packed away. That being said, they also provide much needed warmth before sunrise, after sunset, or if the driver is blasting the air conditioning at full capacity.

Dressing in layers also means that you will not have to make a special pit stop to change outfits, which will get you to your destination that much faster. Scarves, sweaters, cardigans, button down shirt, denim jacket and zip up hoodies can be easily removed or thrown on while the car is in motion, guaranteeing comfort for the longevity of the road trip.

Now that you know what to wear on a road trip, happy packing and have safe travels this season!

dress comfortably on a road trip

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