12 Best Watch Brands Every Minimalist Should Know

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best minimalist watches

Minimalist watches are everywhere these days. They are taking over the runway and capturing the imagination of designers. Meanwhile, they are taking over the sidewalks with their simple design, uncluttered faces, and chic appeal, capturing the simplistic side of men and women who have places to be – but in total style.

With tasteful branding and functionality that makes your day easier and always on time, no closet is complete without one of these staples to complete your minimalist wardrobe and you truly need just one. If you’ve recently transitioned your style to a minimalist one and want to find that one watch that pairs with numerous outfits in your capsule wardrobe, we have compiled a buying guide of the 12 best minimalist watches for you to watch out for…

1. Larsson & Jennings Norse Watch

With a square face and minimalist band, the Larsson & Jennings Norse Watch comes in a variety of different band choices. From simple black leather to rose gold, this watch runs around $300, with simpler bands starting around $200. Perfect for the office, on the go or even a first date, this watch is as versatile as it is simple and the perfect companion to any of your pressing… or not so pressing… events.

larsson and jennings norse watch

2. Fossil the Minimalist Watch

Fossil has a very signature look when it comes to its metal and leather. It will take you just one moment to realize that the watch you are looking at was birthed from Fossil, one of the most cost-efficient, yet longest lasting watch brands on the planet. This minimalist watch comes with a circular face and a brushed metal look which is a lot more rugged than the first option. This watch comes in a variety of dyed leathers to suit your every mood. It’s a men’s watch but perfect for women too. I would know since I have one!

fossil the minimalist watch

3. The Fifth Broadway Watch

A bold circular face, The Fifth Broadway Watch exudes confidence and serves as a statement piece. It is perfect for your work attire with its bright metallic time markers showcasing that you are in charge of your own time and that the show runs on your dime. The watch comes in a polished gold case to make it feel even more important when you slip it on. It was the first minimalist watch I bought for myself two years ago and I still wear to this day.

the fifth broadway watch

4. MVMT Orion Watch

A traditionalist watch, this interwoven classic is great for almost anything. Whether you are headed out to meet up with friends, in a meeting or going to a wedding, this MVMT Orion watch is built to last. At $165, this watch is decently affordable and looks pricier than it actually is, making it a win/win for any outfit of the week no matter where the road takes you.

mvmt orion watch

5. Daniel Wellington Melrose Watch

With a large circular face and a classic chainmail-esque band, this watch is for the minimalist who still likes a little bit of class in their look. In beautiful rose gold, this Melrose watch is the embodiment of the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a watch that is minimalist yet can easily be dressed up, then this watch just might be the one for you.

daniel wellington classic petite melrose watch

6. Cluse La Bohème Mesh Watch

Another bold choice in a watch, but with a much less bold price tag, the Cluse La Boheme Mesh Watch is a great option if you are on a budget but still want to look as though you spent a fortune. I got this watch for Christmas last year and I just love how versatile it is. Starting at only $60, this watch is one of the most cost-efficient choices on our list. With varying hues, this watch has a circular face and a signature mesh band that the company has become known for.

cluse la boheme silver mesh watch

7. Skagen Ancher SKW6082 Watch

With almost a naturalistic feel, this beautiful Skagen Ancher watch comes with a light or cherry colored leather band along with a circular face. From the face extends a bit of silver to give it a very masculine vibe. This watch’s price is only $72.99 and is perfect for the statesman. It is rugged enough to look manly and chic enough to be work ready. You decide where you take this watch on its next adventure.

skagen mens skw6082 anchor watch

8. Kitmen Keung Long Distance Classic Watch

With a price tag of $340, this may be one of the more pricey minimalist watches on our list. However, one look at the watch and you will recognize why. Not only is this Kitmen Keung watch so well crafted, but it also features a unique 2 clock feature allowing you to keep time at any time. If you are looking for a unique watch… this is it, my friend.

kitmen keung long distance classic watch

9. Verk Minimalist Gunmetal Mesh Watch

Almost an artillery looking watch, this Verk Gunmetal Mesh watch gives the vibe of a battlefield but in the real world. We love it for its masculine vibe and it is the perfect addition to the man (or woman) who shuns golds and silvers and leans towards more earthy, strong-hearted looks. It will definitely match everything you already own.

verk gunmetal mesh watch

10. Komono KOM-W1904 Watch

This watch reminds us of the great-great-grandchild of the grandfather clock. Elegant and dapper, this unisex Komono watch is the equivalent of a pocket watch for the modern man but it’s also sleek and fashionable enough for the modern woman. We love that its smaller face sets it apart from the other minimalist watches on our list and that the simple leather band and almost copper tone of the face gives it an antique vibe that we have not seen on almost any other piece thus far.

komono magnus unisex japanese watch

11. Rosefield The Bowery Watch

With a bold, thick band and a round face, this traditional band works for anyone, anywhere. If you cannot choose… this watch choice is one that will travel well almost any road that you go down. With a variety of band colors in leather from simple tradition to bold silver, this watch is a great starter piece for someone who doesn’t often wear a watch.

rosefield the bowery leather strap watch

12. Linjer The Minimalist Watch

Another elegant yet simple choice on our list. The Linjer Minimalist watch is one of the best minimalist watches we know of and it is because it is really simple at its core; yet, also somehow works with a suit, jeans or jammies. With a well-crafted leather band and a round face and quite a noticeable turn dial, this watch has a vintage feel with a modern style.

linjer minimalist watch 34 rose gold tan

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Minimalist watches work for everyone and they go with just about anything. One of these stylish watches can work with multiple outfits which will save you money in the long run. This makes them the perfect addition to your wardrobe, a staple go-to for those times when you need to not only be on time… but maybe also times you need to be fashionably late.

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