25 Things I No Longer Spend Money On Since Simplifying My Life

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Since I started simplifying my life a year ago, I’ve been able to let go of more things I once thought were essential. I no longer bought these things for several reasons:

  1. They didn’t add value to my life
  2. They didn’t fit with my current goals
  3. I wanted to save money

I hope my list of things I no longer spend money on will inspire you to re-evaluate your attachment to possessions so you can take inventory of what you actually want and need in your life.

Personal Items

1. Body Wash- I stopped purchasing body washes in my house over 5 years ago.  I only buy bar soap now but if I do use body wash, it’s only because I received it as a gift.

2. Perfumes- I always receive them as gifts around birthdays and holidays so need to purchase.

3. Dry Clean Only Clothes- I stay away from sweaters and shirts that are dry clean only. It just adds one more step to my busy to do list and the costs can add up quickly.

4. Trendy Clothes- This is not me saying I’ll stop buying clothes. I’ll purchase only if I have a need for them.

5. Store Bought Makeup Remover- You can’t beat coconut oil!

6. Nail Polish- I got rid of my nail polishes as I no longer use them.

7. Expensive Skincare Products- I generally stick with drugstore brands but I stopped buying sugar scrubs and masks because I can save more making them. Yes, I’m all about DIY beauty! I’ve gotten great skin results using items from my kitchen.


8. Sugary Drinks- They’re just not healthy. If I want to drink something sweet, I’ll either make a smoothie or make my own drink with real fruits.

9. Foods Because It’s on Sale- Oh yes, we’ve all fallen for this trap. Now, we’re intentional with every food we purchase so we don’t waste food. We’ve been able to save tons on groceries doing this.

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10. Bottled Water- I have a refillable water bottle with me everywhere I go. I’ll even throw a pieces of fruit if I want to add some flavor to it.

11. Pre-cut Fruit & Veggies- You’ll save more when you buy the fruits and vegetables and cut them yourself.

12. Time-Consuming Recipes- I’m all for simplicity these days including my meals. The only time I might attempt a complicated recipe is during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the other 363 days of the year, I cook foods that not only save me time but also money. I do meal planning now with help from $5 Meal Plan. You get meal plans with the exact shopping list you need to create the meals. Each meal cost about $2 per person. When you sign up through my link, you’ll receive a 14-day free trial.

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13. Cable/Satellite TV- If you don’t watch a lot of TV these days, you’re wasting your money on it. I got rid of cable last year when I realized all the shows I watch are on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here’s a money saving idea: Want to save even more?  Opt for a digital antenna instead to enjoy free TV.

14. Product Protection & Extended Warranties on Products- I take really good care of products and I know there are just some products that you should have some protection. Just the other day my mom dropped her iPhone and the screen cracked. Luckily she had product protection and didn’t spend much on a new phone. However, it feels like a waste of money adding product protection or extended warranties on purchases that’s not worth a lot of money.

15. Magazine Subscriptions- As much as I love my subscriptions to PORTER Magazine and, I had to stop subscribing to them because I ended up keeping every issue and it just created clutter. If there’s a particular issue I want to read, I can usually find it at my local library.

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16. Single-Use Kitchen gadgets- It just takes up too much space in my kitchen. So I downsized and kept the necessities.

17. DVDs/CDs- I watch movies on Hulu or Netflix.

18. Digital Music- I listen to all my favorite artists and songs on Youtube or Spotify.

19. Newspapers- Does anyone still buy newspapers? I get all my news from my the Newsroom app on my phone and Twitter.

20. Home Decor Items- The last time I added decor to my living room was over 2 years ago. Anything I buy, I plan to keep for years.

21. Seasonal Decor Items- I can’t remember the last time I bought Christmas items. Everything is still in great condition so we just use the old ones every year.

More Things I No Longer Spend Money On

22. Alcohol Drinks From Restaurants- They’re expensive. That’s the only answer I have.

23. Expensive Journals- This was hard for me because I love journals. Unfortunately, I love them to the point where I was just collecting them. Now I only use a planner that I buy once a year and one journal.

24. Greeting Cards- I do everything online now. I’ll either find a free handmade greeting card on Pinterest to print out or send e-cards.

25. Books- I’ll rent books instead from the library.

How about you? What are some of the things you stopped purchasing? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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