12 Fall Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

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This post is all about fall essentials for women.

fall essentials

After a sweltering summer, there’s a good chance that you’re itching to pull your favorite sweaters out of your closet. If you’re thinking about your autumn wardrobe, now is a great time to make sure your closet is stocked with fall essentials. It’s important to build a versatile wardrobe that will keep you comfortable while still leaving you looking stylish.

What Should I Wear In The Fall?

Fashion trends come and grow, but there are certain autumn fashions that have withstood the test of time. Plaid has always been strongly associated with fall, and layering is key if you want to keep comfortable in unpredictable weather.

Ideally, you should work to build a wardrobe that combines trendier pieces with classics. That way, you won’t need to build a new wardrobe from scratch next year. Instead, you’ll be able to add a few new pieces and give your wardrobe an update.

What Are Fall Must Haves?

If you want to refresh your wardrobe for item, there are a few pieces you’ll want to make sure you have. Naturally, you’ll need at least one fall bag, as well as the right pair of shoes. You’ll also want to have a range of layering pieces. A mix of jackets, blazers, and sweaters is ideal.

While it’s beneficial to keep up with the current fall trends, you shouldn’t feel obligated to dress in a certain way. Instead, you should look at these trends and think about how you can adapt them to your own style. Work to curate your closet and create a wardrobe that’s uniquely your own.

Fall Essentials

There are all kinds of styles in fashion this autumn, but these are some of the most important pieces to have on hand. Take a good look at your closet and see if you’re missing any of these fall essentials.

1. Leather Jacket

Leather can be a fantastic way to add some edge to an otherwise drab look. From leather bomber jackets to oversized jackets, there are a wide range of silhouettes that are currently in style. While neutral leather jackets are a fashion staple, brightly-colored jackets are also on trend this season.

2. Sweaters

This is a must on your fall essentials list. Knitwear is comfortable, cozy, and ideal for layering. A statement sweater can make a fairly simple outfit look incredibly stylish. When shopping for sweaters, look for high quality fabrics that will keep you warm when temperatures drop. Wool, cashmere, and alpaca are all great options.

3. Sweater Dress

You don’t need to stick to the standard sweater and jeans ensemble! Sweater dresses are a wonderful way to look like you put in extra effort without giving up your sense of comfort. You can style your sweater dress with tights and ankle boots or wear it with your favorite pair of knee-high boots.

4. Chic Boots

One of the reasons that boots are fall essentials is that they can work in almost any closet. Chunky boots are perfect for an edgy look, while boots with kitten heels can give your outfit some feminine flair. Black boots are a classic for a reason, but colorful boots, neutral boots and boots in metallic shades have also been appearing on runways.

5. Tailored Blazers

Blazers have long been a staple of business wardrobes, but it’s becoming increasingly common to see blazers paired with more casual outfits as well. A tailored blazer could wind up becoming one of the most versatile pieces in your entire wardrobe. Ideally, your blazer should have an oversized fit.

6. Base Layers

No wardrobe would be complete without basics. Some of the pieces you’ll want in your wardrobe this fall include a crew-neck t-shirt, a mock neck, and a plain camisole. These pieces may not be exciting, but once you have them, you’ll find yourself wearing them again and again.

7. Jeans

Now that skinny jeans have fallen out of favor, many women are scrambling to find the right denim for them. Thankfully, many different cuts of jeans are currently in fashion, including straight-leg, bootcut, and wide leg jeans. Try on several different cuts so that you can find jeans that are flattering on you.

8. Fashion Sneakers

You don’t always need to sacrifice comfort for style! This autumn, you can expect to see fashion-forward sneakers worn with all kinds of outfits. You can pair sneakers with virtually anything, from a suit to a pair of jeans to a dress. Take the time to find a stylish pair of sneakers that your feet feel fantastic in.

9. Seasonal Accessories

Accessories can be a way to elevate a look or put a new spin on an outfit you’re sick of wearing. Some of the best accessories to have in your wardrobe this fall include printed scarves, statement belts, and oversized sunglasses. Even if you think of yourself a minimalist, you’ll want to have a few go-to accessories on hand.

10. Cardigans

The cardigan has been making a comeback for quite a while now, and it’s set to be huge this fall. Because cardigans are so popular right now, there are all kinds of styles available, including chunky styles, twin sets, cropped looks, and embroidered sweaters. You’ll find plenty of cardigans in neutral shades, as well as popular fall colors, like hunter green and rust. Surprisingly, you’ll also see many sweaters in more vibrant shades, like bright pink and yellow. One of my favorite fall essentials on this list.

11. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are virtually timeless, and there’s a good reason for that. You can wear your jacket over your outfit, drape it across your shoulders, or wear it knotted around your waist when temperatures are warmer. You can’t go wrong with a blue denim jacket, but jackets in brown and black are also terrific options.

12. Neutral Handbag

Bold handbags can be a lot of fun, but they’re not always easy to pair with outfits. If you choose the right neutral handbag, you’ll be able to pair it with virtually everything. Current bag trends include carry-all totes, hobo bags, and chain-handled purses. When it comes to fall essentials, every woman needs at least one good purse!

Which one of these fall essentials would you add to your wardrobe this year? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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