What’s in My Bag: Festival Edition

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Disclosure: Thank you to Playtex® for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

It’s festival season…woohoo!!!! I always have a good time at music festivals and I do plan to attend a few this year. In today’s post, I thought I’d share the things I pack or must-haves you should bring with you inside festivals. Trust me, if you’re not prepared, your festival weekend will be ruined.

So, here we go…What’s inside my bag: Festival Edition!

The Basic Necessities

First, I’ll need my favorite crossbody bag. It is the perfect size to carry everything and has so many pockets to keep everything organized. There’s a place for my ID, insurance cards, credit cards, and petty cash.


It gets really hot at music festivals. I’ve been to a ton and I’ll spend hours in the blazing heat of the afternoon sun whether I’m attending a festival in Palm Springs or in my hometown of Los Angeles. So, packing sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses are a must! I apply sunscreen at least twice a day. I’ve seen people who are already burnt by mid-day or they’ll just give up and head back to the tents to avoid getting burned. While music concerts are awesome, permanent hearing damage is not, so I like to pack ear plugs. I still remember the time when my ears were ringing for 3 days after the festival and I wasn’t even close to the speakers. I learned from that mistake.

Staying Refreshed

Dancing in the hot sun combined with too much alcohol can lead to dehydration and breakdowns. I pack a few things to keep me energized and refreshed. First off, water is a must! Plan on bringing a few Tylenol for those aching joints. You’ll be moving, shaking and walking around and you might need a painkiller or two when the day is done. From past mishaps, I’ve learned my lesson and now I always have one in my bag. Eye drops are great for freshening up dry eyes and a small lip balm is a savior if your lips get sunburned. When it comes to my makeup, I usually go natural but I love bringing this nude lipstick to spruce up my natural makeup. Other little items like hand cream, a hair tie, and tissue will keep me in a good mood in the scorching hot sun.

Extra Must-Haves

If my phone dies and I need to keep an eye on time to make all my sets, wearing a watch comes in handy. A plain, non-expensive one will do because at some point, it will get dirty. While we’re talking about phones, packing a portable charger is a good idea because there’s nothing more annoying, or frightening, than having your phone die when you’re in the middle of uploading a photo on Instagram and Snapchat or trying to call an Uber at the end of the night. Also, having a separate camera on hand is nice because I can continue to snap photos and document my weekend while my phone is charging.

Lastly, my bag isn’t complete without packing a tampon just in case Aunt Flo decides to pay a visit. Honestly, even if it does come, it won’t stop me from dancing during musicians’ sets or frolicking in the dust ’til night comes because this new Playtex® Sport® Compact® is the most compact compact* from the #1 Athletic Tampon**(*Based on length before extension vs. leading brands **Based on sales data for the 52-week period ending 2/4/17). It is 30% smaller than Playtex® Sport®’s full size tampon, yet still offers the same comfort and protection. It literally fits in the palms of my hand. With this compact tampon in my bag, getting my period in the middle of my festival weekend is now the last of my worries.

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What other festival must-haves should I add to my bag? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


  1. These are great must haves for your bag. I always carry many of these products in my bag when I go out. I like to be prepared.

  2. What a great list of things in your bag! We’re always on the go in the spring and summer and there are definitely a few essentials I need to have with me!

  3. That looks a lot like my bag. I love the small compact versions of those as well. It’s all I use. Discreet

  4. That’s looks so fun! I love festival. And I would love to experience this kind of festival.

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