I Started Taking Daily Probiotics: Here’s My One Month Update

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Renew Life. All opinions are 100% mine.

I wanted to try probiotics for a couple of reasons. I’ve had conversations with my mom about living a more healthy lifestyle since the start of the new year and the changes I needed to make to do so. She once told me that stress and diet can have an affect on our stomach issues. I didn’t notice it until now, but when I am under a lot of stress, I feel I have the most trouble with my stomach. My mom read an article about the importance of taking probiotics and gut health.

After learning this, my new goal was to revamp my pantry and give my immune system and gut a makeover. I stopped eating the foods that negatively affects my health and I recently started taking probiotic capsules from Renew Life®.

I headed to my local Target and picked up Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic capsules. I was curious to see how a probiotic supplement can aid in my overall healthy lifestyle goals. I was impressed with the Renew Life line of probiotics. The Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic has 30 billion live cultures per natural vegetable capsule and contains 10 scientifically studied probiotic strains. It also:

  • Supports digestive and immune health*
  • Helps restore digestive balance*
  • Has once daily, delayed-release capsule for targeted delivery
  • Is dairy and gluten free
  • Has quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

Taking a daily Probiotic, digestive health supplement like Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic can help restore your gut microbiome. You start to feed the good bacteria in your gut, decrease inflammation, improve your body’s ability to fight off pathogens, and lose weight.

After a few weeks of taking them, I’m happy to say that I am seeing improvement. I have less bloating, gas and I also noticed an increase in my energy levels and a more overall well-being than ever before! By taking this daily supplement, my digestive issues started to fade away. As far as stress goes, it’s something I’m still working on. I’m heading to the gym more, taking up swimming, and getting my work-life balance right again.

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I still have a week left of taking Renew Life® Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic, but I’m pleased with the results thus far and I think I’ll try the gummy version for the next month. I know I need to continue taking probiotics to maintain a healthy balance of good gut bacteria. I also find it important to eat foods that help feed the good bacteria in your gut like yogurt, onions, and asparagus. Probiotics is a part of my lifestyle now and I have to remember to take them on a daily basis. I’m positive that with continued use, my symptoms will continue to decline and hopefully go away completely.

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How do you incorporate probiotics into your diet? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. I don’t know a lot about probiotics, but it sounds like I could use them. I feel bloated most of the time, and I’m kind of fed up with it :). I used to drink Yakult and those kinds of drinks, but not regularly enough to notice a difference. I will see what kind of possibilities I have here in the Netherlands.

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