17 Amazing DIY Beauty Tricks With Vaseline Jelly

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vaseline diy beauty tricks

Despite being around for decades and also being the most popular petroleum jelly of all times, most of us know no other use of Vaseline other than moisturizing lips. Again, even though Vaseline is among the iconic formulas that you can never lack in an average household, you might actually get surprised to know that Vaseline has so many other uses. Here are 17 amazing DIY beauty hacks with Vaseline to help you get the most out of this petroleum jelly.

1. Vaseline as a lip scrub

A lip balm isn’t just enough to keep your lips exfoliated throughout the day. But Vaseline can make a great lip scrub that offers a gentle exfoliation to your lips. In fact, a Vaseline lip scrub made from home can rival even some of the most expensive products out there. To get started with preparing your own Vaseline lip scrub, mix a small amount of pure Vaseline with some sugar, and then gently scrub the mixture on your lips. For best possible results, massage your lips with the Vaseline lip scrub in circular motions.

2. Vaseline for healing cracked feet

The emollient properties of Vaseline make it an excellent option for healing cracked feet. Vaseline provides an emollient feel that can help protect your feet against cracking, in addition to keeping them smooth and supple. To use Vaseline for healing cracked feet, simply rub a coat of this petroleum jelly on your feet at night after cleaning and drying your feet. Don’t forget to put a pair of socks before sleeping, because it helps seal in the moisture and further ensure the oils in the Vaseline can stay on your feet for longer hours.

3. Vaseline as a cuticle protector

Vaseline is an effective cuticle protector with a known ability of protecting and healing dry cuticles. The petroleum jelly is also ideal for softening dry hands. To use Vaseline as a cuticle protector, just massage some of it into your fingernails and nail bed prior to sleeping. Put on a pair of gloves to retain the moisturizing effects of Vaseline throughout the night.

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4. Vaseline as a body scrub

Vaseline boasts strong invigorating properties, something that makes the petroleum jelly an excellent ingredient for preparing a homemade body scrub. The Vaseline body scrub can help keep your skin moisturized, thus protecting it against dryness emanating from excess heat. To prepare your own Vaseline body scrub, add a small amount of sea salt to Vaseline petroleum jelly. Apply the scrub all over your body after showing. Leave the scrub on your skin throughout the night to allow the invigorating properties of this petroleum jelly to take effect.

5. Vaseline for aiding with earring insertion

Inserting studs can be a surprisingly painful experience for those that don’t wear earrings frequently. But Vaseline can make it easier to insert studs in your ears. Simply rub a bit of this petroleum jelly on your earlobes prior to inserting your studs. Thereafter, you will discover that indeed Vaseline offers a pain-free method of inserting studs.

6. Vaseline for defrizzing hair

Defrizzed hair can be nagging, not to mention the effect it can have on your self-confidence. But Vaseline offers the best, natural alternative for defrizzing your hair. Just put a small amount of this petroleum jelly in your palms, and then rub it in your hair. However, don’t use Vaseline in excess amounts or it’ll make your hair greasy. You can still use the petroleum jelly for sealing split hair ends in order to hide the dryness at the hair ends.

7. Vaseline for preventing lipstick stains

Getting lipstick on your teeth can be embarrassing, particularly if you are in front of many people. But rubbing some Vaseline petroleum jelly on your teeth prior to wearing your lipstick can help prevent lipstick from sticking to your teeth.

8. Vaseline for taming eyebrows

Eyebrows can be difficult to tame at times. But Vaseline offers a nice way of taking rogue eyebrows. You only need to slick some of this petroleum jelly on your eye brows to get that tidy look you are longing for.

vaseline diy beauty hacks

9. Vaseline as an eye makeup remover

Eye makeup can be stubborn and difficult to remove. But with Vaseline, getting rid of stubborn eye makeup is quite easy. You only require to swipe a small amount of Vaseline on the eye makeup and it will come out within seconds. Nevertheless, rinse off the makeup to prevent irritation.

10. Vaseline for making perfume last longer

Even the strongest perfume can last just for a couple of hours, leaving you as if you never used perfume at all. Before using perfume, you can apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly over your wrist and neck, and you will smell great all day long.

11. Vaseline for softening elbows

Elbows can become dry and cracked especially due to aging. But Vaseline is ultimately the best way of softening those dry and cracked elbows. Simply rub some of it on your elbows prior to sleeping—for a couple of days. Within days, your once dry and cracked elbows will be wonderfully soft.

12. Vaseline as a skin highlighter

Want to have that radiant look all day long? Then Vaseline is ultimately the perfect thing for you. Just apply some of it on your brow bones and cheekbones to highlight your skin and also give it that dewy, radiant look throughout.

13. Vaseline for keeping shampoo out of the eyes

Shampoo can be irritating when it comes into contact with the eyes. But you can prevent shampoo from getting into your eyes by applying a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly above your eyebrows before rinsing off the shampoo.

14. Vaseline for skin protection

Vaseline boasts powerful lubricating and emollient properties. Therefore, it makes an excellent skin protector especially for athletes, who are mostly vulnerable to skin irritation resulting from constant rubbing during physical or sport activity. To prevent skin damage as a result of indulging in consistent physical activity, massage some Vaseline to the specific body areas that are prone to rubbing during physical activity.

15. Vaseline for combating tanning streaks

Want to avoid those patchy tans that scream to the world that you have been tangoed? You just need to rub some Vaseline into the troubled spots like behind the keens, ankles and on the hands.

16. Vaseline for moisturizing your face

The fact that Vaseline is a non-comedogenic in nature means that the petroleum jelly can work effectively as a facial moisturizer. It can help keep your face moisturized without clogging the skin pores. Just apply a layer of the petroleum jelly on your skin upon cleaning it to help keep it moisturized all day long.

17. Vaseline for keeping lashes moisturized

Having moisturized lashes throughout the day can help highlight your natural beauty. Just apply a bit of Vaseline on your lashes at night, and your lashes will look moisturized the next day.


Vaseline is far from being the old petroleum jelly we all know about. The list of how you can use the petroleum jelly to enhance your beauty is truly endless. But with these 17 amazing DIY vaseline beauty hacks, you absolutely know how to make the most out of this petroleum jelly.

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