15 Weird Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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So easy and life changing! These 15 are weird beauty hacks every girl should know.

weird beauty hacks every girl should know

I have a huge appreciation for hacks and over the years, I’ve learned and shared a couple of beauty hacks that have been life-changing for me. These beauty tricks are perfect for just about anyone trying to get the most out of their beauty regimen. Here are 15 weird beauty hacks every girl should know about!

Weird Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. Accidentally smudged a fresh coat of nail polish? Fix it in seconds using this neat trick with your own saliva! Read more about it here.

smudged nail beauty hack

image credit: @naileditnz

2. No eye makeup primer? No problem! Do this no-fail trick instead using concealer, loose powder, and water! Read more about it here.

eye primer beauty hack

3. Get super soft feet in no time with this beauty hack! Read about it here.

soft smooth beautiful feet

4. Get dewy skin in 30 seconds flat with Rosebud Salve and an ice-filled bucket. Read more about it here.

5. How do you remove stubborn waterproof mascara? With regular non-waterproof mascara! Learn the details here.

remove waterproof mascara beauty hack

6. Sick and tired of faux lashes? Make thin eyelashes appear thicker with baby powder. Learn the details here.

thicker lashes beauty hack

7. Achieve brighter eyes instantly with white or light highlighter. Learn more here.

brighter eyes

8. Make your perfume last all day by spraying it on your hairline. Learn the details here.

Photo: blentley, Flickr

9. Stuck on how to get the perfect cat eye? Use tape to make a foolproof line. Read tutorial here.

winged eyeliner

10. Got thin brows? Make them fuller with castor oil. Learn more here.

thicker brows beauty hack

11. Get sun-kissed highlights naturally with lemon juice! Read more about it here.

sun kissed hair beauty hack

12. Is your hair looking dull and lacking luster these days? Try tea to make it bright and shiny again! Learn more here.

shiny hair beauty hack

13. The secret to eliminating frizz in under 2 minutes is coconut oil! Read more on it here.

how to eliminate frizz

14. Does your skin peel a lot? You can stop it with mint juice! Learn the details here.

skin peeling solutions


15. Plump up your thin lips with ease using an electric tooth brush. Read more on it here.

plump lips beauty hack

Which of these weird beauty hacks would you love to try? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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