9 Beauty Resolutions For The New Year

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Happy New Year!! The new is finally here so what better way to kick off the New Year by fulfilling your beauty resolutions.

Do you want to look and feel more fabulous in the new year? Here are several tips to get you on the right path for looking even more beautiful and gorgeous for the new year.

1. Keep your skin looking good and well hydrated with a proper skincare regimen– Who doesn’t want fabulous skin that stays in great condition for the new year. Start off with an exfoliator and use it once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells which will allow your face to glow (For oily skin, use an exfoliator about 3 times a week). Make sure to use a good face moisturizer that won’t clog pores and also try soothing products like a toner to help condition the face too.

For the body, make sure the skin is well moisturized by applying lotion everyday after showering and use a body wash that’s not too harsh for the skin. If you really want to spend dough, go to a spa once in a while to pamper your skin. Maybe every 4 months if you can afford it.

2. Revitalize your hair by keeping it healthy and hydrated– Say bye-bye to damage hair for the new year and say hello to healthy hair. Maintenance is key so make sure to trim your ends on a regular basis, and try a conditioning treatment or hair masque once a week. If your hair is badly damage with lots of breakage, go to a quality hair salon and let them take a look at your hair. They can give you the best advice for your hair and improve its health and shine.

3. Eat well and exercise- This is #1 new year resolution that’s mentioned by the majority of the population every year and yet we never fulfill it. We never commit; but we need to stop doing that. It’s crucial to eat well and exercise for good health. Here’s a good place to start: Invest in a gym and invest even more with a personal trainer. Who better to get you more motivated than a personal trainer. Who else could correct your eating habits than a personal trainer. If a personal trainer is not for you, that’s okay. Find other ways to get you motivated and commit to staying active. Having a workout buddy is great alternative. Here’s another idea: create a workout program. Doing so will increase your chances to losing weight.

4. Invest in a SPF sunscreen to prevent aging while in the sun– Don’t forget it helps to prevent skin cancer also so make sure to pour on the sunscreen whenever you’re out in the sun.

5. Drink plenty of water– I shouldn’t tell you why you need plenty of water; but, if you need a recap, check out my post on why drinking water daily is essential. I will say that drinking a liter or two a day would be sufficient for your daily intake.

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6. Invest in a new hair cut– Be bold and try something different. Hair trends are constantly changing so keep up with the current style. A new look is always good and who doesn’t want sexy hairstyles worn by several celebrities. Don’t forget that hair always grow back, so if you have long hair be daring and try a shorter or mid-length cut. If you have short hair, add extensions for long flowing hair. What ever you do, please don’t try to cut your hair yourself. Let’s leave that to the professionals. 🙂

7. Keep up-to-date on the latest beauty trends by subscribing to a beauty and health magazine– I subscribe to several magazines to stay current on new beauty products and trends. Here’s some good ones to check out: Glamour, Allure, In Style, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Self, Health, and Lucky. WWD.com is also another great magazine to subscribe to that’s online based.

8. Clean out your makeup– Get rid of the old and add in new products. You should update your makeup bag every season. This can help you to stay current with the season’s new makeup colors and shades.

9. Update your beauty look by experimenting with new products– Makeup trends frequently changes too so look even more fabulous by trying new products. Don’t be afraid of colors that you’ve never tried before. You might find that perfect color that you’d never dream of touching and improve your look. So, stop by a beauty counter and get a makeover or stop by a MAC counter and let a makeup artist create a new look for you.

With every new year there’s a desire for change. So, lets start the new year off right by being bold, different, and taking chances. Let your true beauty shine for the new year!

So what’s your beauty resolution for the new year?


  1. I am glad to read your post for new year. Well, i can say that you have good idea. New year should be a good start for a new beauty.right? Thanks for this information. I will try to do your suggestion.

  2. I am glad to read your post for new year. Well, i can say that you have good idea. New year should be a good start for a new beauty.right? Thanks for this information. I will try to do your suggestion.

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