How to Glam Up Your Makeup Look

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glam makeup

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Glam Makeup

Get glammed up for any occassion especially if you’re looking to party the night away. I’m going to share with you a couple of tips on how to glam up your look for the night.

First, let’s start with the skin. Give your face a good cleanse. For oily skin, exfoliate the skin to help intensify a more natural glow. Now it’s time to prep. Prepping the face is key before applying any makeup. The ultimate goal here is to obtain a flawless natural makeup look. So here are some key elements on applying foundation:

1. Use a primer on the face for even application.

2. Use a yellow-based concealer to hide imperfections: dark circles, redness, uneven skintone, acne, etc.

3. Apply foundation that’s perfect for your skin type. (Oily, dry, Combination, etc)

Once you have your foundation in place,   we can focus on the eyes. A great eye look for any party is a smokey eye. It’s one of my favorite looks because it’s an attention getter. I don’t want to be too detailed with putting together this eye look so check out my earlier post on how to achieve the smokey eye look. Work with powder shadows and start off using 3 different shades: a neutral shade, a medium shade, and a dark or black shade. Finish the look with a  black mascara!

Next are the cheeks. Glam it up with warm shades. For light skintones, go for a pale or light pink color to brighten skin. For medium to dark skin tones, a bronzer is the perfect choice. It will highlight your cheek bones and gives your face that ultra sexy glow.

Lips– A sexy pout means gloss, gloss, and gloss. Go for a soft, neutral gloss. Don’t use a color that’s too distracting and takes away from your eyes. Remember, you want a balanced look so if you have strong eyes, you must have soft lips. Colors like beige, or light pink is a good start.

Lastly are the brows. Tame those eyebrows using a brow brush. If you have thin eyebrows, make them fuller by applying a lighter color shadow using an angled brush.

Voila!! You have completed your glam look. Now, the only thing you need to worry about is staying fabulous throughout the night.

Now with the holidays just around the corner, check out how to glam up your holiday look with Babbleboxx Holiday Beauty Edition.


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