How to Perfect Winged Eyeliner Using Tape

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The winged eyeliner trend was spotted down several runways at the Fall 2012 shows but perfecting this look can be difficult especially if you don’t have steady hands. This season is all about the eyes and luckily I came across a super easy method to perfect the winged eyeliner look.

Makeup Artist Erin Ashley shared with readers on her site a tape trick which I thought was clever and brilliant. It’s a quick method that’s very easy to do in my opinion and hands down one of my favorite beauty hacks. The products she used for this look was tape (of course) and Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in “Blackest Black.”

Get the Step-by-Step Look

Step 1.

Apply a piece of tape underneath the eye so that it is pointed towards the end of the brow. Where you place the tape dictates the angle of your wing so keep that in mind before moving on to the next step. Also,  make sure that it is pressed against your skin firmly so your liner doesn’t bleed through once applied.

Step 2.

Apply your gel liner to the upper lash line of your eye. Then apply the “wing” part by following the line  that the tape created.

Step 3.

Now you can remove the tape and start filling in your wing. Apply false lashes, grab your mascara, and you’re all set!

Check out the full tutorial and more pics here!

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