Make Up 101: How to Apply Foundation

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For flawless and more eventone skin, foundation is used to camoflouge your imperfections. It’s my life saver and when combined with a concealer, powder or both, I feel much more comfortable stepping out. However, not everyone uses foundation and that’s fine. In fact, many skip this part and uses only a concealer and powder because either they don’t need it or they don’t like the feeling of foundation on their face. Since everyone’s skin is different, I always find it best to just experiment and find out what’s best for you. I think all women should have some kind of foundation even if you wear it only during special occasions.

If your skin is not troublesome, then an alternative option is a tinted moisturizer or bb creams. I use one too especially during the summer. I tend to wear foundation less often during the day due to the heat.

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If you like to wear foundation but don’t know the proper technique, then keep reading!


  1. Moisturize skin- Wait 5 to 10 minutes before applying foundation. That should be enough time for the skin to absorb it.
  2. Using the back of your hand, squeeze a little amount of your favorite foundation (I like Laura Mercier Oil-Free Supreme Foundation).
  3. With a brush, sponge, or fingers, (I like to use a brush) dab small amount into the foundation.
  4. When applying on the face, always start at the forehead and work your way down. Blending is very important so make sure to blend down to your nose, cheeks and then chin. You just want a very thin layer.
  5. To cover up any imperfections, blemishes or discoloration, use a concealer and apply with a brush or you can use your fingers. A brush is better!
  6. To finish, grab a large fluffy brush and tap it in powder and glide lightly all over your face.

This is a very basic application that anyone even a beginner can do. Even though there are several types of foundations out there like cream-based, stick, powder, and etc, it doesn’t matter as long as you follow the rules of makeup application: foundation first, concealer second, and powder at the end.

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