10 Wonderful Money-Saving Uses of Q-Tip Cotton Swabs!

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It isn’t just for cleaning your ears, that’s for certain! Yes, we’re talking about q-tip cotton swabs. Did you know that it goes beyond its primary purpose? Besides cleaning your ears, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes, a genuine multi-tasking tool! To help you understand better, here are a few examples of its other uses.


  • The eye shadow applicator – Apart from your eye shadow brush, these tiny tips can also be used as an applicator. It works similarly perfect as the real brush evenly distributing your eye shadow make up. And, the best thing about q-tips is that you can easily toss them without you running out of supplies. So the next time your eye shadow brush isn’t available, let these tips come to the rescue and help you save money on buying another brush.
  • The lipstick corrector – Yes, your lipstick is perfectly fine and the way you apply it is just perfect as well. But the big problem comes in when halfway through the day, your beautifully applied lipstick now pass through your lip line. If this is the case, you can use these tiny tips by dabbing a loose powder lightly around your lip line. Now, the tips definitely save the day!
  • The eye liner expert – Applying an eye liner could be a challenge at times. But with the use of these baby tips, perfecting your lines is achievable. You need not always go to a makeup artist just so you can get the perfect eye line. Hence, money is saved a great deal.


  • The wound cleaner – Cotton is not just the one used to clean the wounds. There are times when there are tiny and narrow areas that are difficult to reach by regular cotton, and this is where the presence of q-tips enters. So, save up money from too much cotton use and start using these tips on wound areas that are hard to reach.
  • The power duster – There are things in your house with the likes of picture frames, paintings, keyboard and the like that you find difficult to clean. These hard-to-reach corners cannot be cleaned by a small cloth. Good thing, you can rely on these tiny tips to get to a fixture’s corner and clean it without any hassle.


  • The nail polish cleaner – Applying a nail polish especially if you’re doing it yourself could be very messy. As much as you apply it carefully and gently onto your nails, you seem not to do it perfectly. If this happens to you, try using these tiny tips by dipping it on a nail polish remover to get rid of excess nail paint perfect for small details. You don’t just save up time; you likewise made a big savings on hiring a manicurist.
  • The color tester – When you’re out shopping for beauty products, use these tips in testing the color of your desired makeup. Doing so won’t buy you too much time or money from picking the wrong makeup shade.
  • The silver cleaner – Silver accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be polished and cleaned from any tarnish q-tips. Now, keeping them sparkling clean all the time is possible.

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