How to Get Fuller Lips If You Have Thin Ones

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Are you tired of being jealous of women with fuller lips? Do you finally want a beautiful pout without heading to the doctor’s office? Well, now you can. There are different ways to achieve this look but I’ll show you two natural tricks that will really give your lips some plumpness. Not everyone turns to lip injections, lip plumpers, or even makeup to achieve a nice pout. There are simpler, safer, and more natural approaches for having a fuller lip.

Are you ready?

Tip #1. The secret to fuller lips…….an ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSH!

When your toothbrush is foamy, use it to carefully brush your lips. Be gentle and avoid scratching or injuring your lips. Rinse thoroughly after brushing both your teeth and lips. The next step is to apply a moisturizer or a lip balm on your brushed lips. Doing these continuously will improve circulation of the blood in the lips and make them fuller and more plump. Aside from that, you will notice that your lips will have better color.

Tip #2. To really give your lips some plumpness, mix some cayenne pepper into your gloss. This is another secret in attaining a fuller lip. Pepper slightly irritates the lips and makes them swell a little. Some may find this uncomfortable and unnecessary. However, if you are bent on having a pouty plump lip then you could sacrifice a little comfort in order to get it. An alternative route is a lip plumper.

I hope you enjoyed this beauty tip of the week!

Image Credit: “Angelina Jolie Global Summit 2014” by Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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