How Being A Minimalist Can Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur

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Being a “minimalist” and an “entrepreneur” are two words that I am passionate about. When you think of the word “minimalist” it invokes images of cleaning and organizing your home while the word “entrepreneur” appeals to working hard to be successful and making a lot of money.

However, when you dig deeper on what it actually means to be a minimalist and an entrepreneur, you’ll find that the two actually compliments the other.

Minimalism is not about getting rid of clutter in your closet, living in a smaller house or depriving yourself. It’s about intentionality, choosing to live a purposeful life that will give you more space, time and freedom.

I wont go into further detail on minimalism because there are so many great reads on the net that does such a fine job defining it. One article I highly recommend you check out is written by The Minimalist.

I started to think about how I can apply minimalism to my business or if it’s even possible. I realized it can have a useful place in the world of business. I’ve embraced the simplicity approach and it has allowed me to conquer new challenges as an individual and as an entrepreneur as well. So how can you incorporate the foundation of minimalism to your business? Keep reading for tips that has helped me succeed!

1. Focusing Your Efforts on What’s Important

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As you know, time is money, and focusing your energy only on what is important helps you move forward. Even though a minimalist approach in life involves putting the interest of your business ahead of your need for fame, money is still important as you cannot survive without it. Having a clear mind and laser focus allows you to cater for yourself and the people you are responsible for.

Remember not to spread yourself so thin that you suffer rather than lead a better lifestyle. Being a minimalist does not involve sacrificing even what you hold dear. The idea is to eliminate unnecessary clutter so that you have time for what is important. Focusing on the core essentials of your business puts you in a better position to achieve success. It is better to focus on one thing of great value rather than have divided attention because you are trying to balance too many things all at once. Without making things more difficult than necessary, sacrifice and dedication allow an entrepreneur to thrive.

2. Finding Balance

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Even when your objective is not to be a minimalist, life is all about balance. Spending hours on end trying to make it as an entrepreneur without making time for family and yourself is not healthy. Aside from being an entrepreneur, you also have other obligations to take care of and balancing all this guarantees success. You need to figure out the areas of your life that you are fine sacrificing. Also, rather than micro managing many projects, you are better off finding your passion and focusing all your effort on what you love.

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A simple paradigm shift has the power to ensure you have a meaningful life. You’ll be able to eliminate stress and cut down on the resources needed to run your business. Spending time on things that truly matter give you the determination to make your business thrive. There are many misconceptions about being a minimalist entrepreneur that may cause you to believe you’ll have to sacrifice one passion for another. On the other hand, minimalism is more about limiting your workload so that you don’t end up overwhelmed.

3. Start Small

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Like everything else, you need to start small for you to successfully become a minimalist entrepreneur. Begin by being more organized, because this way, you will easily identify things you don’t use anymore. My declutter planner is the perfect tool to get your life and home organized. Letting go of the things that don’t add value to your life is the first step. Next, you need to purge yourself of frustration and pain.

Ridding your life of any negative aspects allow you to have a clear mind. Once you are done with this first step, you can then proceed to more in-depth methods that help you simplify your business. Being a minimalist entrepreneur involves recognizing you are a human being first. Focusing your energy on fruitful pursuits will automatically reflect on how productive you are when conducting business. As an entrepreneur, you should only go after endeavours that have the potential to pan out.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

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The people you interact with and the places you choose to spend time on determines how your day to day life looks like. Choosing quality over quantity involves investing time and effort on value rather than amount. It is better to have one true friend than have many friends who only bring undue anxiety and stress into your life. Choosing quality over quantity means you have more time to relax and reflect.

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Spending time on things that only brings you joy allows you to enhance your life and positively impact the people around you. Negative influence and toxicity are unnecessary additions your life could do without. Crushing it as entrepreneur involves crafting the kind of life you want to lead and using your business to fund it.


Minimalism comes in different forms, and it’s not about living a life of struggle. On the contrary, a minimalist eliminates all sources of negative energy from their life so that they lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Once you understand the potential your business has, and focus on the important and meaningful aspects of it, you can determine a simple yet sustainable system to achieve success and a happier life.

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