10 Genius Ways To Save Money On Amazon This Holiday Season

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save money on amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest mall, is all about convenience — you shop from the comfort of your home, and get the products delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. We all love a good bargain and Amazon offers a couple of ways you can save money on different products. However, not every bargain magically finds it way to the surface. Below are 10 clever ways you can save money on Amazon this holiday season.

1. Amazon Outlet Store

While Amazon’s outlet store is not a concealed service, not everyone knows about it. Using this virtual outlet will give you access to discounted products, allowing you to save up to 60% off the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The outlet shows you top markdowns in different shopping categories on Amazon, giving you the opportunity to save big. Shop the outlet store here.

2. Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon warehouse deals work pretty much the same as the outlet store, only that you get discounts on refurbished and open box items. Amazon does its best to test and ensure all products function as they are supposed to before they reach the consumer. In some cases, these products will have flaws that force Amazon to lower their price. For instance, if a product has some type of cosmetic damage, you can get it at a bargain, saving you hundreds of dollars. The company’s standard return policy allows you to send back these products if a problem arises. Shop warehouse deals here.

3. Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and save is a feature that allows you to receive regular, automatic shipments of various products. In exchange, you get to enjoy discounts and free shipping. You can save up to 15% on five or more items and up to 5% on individual items with this service. The best part about this feature is the fact that you can cancel such subscriptions any time you want. Most people will simply sign up, purchase a single product at a discount and then cancel, allowing them to save money on items at any time. Shop the subscribe and save store here.

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is ideal for heavy duty shoppers who simply have to sign up for an annual membership costing $99. With this membership, you get 2-day shipping, free of charge. Compared to the amount of money you can save, the $99 you pay for the membership is far too little. In addition to this, Amazon Prime offers unlimited storage of cloud pictures as well as free music streaming. For those who are unsure about this service, Amazon offers a one-month trial at no cost. Sign up to Amazon Prime here.

5. Deal Tracker Sites

Regular Amazon shoppers are aware that prices for different products fluctuate every now and then. With deal tracking websites such as TheTracktor.com and CamelCamelCamel.com, you’ll always know when prices for different products reach preset amounts.

6. Amazon Mom

Baby supplies are big business, no matter where you look. With Amazon Mom, you can save up to 20% on baby products. Amazon offers a 30-day trial, where you get to enjoy all the benefits offered by Amazon Prime. When the trial period ends, Amazon charges you $99, after which you get to enjoy Prime membership benefits. Sign up to Amazon Mom through Prime here.

7. Amazon Associates

This is an affiliate program that allows small businesses and bloggers to earn money every time they direct someone to buy products from Amazon. While this service mostly targets bloggers, anyone can take advantage and save. All you need to do is find a relative or friend who shops regularly on Amazon. Since your own purchases won’t earn you commissions, you’ll be using your friend’s affiliate link, which will allow you to save up to 10% on all purchases. Sign up to Amazon Associates here.

8. Amazon Student

Amazon Student is similar to Prime, only that you get to pay less for the membership and can enjoy up to six months free trial. However, during this trial period, you won’t have access to free streaming, but can still enjoy the free 2-day shipping service. You will need to verify that you are a student or use a .edu email address in order to enjoy this service. Sign up to Amazon Student here.

9. Amazon Freebies

Amazon is famous for its regular promotions which include; free video streaming credits, free e-books, free apps and free music downloads. You can keep an eye out for these freebies and save money on items such as movies.

10. Daily Deals

Amazon offers special deals on one or more products on their websites as part of their Gold Box Deals. It will be difficult for you to predict which items will be discounted. Therefore, to take advantage of daily deals, you’ll need to subscribe to email notifications which will inform you of discounted products. Going through your emails every morning can save you a lot of money on different products from the website. Subscribe to Amazon’s Daily Deals here.

As you can see, there are many ways you can save on Amazon products. Using one or more of the techniques mentioned in this article can save you thousands on different products sold on this wonderful website.

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