6 Ways to Add ‘Wow’ to Your Work Desk For Less than $30

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Find yourself stopping and drooling over those gorgeous and perfect work desks on Instagram? Having a beautiful workspace can definitely improve your creativity and productivity, and if that’s what you’re aiming to do, here’s a bit of help your way. 

Read on to discover 6 super effective ways to add some ‘wow’ factor into your simple workspace, all for less than $30!  

1. Use a Wire Wall Grid

wall desk grid for work

From putting up important to-do lists to inspirational and fun photos that get you motivated and in a happy mode, a wire wall desk grid can be an excellent item to add to your work desk to take it up a notch. It’s inexpensive and looks fabulous on a simple wall, not to mention it looks totally Instagram worthy! 

2. Add a Plant

add plant to work desk

Adding small plants is an excellent way to liven up your desk without you having to spend a lot. Plus, they also help purify the air around you. In fact, a study has also shown that having plants on the work desk can improve productivity and happiness in office workers. If you’re not so sure about your gardening abilities though, you can get your hands on some low maintenance plants like succulents- they don’t need to be watered everyday and thrive in even the toughest of conditions. 

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3. Use Fun Magnets

work desk area at home

This one’s another excellent way to breathe some life into your bland and boring cubicle. Find some fun push pins or magnets for your cork or magnetic board. You’ll find most of these in craft stores, and most of them are pretty cheap too. 

If it isn’t about the pins and magnets, you can opt for some funky pens and notepads too. 

4. Get a Nice Lamp

work desk lamp

We’re not just asking you to get a lamp for the aesthetic appeal- you’ll be surprised at how much of warmth and comfort it can bring to your simple office cubicle that those fluorescent lights can’t. Having a small direct light source (aka your lamp) can also help you stay more focused, and in some cases, it can also tackle those midday headaches. 

5. Grab a Fab Mug

work desk coffee mug

There’s nothing better than starting your work day with a cup of coffee and a motivational quote to go along with it- right? And that’s exactly why getting your hands on a nice cup with a powerful quote can be a good way to give your work desk an inviting and exciting vibe. 

6. Add an Area Rug

Customizing the ‘floor’ can be an excellent way to add some jazz to your workspace, and if your work area is all gray and white and needs a little something to make it appear bright and happy, an area rug could be worth a consideration! Pick up a simple yet catchy rug that can fit right within your space and you’re sorted. 

area rug work desk

How do you jazz up your work desk area? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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