9 Things You Should Clean Out Your Closet Right Away

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things in your closet to get rid of

This post is all about how to clean out your closet.

Even the biggest closets have a finite capacity. They all eventually run out of space. If you want to add more, then you have to remove some of the existing contents. This is easier said than done. We each have our own reasons for holding on to stuff. Unless we have a strong reason for cleaning up, we will never start.

How To Clean Out Your Closet

Find your “why” and begin the journey towards a more organized space. Below are some of the things you need to clean out your closet now:

1. Borrowed Items

There’s no reason to keep items that aren’t even yours. If a borrowed item has already served its purpose, then let it go. Return it promptly and thank the person who lent it to you for their favor. This isn’t just about freeing up space. Habitually returning borrowed stuff builds trust and minimizes friction. The next time you need something, you won’t have any difficulties acquiring it from friends since they are confident that you will give it back to them right away.

2. Unused Clothes

Most people gravitate to a few items in their wardrobe. Many clothes are left unused at the bottom of the pile. If there are things that you haven’t touched in more than a year, then consider giving them away to help clean out your closet. You’re not likely to use them again anyway. Think of friends or family who might like them. You could also donate the items to a local charity. Let others maximize the value of these clothes.

3. Ill-fitting Garments

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Our bodies change as we age. We grow taller, we add muscles, and we go up and down in weight. Some of the things that fit us in the past are no longer wearable. They simply won’t fit anymore and it looks awkward. They might also be in a style that no longer suits us as adults. If you’ve been keeping old ill-fitting clothes, then take them out of the closet and give them to people who have the same fashion sense and body type as you did when you bought these.

4. Unflattering Outfits

Some outfits may still fit but the silhouette just seems to be unflattering right now. They no longer look as good as they did before. Perhaps they never did truly suit you but you bought them anyway because you wanted to be trendy. There’s no reason to hold on to such items. It’s good to try different things but don’t feel obligated to keep everything you bought. Just hold on to those that make you smile when you face the mirror.

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5. Pain-inducing Shoes

Footwear can make or break an outfit. Just imagine being in formal wear and having trainers on. Unless it’s a party theme, this combination isn’t the best idea for most occasions. People will go to great lengths just to get the shoes right. They might even wear shoes that make their feet sore in the name of aesthetics. Do yourself a favor and get rid of shoes that are too tight and cause you pain. Find better ways to make your outfits work without wincing in pain after an hour or two.

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6. Non-wardrobe Items

Do you keep books, gadgets, toys, and other non-wardrobe items in your closet? You don’t have to throw these away but you might want to find them a different home. The books will look great as displays on a shelf. The same is true with many of your toy collections. By having specific areas for each category, everything will be easier to find when you need them.

7. Seasonal Accessories

Every season is associated with certain activities. We swim and hike in the summer. We ski and skate in the winter. All these require their own clothes and gear. Sometimes we get excited and buy lots of them only to lose interest after the season is over. We almost never use them again. They just clutter up the closet. Why not clean out your closet of these seasonal items and store them away in the garage until you need them again. You could also give these away to underprivileged kids? They would be delighted to receive them.

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8. Worn Down Items

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We often keep items that already have several issues that prevent us from wearing them. Some might think that they could fix these someday. Examples bras with rusty hooks and worn out paddings, shirts with tears and stains, and pants that were ripped at the seams. If you haven’t gotten around to fixing these in a year, then you probably won’t ever do it. Go ahead and clean out your closet and throw those bras out. You may also repurpose them as you see fit.

9. Costly Errors

You need to admit your mistakes before your can learn from them. For example, many hold on to dresses they don’t really like because these were expensive purchases. It was too late when they realized that the item wasn’t worth it. If this has happened to you, then forgive yourself right now. Everyone makes mistakes. Find someone who may appreciate it and present it as a gift. They will never forget your generosity.

Do all these and your closet will be clutter-free in no time. You will gain value and space for new items that help you live in the present moment. Most of all, you will feel lighter after shedding all of the stuff that has been weighing you down.

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