33 Items You Can Declutter Immediately

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things to declutter

This post is all about things to declutter.

Decluttering any area of your home can feel like an overwhelming task. It’s something you should plan out and not be an act of senseless dumping so you can just rush through it.

However, there are some items that fall into the “declutter me right now” category. I see these as the easy stuff to get rid of because a) these items are no longer working, b) the expiration date has passed, and c) you have no use for them which you can usually tell within seconds of looking at it.

You probably already have a few things to declutter in mind that you no longer have use for. Great! I made a list of even more items you can declutter right now. Look at the list and get rid of the items that feel most easiest to you. Trust me once they are gone, you won’t miss them.

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Things To Declutter Right Now

1. Old electronic devices that no longer work and just taking up space.

2. Pens and markers that don’t work anymore.

3. Scented candles. If you hoard these, they’re just taking up space. Either use them or get rid of them.

4. Dried up nail polish.

clean minimal book shelf

5. Books you’ll never read again (donate to a library or used book store).

6. Shoes that hurt your feet too much.

7. Old, expired vitamins and supplements.

8. Expired medicine.

9. Water bottles (please recycle).

10. Old magazines and newspaper.

11. Old, stretched out underwear

12. Pairless or holey socks.

13. Bras that have lost all its elasticity.

14. Expired makeup and skincare products.

15. Piles of paper. Shred paper with personal information.

16. Empty CD cases.

17. Clothes that no longer fits you (Donate to Goodwill or local charity).

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18. Notebooks and/or journals that are full or have never been used.

19. Old, faded T-shirts.

20. Bills that can be accessed online. Never get paper bills again!

21. Receipts you no longer need.

22. Office supplies that you find all over the house.

23. Food you can’t identify that’s been staying in your fridge and freezer.

24. Expired food.

ooh la la wall art print

25. Any broken items that can’t be fixed.

26. Recycle old batteries lying around the house.

27. Shopping bags you’ve stored away but don’t use.

28. Cleaning supplies you no longer use.

29. Earrings that has a missing pair.

30. Unsubscribe from catalogues you never read or are no longer interested in.

31. Halloween costumes that won’t be worn again.

32. Items you’re holding on to because it was a gift.

33. Old, torn up towels.

Anything missing from this list? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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