How To Clean & Disinfect Your Home This Summer

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This post has been sponsored by CLORALEN. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

how to clean and disinfect home for summer

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? I’m so excited for the summer season and now that I’ve finished doing my annual spring cleaning, my home is finally ready for the season.

Even though spring is known as the “cleaning” season, many don’t get the chance to clean their home or are in desperate need of a “round two.” Whatever the case may be, I created a quick and easy summer cleaning routine that will help you clean and disinfect your home.

If you want a more liveable space this summer devoid of dirt, grime and pests, you should not only clean your home, but also disinfect it and the easiest and affordable way to do so is with bleach. Yes, we like to think of laundry when using bleach, but it can also be used for deep cleaning throughout the house. 

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That’s why I’m excited to share with you three products I’m lovin at the moment: CLORALEN® Disinfect Bleach, CLORALEN Multipurpose Cleaner and CLORALEN Antibacterial Wet Wipes. 

cloralen cleaning products

CLORALEN is the brand that gives you trusted disinfection at an affordable price. I’m obsessed!

So, check out my cleaning routine below and how I use CLORALEN products to keep my home clean as I prepare for summer.

Kitchen (Daily)

The kitchen is the area of the house that needs attention everyday. Since this is a daily routine, the cleaning process should be quick. First I gather all the cleaning supplies: gloves, soap, dishcloths, sponges and CLORALEN cleaning products. Next I run a sink of hot soapy water to prepare for dishwashing later. Then I scrape off all dishes into the trash or garbage disposal and place inside the water (as well as the dirty utensils) to soak. While the dishes are soaking, I clear out trash throughout the kitchen. Then I gather items that don’t belong in the kitchen and put them in a basket. Then I go through each item and place them back to where they belong. Once I’m done with that, I load the dishwasher or wash the dishes by hand. 

cloralen multipurpose cleaner

Next is to wipe down the surface areas. I clean and disinfect my kitchen with the CLORALEN Multipurpose Cleaner. It does everything I need it to do and more which is why I really love this product. It leaves my surfaces sparkling clean and smelling good. I use it on my kitchen counters, sink area, refrigerator and the base of my oven.

Lastly, I sweep and mop the floor using CLORALEN Disinfectant Bleach. It’s powerful for everyday use. I love using CLORALEN Disinfectant Bleach on my non-porous floors in various areas inside my house like the kitchen. I add a ½ cup of bleach to 1/2 gallon of water inside a bucket to mop the floor. 

I’m able to get all this done in less than 15 minutes!

Bathroom (Weekly)

I’m very fast and efficient when it comes to cleaning my bathroom each week even though it’s my least favorite area to clean. Seriously, it takes me less than 15 minutes to clean. First I remove all items from their usual spot to prepare for cleaning. Next, I grab a duster to remove dust and cobwebs. Once done, I sweep the floors to pick up hair and other debris that accumulated on the floor.

I grab the CLORALEN Multipurpose Cleaner to clean the shower and tub. Since I clean weekly, I don’t get much buildup so this step doesn’t take long to clean. I also spray the multipurpose cleaner to wipe down the sink, towel rack, door knobs, and faucet knobs. I disinfect the toilet bowl too. After scrubbing and flushing the toilet, I add CLORALEN Disinfectant Bleach into the bowl. I scrub the bowl with a toilet brush, making sure to get under the rim. I wait 10 minutes for disinfecting and flush the toilet again.

how to disinfect home with bleach

I finish up by mopping the floor with CLORALEN Disinfectant Bleach. 

Bedroom/Living Room (Weekly)

I clean the bedroom and living room areas on a weekly basis. For the bedroom, I gather all my dirty clothes from the hamper and place them in my laundry basket to prep for washing later. I grab any trash laying around and put it inside the trash can. Next, I make the bed and remove items from my desk so I can wipe it down. I mainly use the CLORALEN Multipurpose Cleaner to wipe down non-porous surfaces like my desk, door knobs and computer keyboard. I put back all the desk items I removed and vacuum the carpet.

For the living room, I gather all the blankets laying on the couches and remove pillow covers to place them in the laundry basket for washing. I declutter and grab a bin to place clutter that doesn’t belong in the living room. Then, I use a microfiber cloth to quickly run over surfaces that could collect dust. Again, I use the CLORALEN Multipurpose Cleaner to wipe down non-porous areas. Next, I vacuum the floor rug and use the crevice tool to vacuum the couch. Lastly I sweep my hardwood floors and spot clean areas of the floor that have grime or are sticky caused by food. I simply grab a sponge and dip it in some warm soapy water.


CLORALEN products can be used outdoors too. Here are two of my favorite ways to use the products.

Gardening Tools (After Each Use)

cloralen disinfectant bleach

I must admit, I often forget to clean my gardening tools. This year I paid for it when the fungal problem I had last spring, resurfaced again this spring. So now I make sure to clean and disinfect my gardening tools and pots after using it. First, I grab a bucket, fill it with soapy water and scrub the pots and tools to get as much dirt and debris off as possible. I then take them out of the bucket and put them to the side so I can get ready to disinfect. I add Cloralen bleach at a ratio of 3 tbsps of bleach to 1 gallon of water and leave them to soak for 10 minutes.

Car (Monthly)

Now that summer is just around the corner, I’m looking forward to getting on the road again. In fact, I have an upcoming road trip in two weeks where my friends and I are heading to Palm Springs from L.A. I can’t wait!

To prepare, I always do a deep clean of my car first to ensure a fun and safe summer. First, I gather all the trash and debris from the floorboards, cup holders, door pockets, and seat pockets and recycle or dispose of it. Then I remove and vacuum the carpeted floor mats as well as the dust and grime from leather seats using a vacuum crevice tool. I wipe down the dashboard and center console with a microfiber cloth and use a solution of soap and water for my leather seats.

I do have areas in my car that are non-porous like the cup holders, steering wheel, door handles, seat buckles and radio knobs so I properly clean and disinfect these areas with the CLORALEN Multipurpose Cleaner. 

cloralen antibacterial wipes

With my upcoming road trip, it’s also important to maintain good hygiene while on the go. So, I like to keep CLORALEN Antibacterial Wet Wipes in my car and another pack in my travel bag so my hands stay clean and germ-free while traveling.

There you have it! My quick and easy summer cleaning routine so you can complete all the cleaning that needs to be done around the house by summer. You can learn more about CLORALEN cleaning products here. You can also find CLORALEN in-store by using their store locator.

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