How To Deep Clean Your Whole House

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how to deep clean your home

This post is all about how to deep clean your house.

It takes a lot of time and effort to completely deep clean a home. With that being said, there is perhaps no better feeling in the world than having a home that is clean and ready to go. It can feel like stepping into a brand new home.

I know the word “deep cleaning” sounds scary but it’s not as scary as you might think. It actually can be quite entertaining. Seriously, you can make it cleaning your home fun by blasting some music while you clean, inviting friends to keep you company, make it a game or a workout session.

How To Deep Clean Your House

It’s best to do one room at a time and if you can, delegate tasks to your family members. So what are some tips on how to deep clean your home and save some time? Let’s take a look at how to deep clean your house categorized by room.

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How to Deep Clean the Kitchen

deep clean kitchen

No area in the home gets dirty as quickly as the kitchen. Not only is it costly in use, but food and grime can add up in a hurry.

1. Completely clean out the refrigerator

It’s very easy to see food pile up that has been ignored or expired. Clean out every inch of the refrigerator (and freezer) and throw out what is not useable. Wipe down shelves and drawers inside the fridge, toss out expired items, and group like items together for a more organized space.

2. Clean your dishwasher

Is the dishwasher supposed to do all the cleaning? While it serves a definite purpose, sometimes it needs to be cleaned as well. One of the easiest and natural ways is to put together some vinegar and baking soda for an easy-to-use cleaning solution.

3. Clean out all small appliances

The tricky thing with small appliances is that they do not get used all that much, except your microwave. It can be easy to not give them proper care throughout the years. Go through every small appliance and clean it up as needed.

4. Organize the pantry

When you are in a hurry, it is very easy to throw things into the pantry without much consideration. All of a sudden, it starts to look like a completely unorganized mess. Organize everything in your pantry to save time in the future and open up more room.

5. Clean off the surface

You likely focus most of the deep cleaning in the kitchen on the inside of things, but the outside surface is very important as well. All that opening and closing of cabinets can lead to some grimy surfaces. Don’t forget the appliances too like your oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Here are some ways to clean your cabinets so they look brand new again.

6. Give every pot and pan attention

When doing a deep clean, it’s worth that little extra bit of time to give every pot and pan some added shine. Clean all of them off so that they are useable in the future. First use a wet sponge and a drop of dish soap to wash. Then, sprinkle some baking soda to get rid of stubborn stains and lemons to leave them sparkling!

7. Clean Your Vent Hood

This is one area of the kitchen that is often overlooked. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I deep cleaned the vent hood above the stovetop?” Yea… if you can’t recall, it’s time to get to scrubbing with a cleaning brush or sponge. A lot of grease has piled up so make sure you have a good degreasing soap like Dawn, baking soda and boiling hot water.

8. Organize Underneath The Kitchen Sink

Have you piled up of load of items underneath the sink that’s been sitting there for months or even years? Pull out everything and throw away items that have expired, broken, or no longer need. Put the rest back in an organized matter. Putting all the cleaning supplies in a caddy is a great option to keep it clean and clutter-free.

How to Deep Clean the Living Room/Common Areas

deep clean living room

It’s important to make sure that the living room and common areas are cleaned if there is ever hope to have visitors. This is where most visitors will spend their time, so having a dirty location is a huge no-no.

9. Clean and vacuum under all cushions

This is the area where a lot of crumbs and dust build-up through time. It’s a good place to start and if you end up spilling anything on the floor, you can vacuum it up later. Use a brush attachment for trapped dirt in between the cushions.

10. Dust off everything hanging on the wall

Everything might look clean at first glance, but anything on the wall can collect dust on the top. This is another thing to handle in the beginning, as you want to work your way down when cleaning.

11. Clean off all electronics

This is pretty similar to handling wall decor. Electronics can collect dust pretty quickly, and you definitely don’t want them to be damaged if left untreated. Take the time and effort to not only dust them off with a duster, but wipe them down as well. This goes for the TV remote, television screens and the top of your TV and DVD player.

12. Wipe down anything that sticks out

Baseboards, window sills, light fixtures and anything else that sticks out is going to collect dust through time. Make sure to address all of these locations instead of glossing over a thing or two. It is going to stand out like a sore thumb, and it will be more difficult to clean the longer you wait. Use a duster or a damp microfiber cloth to get rid of the dust.

13. Properly clean all rugs and carpets

Some people are going to hire a professional to clean their rugs or carpet. You can do that too but if you don’t have the funds, should always try and shampoo your carpet/rugs yourself. It really isn’t incredibly difficult, and it saves a lot of money.

14. Clean and vacuum the floor, twice if needed

The final step to putting together a clean living room area is to give the floor the attention it needs. Not only is it going to be dirty by itself, but some of the dirt and grime from other locations have now fallen to the floor. If you have hardwood floors, mop and disinfectant with a product like Pinesol and maybe a polish as well.

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How to Deep Clean the Bathroom

deep clean bathroom

The bathroom is one area of the home nobody enjoys cleaning. There are a lot of gross parts of the process, but it needs to be done. The longer it is put off, the worse the cleaning process will be.

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15. Scrub all the major areas

It’s important to give the shower, bathtub, toilet bowl and sink a lot of scrubbing to get things as clean as possible. Work on areas twice if needed. Use an old toothbrush to work on the grout. One trick you can use to help with the process is to soak the areas with a diy cleaner beforehand like adding a splash of white vinegar to the mixture if there is mold and mildew. This will help to break down some of the build-up as well as remove stubborn soap scum. Rinse down the area and leave to air dry.

16. Clean mirrors and glass in a swirl motion

The best way to properly clean these areas is to grab a glass cleaner and spray and wipe using a paper towel in tiny circles instead of up-and-down. This is going to leave these areas looking brand new.

17. Clean what you can in the washing machine

If something is capable of being machine washed, save some time and throw it in there. Just make sure to also check for drying instructions. Let things air dry if they seem a little delicate. Most people will clean bathmats and shower curtains this way.

18. Go over the crevices

There are a lot of different crevices in bathrooms, and the build-up can get pretty nasty. It’s important to go through the entire area to make sure everything is treated properly.

19. Unclog drains

Hair really starts to build up in drains, and so does some other grime. Even if the drain is working just fine, take the extra bit of time to clean it out to avoid issues down the road. Use lemon juice and baking soda to clean the sink drains in the tub and faucet.

20. Disinfect all doorknobs and the floor

You will find that it is next to impossible to make sure the bathroom is clean at all times, but disinfecting some of the most important areas is important. A lot of people walk barefoot in the bathroom, so a disinfected floor makes a lot of sense. As far as the doorknobs are concerned, no one wants to be cleaned off in the bathroom, only to get a lot of grime back on them using the doorknob.

How to Deep Clean the Bedroom

deep clean bedroom

If you stay on top of everything, a bedroom shouldn’t be all that difficult to deep clean. However, a lot of people find themselves with just too much stuff stored.

21. Strip your bed down

A deep clean means making sure the entire bed is clean from top to bottom. Don’t just clean the sheets. Wash the bedding, bed skirt, pillow cushions, shams and more. They might not seem dirty, but everything collects dirt over time.

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22. Flip the mattress

It’s recommended to flip a mattress once in a while, to ensure that no lumps are forming by laying in the same area every time.

23. Don’t ignore headboards, ceiling fans, window treatments, and other often overlooked areas

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so that means you’re also surrounded by a lot of dust. Clean off all these areas to help out with the quality of air.

24. Pull out furniture and clean underneath

One of the dirtiest spots in the house is often underneath the bed. You probably don’t clean it that often, so pull it out and clean as much as possible under there.

How to Deep Clean the Closet

deep clean closet

A closet is a great storage option, but it can also be a place people throw things into last minute. It needs cleaned just like every other part of the house.

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25. Go through every item

It’s important to first look at your current wardrobe situation during any deep clean. If you are not using the clothes, it is time to get rid of them. They are just taking up a lot of space. The same goes for shoes, bags and more.

26. Move in-season items to the front

If it’s the summer, you don’t need your sweaters to be front and center in the closet. Make sure that the current season is being highlighted. Another way to get more space out of your closet is to take out items that are not in season and move them to the garage.

27. Clean out the carpet area

After moving a lot of things around in the closet, the carpet is going to be pretty dirty. Make sure to vacuum to remove all excess dust and grime.

28. Add an air freshener or dehumidifier

My closet is often closed off to the rest of the house, and sometimes it can develop a bad smell or even mold. Adding an air freshener or dehumidifier can help with that.

How to Deep Clean the Laundry Room

deep clean laundry room

The area of the home responsible for keeping a lot of things clean needs help as well. Some people like to start their cleaning process in the laundry room, especially if they plan on using it quite a bit for other tasks.

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29. Wipe down all machines and countertops in the room

There is a lot of dust and lint in any laundry room, so get rid of all that noticeable build up right away.

30. Organize the area

Most of the time, laundry rooms are not exactly big. Organize everything so that time in the laundry room is minimal.

31. Keep it sanitized

After every single use, a washing machine and dryer builds up a lot of lint, dust, grime and more. In some situations, even mold can start to develop. Keep everything sanitized to avoid that situation. Run a clean cycle using 1:1 warm water and bleach. Then run a second cycle 2 cups of vinegar, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of water. Here’s a great list of ways to keep your washing machine clean.

32. Treat the machines with respect

It’s easy to throw loads of laundry into the washer, slam doors shut and even avoid minor maintenance. That all adds up over time, so avoid that if possible. Make sure the machines are in great working order. Clean out the lint trap and the dryer vent as well.

How to Deep Clean the Garage

deep clean garage

A garage can have a little bit of everything. Some people like to keep a small number of items there, while others will use it for storage.

33. Organize everything

It might seem overwhelming at first, but organizing the entire garage will help out a lot. Throw out what you don’t need, and you’ll see just how much more room you will have.

34. Sweep and power wash the floor

If you keep your car in the garage, chances are there are some pretty nasty oil stains that developed over time. Clean the entire floor area, because it can get dirty very quickly.

35. Need more space? Look up

It might tempt you to use the garage as storage at the end of any deep clean. To maximize storage, build up as much as possible. This still allows people to store their cars in the garage.

I hope you liked this post on how to deep clean your house. Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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