12 Best Kitchen Cleaning Products That Should Live In Your Home

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According to Statista, a leading provider of consumer data, the average American family spends around $40 on cleaning supplies every month which translates to roughly $500 a year. A good percentage of this money is spent on kitchen cleaning products.

I would say that’s about accurate; at least in my household because I tend to spend about the same. I am definitely a clean freak and I love to test out new kitchen cleaning products all the time. The kitchen is my temple and I’m all about finding the most efficient way to keep it clean.

The Best Kitchen Cleaning Products

I’ve tried a lot of cleaning products over the years and there are a few I always reach for that I know will get the job done. These products come through every single time.

Here are my go-to kitchen cleaning products that are the best in my book!

1. Traditional Wring Mop

I always say, no need to fix something that’s not broken. With the hundreds of mops out in the market, I always reach for a traditional mop because it always deliver a better clean for non-wood floors including concrete and tiled floors. All I need is just hot water and detergent, for the mop to remove grime, dirt, and 99% of bacteria. The absorbency and cleaning power will leave your hard-surfaced floor sparkling clean. It’s a mop that doesn’t fall apart easily and will last for a long time.

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So, if you are looking for an inexpensive, effective, and sustainable way for cleaning your floors, look no further than a traditional wring mop. It is convenient and easy to care for. Its mop head dries quickly and it is less likely to get gross or smelly.

2. Bona Mop and Floor Cleaner

I actually did a few posts on this brand a few years ago which you can see here and here. After trying it out, I immediately fell in love. It can take your hardwood floor care to the next level. The Bona Mop and Floor Cleaner will reveal the natural shine of your floor. Seriously! It is effective in removing all the dust, grime, and dirt on my hardwood floors. It will deliver quick and effective cleaning and what I like more about Bona cleaner is that it’s non-toxic and biodegradable. This ensures that your floor doesn’t only receive superior cleaning but your family is also safe.

3. Dawn Platinum Power Wash Spray

Honestly, I first learned about this spray after viewing a couple of cleaning hacks on TikTok and now I’m super obsessed with this spray! Not only is it a faster and easier way to clean your tough dishes, it just smells so good! Dawn Platinum Power Wash Spray offers five times faster grease cleaning than other cleaners. I often use it more on my counters because it really does an amazing job cleaning them without much effort on my end.

Dawn Power Wash is perfect for all your hard to clean dishes but you’ll be presently surprised on how well they clean your counter areas. Seriously love this product!

4. Finish Rinse Aid

I hate when I have like watermarks and streaks that stubbornly remain on my dishes after they have been through the dishwasher. Finish Rinse Aid is my go-to for shinier and drier dishes.

With Finish Rinse Aid, you will fight water spots, speed up drying, rinse residue, enhance film protection, and deliver a brilliant shine. Whenever I use the dishwasher, I always use it with a dishwashing detergent to get optimal results. I just fill the rinse aid dispenser with Finish Rinse Aid and every time my dishwasher runs, it will be released automatically in the rinse cycle.

This product is available in two scents: green apple and liquid original so you can choose one that’s more to your liking. Honestly, I like both scents!

5. Paper towels

Nothing beats paper towels to wipe down mirrors, glass, and countertops. I mean my countertops just sparkle when I use paper towels to dry off the liquid fully, so paper towels are a must. Beyond drying dishes and wiping down your counters, I have several outside-the-box hacks I use for the kitchen.

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For example, paper towels keeps my cutting board in place when I’m using it since it doesn’t have anti-slip grips.

Also, stacking pots and pans during storage can lead to scratches and dings. If you have to stack cookware, ensure to place paper towels between the items. They will serve as a protective barrier.

6. Kitchen Cleaning Products: SOS Pads

I use this for foods that are really hard to get off the plate. It’s a very effective way to cut through grease and remove baked-on food, without the need for dish soap.

SOS Pads clean the greasiest baked-on messes without scratching. They are a powerful combination of long-lasting soap and durable steel wool. I use these pre-soaped pads on my iron, aluminum, and stainless steel pans and pots. They are versatile, reusable, and with amazing scrubbing power. They shouldn’t be used for removing stains from a Teflon or non-stick surface since they have delicate surfaces.

7. Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner

If you only need to use one cleaning product in your home, then it has to be Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner. This superior cleaner combines essential oils, inspired scents, and multipurpose cleaning ingredients to clean messes all over your house. It is safe to use on hardwood floors, walls, countertops, and tiles. It is among the best kitchen cleaning products you need.

I really like how well it cleans and removes odors from different surfaces throughout my home. It has this garden-inspired scent that I just love. It is available in different scents including lavender, basil, geranium, honeysuckle, and lemon verbena so you can choose one that’s more your taste.

8. Cascade Dishwasher Pods

Nothing removes burnt-on food better than Cascade dishwasher pods. These pods are the best! Even after 24 hours of a burnt-on mess, they will still do a good job.

9. Kitchen Cleaning Products: Microfiber Cloths

It’s the 21st century. Why are you still using only sponges in your cleaning?

You have upgraded your home with new appliances. Why shouldn’t you upgrade your cleaning with microfiber cloths? They will save you money and benefit the environment. It’s one of my favorite kitchen cleaning products that really comes through when I need it!

If you haven’t been cleaning with microfiber cloths, you should start doing so. They are durable, efficient and they don’t harbor bacteria. These cloths are versatile enough to clean different surfaces. I use them all the time on every surface including countertops, refrigerator, reflective surfaces, bathroom surfaces, electronics, and even baseboards.

You can also use them on dirtier surfaces like the stovetop or toilet. After using them, I just simply throw them in the washing machine.

10. Method Dish Soap

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You won’t find a dish soap with amazing packaging like this one. Method dish soap not only looks good but it is good. It won’t be an eyesore in your kitchen because it comes in a stylish and sleek bottle which I love. It is also available in different colors. You should choose a color that will match well with your sink-side style.

Besides being aesthetically appealing, Method dish soap is also effective in removing greases from dishes and leaving them sparkling clean. It works great, smells nice, and is made from biodegradable ingredients without phthalates and parabens. It’s definitely a must-have on your household cleaning products list!

Method dish soap is available in a variety of scents including basil, lemongrass, rosemary, grapefruit, and citrus grove.

11. Windex

I’ve tried numerous cleaners to clean windows and mirrors and nothing comes close to Windex. It leaves behind an unbeatable streak-free shine. I just love how it brightens and lightens my home, leaving it sparkling clean.

12. Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes

Do you want to get your stainless steel to shine again? You need a specialty cleaner formulated specifically for stainless steel such as Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes. These make my old stainless steel surfaces look brand spanking new.

I use these cleaning wipes on my stainless steel oven, dishwasher, fridge and microwave. It will restore the luster that was lost because of messy accidents, water drips, and dirty fingers.

The Bottom-Line

A clean home is a healthy home. Cleanliness should start in the kitchen. Keeping your kitchen clean will prevent foodborne illness, extend the life of your appliances, make cooking a lot easier, enhance safety, and set a good example for your children. For a clean and healthy kitchen, you need the best kitchen cleaning products.

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