11 Minimalist Hacks For Your Home

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minimalist hacks for your home

This post is all about minimalist hacks for your home.

I don’t know about you but it’s super satisfying to cut down on useless stuff taking up space in your home. Decluttering and organization is what keeps a minimalist home looking clean and tidy, but maintenance and building good cleaning habits is a necessity. I mean, it’s much more beneficial to you and your time to maintain daily cleaning habits than to do one huge cleaning every week or month.

Minimalist Hacks For Your Home

Embracing the minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming and making such lifestyle change doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming either. You can start with some easy minimalist hacks for your home. Your home will be nicer, more comfortable, and an enjoyable place to live.

1. Start With Your Wardrobe

If you are like most people, there are many items in your wardrobe that you will never wear. This can include items that no longer fit, gifts you did not like and styles that are no longer appropriate for your age or personal tastes.

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Plan a destination for unwanted clothing. You can donate to a local charity, hold a yard sale, or give clothing to your friends. If you will not wear it within a year, and do not need it for a special occasion, it is time to remove it from your closet or drawers.

2. Remove Clutter From Your Kitchen

clean kitchen

You have all kinds of gadgets and appliances that’s been occupying your kitchen for years. They may be broken, damaged or you simply don’t use them. Kitchen items in good condition can be donated, sold, or given away so there are several ways to get rid of it. If it’s in bad condition, just throw it away!

3. Put Everything In Its Place

Reducing clutter will only work if everyone in your family does their part. Teach your kids to put their belongings away when they are no longer using the items. Set a good example by taking the same approach yourself. When you are finished with an item, put it away. It is an excellent way to teach children good habits.

4. Make The Most Of Storage Options

kitchen storage options

Important items don’t need to be stuffed in drawers and closets, or piled around the room. There are many nice options for storage that will improve the appearance of each room yet still be functional. Use smarter storage options by thinking more strategically. Turn spaces that you see as useless to creative storage opportunity.

For example, I reduce clutter in my bathroom by using decorative baskets to hold towels or toilet paper, and glass jars to hold cotton swabs, soap bars and other bath essentials. You can find suitable options for any room in your home. Storage options that function as decoration are attractive, and make your home look well put together. Since it’s serving two purposes, decor and storage, it takes up less space for a more minimal look.

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5. Use Furniture For Its Intended Purpose

It is easy to develop the habit of leaving jackets on chairs, books on the couch, and dinnerware on the table. When everyone in your household does this on a regular basis, your home is no longer tidy.

It can take a little time to correct a bad habit, but the results are worth the effort. You can reduce a large amount of clutter by only using furniture for its intended purpose. Remember, furniture is the focal point in your living room and when that’s clean, the whole room will feel tidy and organized.

6. Consider Your Shopping Habits

shopping habits

Some people are bargain-hunters. They simply cannot resist anything that is on sale. From yard sales to thrift shops, it can be a difficult habit to break. You may have plenty of items in your house that you never really needed.

Donate, sell, or give away these items. If you are a bargain-hunter, make sure you need an item before you buy it. Never buy unnecessary items simply because they are cheap. Seriously, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it needs to be yours.

7. Consider Your Cleaning Habits

minimalist home

A clean home is healthier and more attractive. However, if you find cleaning difficult because there are so many items to move around, it’s a sign that you should sort and purge.

Perhaps there are so many knick-knacks in the living room that dusting is a time-consuming chore. Maybe cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of time because of your large collection of cosmetics. Any room in your home can be affected by too much stuff. Your weekly cleaning will take less time when you get rid of items you don’t need.

Your first step is decluttering. You want to know why a minimalist home is always so tidy? It’s because they don’t have a crazy amount of stuff to begin with. So do one big declutter throughout your home first, then you can do monthly decluttering sessions. You can choose one area of your home each month, go through it and fix whatever is out of place.

8. Learn To Be Organized

meal prep idea


An organized life is an easier, stress-free life. One idea is to plan your meals in advance. Develop a menu each week, and shop for the items you will need on Sundays. You will save time and money, and take fewer trips to the grocery store.

Organize your days with a to-do list or a schedule. You can write it down and post it on your refrigerator, or use the notes section in your phone.

Choose a specific place to keep your bills and correspondence. You will never forget to answer a letter, and you will pay your bills on time. You can buy a desk organizer, or have a plain tray or basket on your desk.

9. Items You Only Use Once

You may have movies, books, or magazines that you’ve only used once. If you don’t intend to use them again, pass them along to a friend.

Items that are meant for one-time use can take up a lot of space. Instead of buying items that you will only use one time, borrow from a local library. Rent movies, and return them afterward. You can buy a magazine you want to read, instead of signing up for a one-year subscription. Books, movies and magazines are all available online for consumption too!

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10. Choose Paperless Options

In the past, bills, address books, notes, and many other items were on paper. They could take up space, create clutter, and even become lost. In today’s digital age, you have another option. Paperwork no longer needs to clutter your home, and you can quickly find the items you need.

Instead of desk drawers and filing cabinets, you can keep your paperwork on your phone, your PC, or other electronic device. With this modern approach, you can keep your home tidy and organized.

These minimalist hacks can simplify your life and keep your home free from clutter. However, these tips are only useful if they are practiced regularly, and everyone in your family does his/her part.

Take a little time each month to see if you are making progress. You may need to remind your family members occasionally. While you shouldn’t expect overnight perfection, these tips will make a difference. Your home will be tidy and organized, and a more comfortable, healthy environment for your family, too.

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Which of these minimalist hacks for your home do you love? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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