The Must-Have Supplement To Add To Your Daily Wellness Routine

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It’s true when they say, “good health starts in your gut.” I’m a firm believer that gut supplements can impact your health and life in so many positive ways. For the past week, I’ve added a new gut supplement to my daily wellness routine- Gut Connection by Country Life. It’s more than your typical gut supplement. Gut Connection connects the gut to individual health issues that matter. How? Keep reading to find out!

What Makes Gut Connection Different Than Others?

What I like about Gut Connection is that they created a scientifically formulated line of supplements with 8 different varieties in total, to help alleviate all kinds of wellness concerns: Cognitive Balance, Digestive Balance, Energy Balance, Immune Balance, Mood Balance, Sleep Balance, Stress Balance, and Weight Balance. All eight formulas contain whole food fementates that help boost your body’s existing probiotics. . All the formulas are also gluten-free and you can interchange formulas to meet your changing needs.

I was sent three formulas for health concerns that I often struggle with: Sleep Balance, Energy Balance, and Stress Balance. They came inside a pretty awesome package that also contained a water bottle, gut booklet, pen, and a silly poop stress ball. Each bottle contains 60 capsules in total.

Gut Health & Lack Of Sleep

gut connection sleep balance

I’m always striving to be the best version of myself so I can tackle anything I put my effort in. Things like eating right, daily exercise, and reducing stress all help with my overall health. I would say I do a pretty good job maintaining good health; however, there are days where I feel I need more of this and that. Lately, my sleeping habits have been poor so I decided to try Gut Connection Sleep Balance formula for a week.

Gut Connection Sleep Balance

Gut Connection Sleep Balance formula not only improves gut microbiome health, but also helps in other areas that affect sleep. The formula contains ingredients like Epicor, which helps to maintain your digestive health, and 5 HTP, which works to help regulate your sleep cycle. 

How Has Gut Connection Impacted Me

Like I mentioned earlier, my sleeping habits could use some improvement. I’ve been getting less than my normal 7-8 hours of sleep some nights due to me falling asleep much later than usual. After a week of taking Sleep Balance supplements, I have noticed a significant change in my body. I feel more relaxed and calm before bed, making it easier for me to fall asleep. I think with continued use, I will have a consistent sleep schedule again.

country life gut connection

No matter what I’m going through in life, I feel more at ease knowing I can reach for Gut Connection to get me feeling balanced again. To find out more about Gut Connection by Country Life, you can check them out here .

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