19 Dorm Wall Decor Ideas That Are Super Cute

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This post is all about dorm wall decor ideas.

dorm wall decor ideas

It’s finally move in day at the dorms! You excitingly walk inside your new dorm, scope out the walls and can’t wait to turn that generic wall into your personalized space. Designing your space isn’t easy for some especially if you’re not the super creative type or don’t have an eye for design. So, I’m here to help your create a beautiful wall space to make your dorm your own.

To help you get inspired, here are some dorm wall decor ideas to transform your dorm room into your own sanctuary.

How Do You Decorate A Dorm Wall?

college decoration ideas

There are many ways to decorate a dorm wall especially if your fear damaging it. I understand some college dorms have rules in place like no nails, drilling holes or anything that would leave a noticeable mark. The last thing you want is to be given a fine or other repercussions so, use tools like washi tape, 3M hooks to hang items and double sided strips.

Now here are some of the best ways you can decorate your wall is:

  • Creating a gallery wall
  • Hang string lights
  • Hang string of vines
  • Tapestry
  • Pictures in a frame
  • Prints
  • Polaroids
  • Faux Flowers
  • Removable Decals
  • Removable Wallpaper
  • Wire Photo Display

How Do You Fill Up Wall Space In A Dorm Room?

college wall decor ideas

Gallery wall filled with photos or prints is a great way to fill up your wall space. You could also buy tapestry large enough that could fill up your dorm wall. Other dorm wall decor ideas could be hanging floating shelves, oversized art, large calendar or corkboard, hanging plants and posters.

How Can I Decorate My Dorm For Cheap?

ideas for dorm walls

Now that you have a plethora of college wall decor ideas, you’re probably wondering where are the best places to shop on a budget. Here are a list of places to find cheap dorm wall decor, so you still have a budget for other dorm necessities like bedding and organizers.

Dorm Wall Decor Ideas

Now the fun part, decorating your new dorm room starting with the walls. Here are some dorm wall decor ideas to inspire you when decorating your space.

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1. Add Beautiful Artwork

I just love the beautiful artwork in this dorm room. The “LOVE” wall decor colors match well with the rest of the decor in her room. The color palette is so bright and fun!

2. Adorn Wall With Multicolor Lights

Give your college dorm room a strobe light effect by adding multicolor lights on your wall. As you can see in this room, they even added the lights on the ceiling. With the lights off, it really does make this room feel like a party space.

3. Add A Collage of Prints

This is such a clever way to decorate your dorm room wall decor. You can use old prints from magazines covers (or inside the magazine, printed cards, posters you name it. Then make a beautiful collage out of them. Doesn’t it give you tons of inspiration?

4. Add Some Nature To Your Walls

If you’re a plant lover or just want to add some color to your boring dorm room wall, bring nature inside your room is a great idea! The green in plants is such a neutral color that it goes with just about anything. So hang some plants on your wall over your bed, above your dresser or around other wall decor.

5. Turn Wall To Preppy Deco

Light up your dorm room wall with aesthetically pleasing posters. I actually found plenty of wall collage kit sets on Amazon, like this one here, so you can recreate this dorm decor look with ease. This is such a great and easy way to make your dorm room look chic.

6. Keep it Minimal

Sometimes less is more. If you don’t like a cluttered wall, then go the minimal route by adding two or three pieces on your wall. This type of decor is best for those that want to add small details to their dorm room while maintaining a livable space. One of my favorite ideas for dorm walls!

7. Nature & Lights Combo

If you love nature and string lights, why not combine both to make a beautiful space on your wall. I love how they transformed their wall with a string of lights in between a string of vines. They even added a few picture frames and other accessories on the wall too. The wall turned out fabulous!

8. Black & White Wall Decor

There’s something about black and white decor that can make a space look so chic. I love how they transformed their dorm room with just black and white. Adding a mirror with black trim and beautiful black and white wall art was just the icing on the cake.

9. Add a Sign Wall Light Of Your Name

Adding neon signs to your dorm room wall is such a cool idea. You can also personalize it by creating a sign that says your first name and then hang it on the wall. You can choose a color that matches the vibe of your dorm room too! There are many places to find these custom neon signs. I would first start with Etsy and Amazon. Another one of my favorite college decoration ideas!

10. Keep It Black & White

Here’s another dorm room space that keeps their space black and white. If you want to replicate, the easiest way to do so is to find black and wall decor. Look for printed art, quotes, frames and even pages from a magazine to make a beautiful collage on your wall.

11. Add a Floating Shelf

Who doesn’t love a floating shelf? Adding a floating shelf or shelves to your space can enhance any area like your dorm room wall. It’s great for storage and to put up beautiful displays. Floating shelves can work with any theme of your decor and they are also pretty easy to install too!

12. Add Flowers To Your Wall

This is such a creative way to add some decor to your dorm room. Pick your favorite flowers and adorn them to your wall. Stick with faux flowers of course and you could mix and match them too. Just make sure they match your dorm room decor. Another one of my favorite dorm wall decor ideas!

13. Put a Cool Wallpaper Print

If you find a white wall too boring in your dorm, install a cool wallpaper print. They are 100s of styles to choose from and it’s not that difficult to install too. Grab a friend or get help from your family to peel and stick wallpaper up.

14. Add Neon String Lights On The Corners

A great way to make your wall collage stand out is to add string lights around it. I like the way this Instagrammer put neon string lights on the corners of the wall. It’s such a genius idea! She went even further by adding vines to the ceiling. Another one of my favorite dorm room ideas that’s so creative!

15. Add Tapestry To Your Dorm Wall

Students love adding tapestry to their dorm wall and with good reason. It’s an easy way to decorate your wall without much effort! There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to tapestry so pick one that suits your taste or vibes with the rest of your dorm room decor.

16. Add Polaroids

If you love taking polaroids, decorating your dorm room wall with them is one way to showcase your favorite photos. Your walls will be adored with photo collages filled with college memories. It’s definitely one of those dorm room essentials that will make you smile whenever you walk by. You can make them stand out even more by adding twinkling lights around them. That way you can illuminate every photo on your wall. I found this cute kit from Amazon here!

17. Add Nature On The Corner Of Your Wall

If you bed is next to a wall, add plants on the corner of your wall so it connects to both walls you plan to add to decor to. I love the idea of adding greenery a lot because the corner is often empty when decorating and the string lights will add some warmth to your dorm room.

18. Flowers & String Lights

Here’s another creative way to use flowers and string lights. Don’t they make the best combo? I love how well the room is lit too without the need to turn on the room switch. Definitely one of the most creative dorm wall decor ideas in this list.

19. Add A Word Sign

Add a word sign to your dorm room wall that’s above your bed. It can be simple as “hello” or something cool like “good vibes.” You can find plenty of custom signage on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

Which of these dorm wall decor ideas would you love to try? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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