46 Hottest College Halloween Costumes (That Are Easy & Fun To Make)

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This post is all about the hottest college halloween costumes.

Oh Halloween. One of my favorite holidays I use to look to forward to every year I was in college. Whether it’s a killer costume or a funny costume, me and my friends loved to dress up for Halloween and we looked hot in them too.

Here are some of the hottest college halloween costumes to dress up in for all those fun college parties. I’ve found what many college students love (and it’s shocking!) so keep scrolling to check them out.

What Should I Be For Halloween 2022 College Girl?

There are so many options out there; but, since you’re here looking for the hottest college Halloween costumes, here are a list of popular costume ideas:

  • Nurse
  • Playboy Bunny
  • Cheerleader
  • Devil
  • Fairy
  • Dark Angels
  • Catwoman
  • Barbie Girls
  • Bratz Dolls
  • Mean Girls (i.e. Regina George)
  • Cher from Clueless

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What Do College Parties Do For Halloween?

I feel that all depends on who is hosting the party. If it’s on college campus or the town the college is in is hosting it, there are usually tons of Halloween activities happening a week or two leading up to Halloween. Activities may include:

  • Festivals
  • Haunted House
  • Parades
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Pie Contests

So there are several opportunities to wear your Halloween costumes. If you plan to go to multiple parties, you can multiple Halloween costumes one for each party.

Now, if the host is a frat or sorority house or a friend throwing, let’s say a “theme” party, than it’s typically a house party where there’s drinking involved, dancing, playing games, hooking up and just having a good time. These types of parties are typically the perfect place to wear more risqué Halloween costumes.

Hottest College Halloween Costumes 2022

Here’s a list of the hottest college halloween costumes that will surely make people’s heads turn.

1. Sexy Angel

Good angel gone bad. This sexy angel is such a good Halloween costume idea!

2. Hot Mummy Costume

Show me the mummy! All you need is white gauze, brown medical wrap, and hot glue to recreate this outfit look.

3. Barbie Doll

This Barbie costume is so cute and simple to make. Mix and match the pink plastics and then print out a Barbie logo off the internet, cut it out, and tape it to your top. 

4. Playboy Bunnies

If you’re looking for hot college halloween costume ideas for you and your girlfriends, this is it!

5. Killer Cheerleader

With this cheerleader costume, you can bring the spooky school spirit.

6. Sexy Teacher

With this costume, you can let out your wild side and sexy it up. It’s great for last minute costumes that you can easily put together. Just grab a white button down shirt and a black leather skirt from your closet.

7. Lola Bunny

At your next college Halloween party, turn into your favorite cartoon bunny with this Lola Bunny from Space Jam costume.

8. Psycho Tinkerbell

I love this Psycho Tinkerbell costume. It’s so creative, sexy and creepy all at the same time. I love how she used makeup to show the wings cut off.

9. Pirates

You and your girlfriends can dress up as a group of sexy pirates this Halloween. Referencing Pirates of The Carribbean is a great group costume idea.

10. Maid

The sexy maid is a common costume for Halloween but with good reason. All eyes will definitely be on you.

11. Cupid

This sexy Cupid costume will definitely turn heads and make hearts beat faster. Aim those arrows carefully.

12. Sexy Cop

With this sexy cop costume, you’ll definitely have a totally arresting look.

13. Devils

Convince your bestie to dress up as a cute and sexy Devil with you. Two devils mean double the devilish fun.

14. Cruella De Vil

This Cruella De Vil Halloween costume just screams baddie vibes. One of the hottest college halloween costumes on this list.

15. Pamela & Tommy

If you funny college halloween costumes that can also be considered hot, try this couple costume idea with Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson.

16. SWAT Girl

With this SWAT girl costume, you’ll sure be the woman in charge.

17. Money Ranger

If green is your favorite color, dress up as the green ranger aka “money” ranger.

18. Harley Quinn

Dress up as the Joker’s cheeky sidekick, Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad.

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19. Hot Angel

Not all angels are innocent. Put a sexy twist on the classic angel costume.

20. Sexy Bunnies

You and your girlfriends will make everyone’s heads turn in these playful yet sexy bunny costumes.

21. Harley Davidson Girl

This Harley Davidson, biker chic costume surely brings plenty of edge.

22. Velma and Daphne

Two of my favorite characters from Scooby Doo always make great Halloween costumes.

23. Cop and Inmate

The sexy cop and inmate are both giving totally arresting looks!

24. Queen of Hearts

You can rule over your kingdom in this enchanting Royal Queen of Hearts costume.

25. Cleopatra

You’ll be the ruler of everyone’s heart in this sexy black Cleopatra costume.

26. The Chosen One

Toy Story fan? Claw your way to the top on Halloween in The Chosen One alien costume.

27. Lara Croft

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is such an iconic halloween costume and with good reason. It’s sexy and one of the easiest DIY costumes to make.

28. Ghostbuster

The ghost catching field is in high demand during Halloween so why not show up in this hot Ghostbuster costume.

29. 3 Blind Mice

This 3 blind mice costume is a fun costume idea to do with your girlfriends. All you need is a short black glitzy shorts, black top, black cutout panty hoes, black bow tie, a walking stick & a pair of sunglasses.

30. Mischievous Fairy

Sprinkle some fairy dust in this Mischievous Fairy costume.

31. Shego (From Kim Possible)

Smart and sexy is the name of the game when it comes to this Shego costume from the iconic Kim Possible Disney show.

32. Gold Diggers

If you and your bestie is looking for a fun yet sexy costume, you’ll love this gold diggers costume.

33. Sexy Vampire

This sexy vampire costume is one of the hottest college halloween costumes that I love on this list!

34. Disco Ball Dancer

This disco ball dancer Halloween costume definitely deserves a moment.

35. Ninja Girls

Kick some butt this Halloween with your best friend in this Ninja girl costume.

36. Victoria’s Secret Angel

If you’ve always wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, here is your moment to shine.

37. Maleficient

Wow! This Maleficient costume is fire. It’s serving looks from every angle. Another one of the hottest college halloween costumes on this list!

38. Marilyn Monroe

Dress up as Marilyn Monroe. You’ll definitely turn heads wearing her iconic white dress.

39. Angel Goddess

This Angel Goddess costume is simply stunning. She is so giving us goddess energy!

40. Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Dress up as a salty and sweet snack like this popcorn costume.

41. Ninja Assassin

This red ninja assassin costume is the best way to show off your moves at your next college party.

42. Regina George

Dress up as the most popular Queen Bee ever with this Regina George costume from the movie classic Mean Girls.

43. Cave Woman

Dress up as a beautiful cave woman this halloween. This costume is fun for getting a prehistoric look.

44. Elle

Is Legally Blonde one of your fave movies? Channel your inner Elle Woods in this her iconic hot pink dress.

45. The Joker

Slay in this sexy Joker costume for Halloween.

46. Alien Girl

This alien girl costume is out of this world and the silver pair of gloves is a nice touch. Such a cute costume to wear on Halloween.

Which of these hottest college Halloween costumes would you love to wear? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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