11 Indoor Hanging Plants To Green Up Your Home

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indoor hanging plants

If you are thinking about the perfect indoor hanging plants to green up your home, you should consider the ones below. Many of these plants are easy to cultivate, low maintenance, hard to kill and do well indoors. The best part is that they will add beauty and style to your home.

Adding a touch of green to your home is a great way to enhance your self care strategy as it comes with an abundance of wellness benefits. Many studies have shown that indoor plants can lower your risk of illness, boost your mood, provide cleaner air, and enhance your concentration and memory.

Add anyone of these visually appealing indoor hanging plants to your home! Since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, I’m sure you’ll find one (or a few) that fits with your personal style.

1. The Spider Plant

spider plant hanging plants

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is one of the most adaptable indoor hanging plants for your living space. It is easy to grow and it can cope in a range of conditions. The spider plant doesn’t require too much water but it needs sunlight to flourish. Well-drained soil and bright indirect sunlight is all you need to grow this plant.

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2. Begonias

begonias hanging plant

If you want to add spice and color to your home, just add the beautiful begonias in your living room or kitchen. This plant will give you dramatic colors once the flowers start to bloom. Begonias are perfect houseplants because they do well in both shaded areas and in the sun. Begonias come in Wax, Tuberous and Angel Wing varieties.

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Choose the one you love and plant them in your flowerpots. For best results, you should place the plants in east, west or south facing windows. They’re low maintenance too so water the plants sparingly because a waterlogged flowerpot will kill your begonias.

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3. Boston Ferns

boston fern hanging plant

One sure way to give your home a clean and green atmosphere is to plant Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata). This plant has beautiful green leaves and creates a calming effect in your home. Some experts claim Boston ferns are fussy houseplants but this is not always true. Just plant your Nephrolepsis exaltata in the right environment and they will remain happy and healthy. These plants need a cool place, indirect sunlight and high humidity. Boston ferns need plenty of water so you should water the plants everyday to get the best results.

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4. Golden Pothos

golden pothos hanging plant

When you hear the word “survive” one houseplant that should come to your mind is the golden pothos. Caring for the golden pothos also known as Devil’s Ivy is as easy as pie because it simply refuses to die. Just water the plant every other day and pluck any yellow or brown leaves. This plant will thrive in a sunny environment but it can cope in the dark. Now, this is just the right plant for the busy entrepreneur and the like.

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5. String of Pearls

string of pearls hanging plant

If you are looking to create dramatic effect with your indoor hanging plants, you should go for the string of pearls. This plant is perfect for your living room, dining or kitchen area. It has an amazing fragrance and it grows very fast. Just let the plant hang down your walls and your friends will think you have “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” right in your living room. These plants need well-drained soil but they don’t need too much water. They don’t attract insects and pests either so this is another advantage right there.

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6. English Ivy

english ivy hanging plant

For some people, the English Ivy is the ultimate indoor plant. It thrives in the shade, does not require much water and grows on poor soil. This plant grows fast and it offers you an evergreen background of lush leaves. Just plant the English Ivy in a hanging flowerpot and watch it creep all over the walls in your home. You can even hang the flowerpot near the ceiling and the plant will just trail downwards. Plant your English Ivy in well-drained soil, go easy on the water and this plant will thrive.

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7. Air Plants

air plant hanging plant

Now, this is one plant you should have in your home. Air plants are also called Tillandsia and they have this name because they get their nutrients from the air. These indoor hanging plants are the ultimate low-maintenance options for your home because they don’t need plenty of water or even fertile soil. Just wet the plants once a week and they will be happy. Air plants purify the air but they don’t like chemicals in their water. For this reason, you should never soak them in distilled water or tap water containing chlorine.

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8. Heartless Philodendron

heartleaf philodendron hanging plant

Some indoor plants have romantic names and romantic origins. This adds to their fascination and makes us want to plant them in our homes. For instance, Philodendron means “love tree” in Greek. This probably has something to do with the large heart-shaped leaves of this evergreen plant. The heartless philodendron requires a little light, relatively good soil and a lot of water to grow. It’s also an effective air purifier in its own right. Give the heartless philodendron a bit of love and it will repay your affection with wonderful looking leaves.

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9. Burro’s Tail

donkey tail hanging plant

Now this is one plant you should have in your home because it is simply exotic. Burro’s tail, a.k.a. donkey’s tail, is a native of Mexico. This succulent plant goes by the botanical name Sedium morganianum and it is just right for your living room, bedroom or dining area. This plant grows slowly, produces plump, juicy leaves that form a braided pattern. You can propagate the burro’s tail using the leaves or the stem. As it matures, this plant can get heavy so make sure to place it in a hanging basket or in a large pot.

This plant needs bright shade or partial sunlight and little water to thrive. As for the soil, it doesn’t have to be very fertile but is should be properly drained. Just water your burro’s tail every 10-14 days and it will reward you with those wonderful plump leaves.

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10. Mistletoe Cactus

mistletoe cactus hanging plant

This versatile plant is a huge favorite of both professional and amateur gardeners. The mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis baccifera) belongs to the family Cactaceae family. In simple English, it’s a cactus. In the wild, this plant grows on other plants and gets its nutrients from the environment. Now, this does not mean you can’t cultivate this beautiful plant indoors. This plant is a slow-growing plant but it lives for many years if you take good care of it.

Mistletoe cactus needs soil that is rich in humus, and thrives best in a shaded area. It needs little water and a fair amount of humidity. This plant also doesn’t require extensive grooming. Just trim the leaves when they get too long and this will give it a neat appearance.

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11. Fish Hook

fish hooks hanging plant

The fish hook plant is colorful and has a remarkable appearance. This plant is great for indoor decoration because of its bright colors and unusual appearance. You can grow this plant successfully as long as your area has high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The fish hook doesn’t need plenty of water so you should go easy on it. This plant has spines and this is why you should handle it with care. It makes sense to place the flowerpot (containing the fish hook) out of the reach of children and household pets.

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Hanging Your Indoor Plants

Now, we know the 11 hard to kill indoor hanging plants you should have in your home. The next step is to discuss how to position and style the plants for the best visual impact.

plants in front of window

Front of Window

You can suspend your plants from the kitchen window. This way, you always have your herbs within easy reach.

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hang plants from ceiling

From Ceiling

Hanging your plants from the ceiling makes sense because it adds a touch of style to your home.

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target hack diy hanging planter idea

DIY Your Pots

You don’t have to use the regular pots in the market for your plants. Create your own fancy ones and you will make a powerful statement in style and innovation.

DIY Tutorial: Paper and Stitch

canvas bag plant holder

Put In a Bag

You can put your plants in creative canvas bags and suspend them from hooks on the wall or put on a vertical planter. This is a smart idea but the bags should be strong enough to carry the plants.

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indoor trellis hanging plant

Indoor Trellis

An indoor trellis is an excellent idea. Just create a wall planter and you free up space on the floor for other items.

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upside down hanging plant

Upside Down

You can hang your plants upside down to create an innovative effect. Don’t worry, the plants will still grow in this position.

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Brass Plate Wall Planter DIY click through for tutorial

Vertical Planters

Attach a vertical planter to the wall and place your plants on the different levels of the planter. This creates both contrast and harmony in your indoor garden.

DIY Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


  1. I am really looking to brighten up our house with some plants but, I am afraid of how to style everything. Dont want our house to look like a jungle but also dont want it to be, “wow that’s a random plant.” feel. Yes. This! This is exactly the advice I need! Thanks.

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