22 Creative S’more Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

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S’mores are a childhood favorite of mine and they’re so easy and fun to make. It’s a classic treat to make in front of a campfire with friends and family, but I recently learned of other ways to mix the awesome flavors of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers.

What better way to celebrate a campfire classic than to put a creative spin on it? Below are 22 creative s’more recipes that will blow your mind!

1. Brigadeiro S’mores

Here’s a brazilian flair to this classic American dessert. [via Brazilian Flair in the USA]


2. Brownie Cookie S’mores

Brownie cookies are placed atop marshmallow and graham crackers for an easy summertime treat. [via Crazy for Crust]


3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smore’s Dip

The perfect mix of dark chocolate and peanut butter topped with toasted marshmallows makes the perfect summer treat. [via Pumpkin ‘n Spice]


4. Gingerbread Smores

Give seasonal smore’s a cold weather spin with gingerbread cookies! [via Carmela Pop]

gingerbread smores

5. Grilled Salted Caramel S’mores Pizza

This fun grilled dessert is perfect for summer cookouts and one that everyone will love. [via Simple Sweet & Savory]

grilled salted caramel smores pizza

6. M&M’s Smores Brownies

These S’mores brownies are soft, chewy and loaded with M&M’s! [via Sugar, Spice and Family Life]


7. Nutella-Stuffed Smores Brownies

This one ingredient makes traditional smores taste even better! [via Yellowfingers]

nutella stuffed smores brownies

8. Ovenbaked Salted Caramel S’mores Casserole

The warm chocolate and sweet caramel are amazing flavor combinations that brings this casserole above the level of indulgence [via The Girl on Bloor]


9. S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

These chocolate dipped s’mores ice cream sandwiches are out of this world good. [via A Latte Food]


10. S’more Ice Cream Sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches are the cooler version of S’mores. [via A baJillian Recipes]


11. Smores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Bite into this warm soft baked cookie and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. [via Sweetest Menu]

smores chocolate chip cookie cups

12. Smores Marshmallow Chocolate Cupakes

Serve these at parties and your guest will be quite shocked when they bite into these cupcakes and find a tasty marshmallow filling. [via Sweetest Menu]

smores marshmallow chocolate cupcakes

13. S’mores Smoothies

Power up your blender for a twist on a campfire favorite. [via RDelicious Kitchen]

smores smoothie

14. Smores Cheesecake

A drool-worthy recipe that is super chocolatey and when paired with melty marshmallows and sweet graham cracker crust, it’s simply irresistible. [via Life, Love and Sugar]


15. S’mores Cookies

A gooey cookie recipe stuffed with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers topped with graham cracker crumbs. [via The Rustic Willow]


16. S’mores Cupcakes

A graham cracker cupcake stuffed with chocolate and topped with a marshmallow buttercream. Yum! [via Fresh April Flours]


17. S’mores Muddy Buddies

The tasty combination of chex cereal, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, golden graham cereal, peanut butter, and powdered sugar makes the perfect at-home snack. [via Like Mother Like Daughter]


18. S’mores Overnight French Toast Casserole

This irresistibly gooey casserole is topped with marshmallows, chocolate chunks and graham crackers. [via The Recipe Rebel]


19. S’mores Tartlets

These chocolatey s’mores pies are the perfect birthday dessert. It’s also so simple to make. [via Sally’s Baking Addiction]


20. S’mores Cookie Bars

Bake these cookies to get your s’mores craving satisfied. [via Pics & Pastries]

smores cookie bars

21. Tipsy Caramel Smores Milkshake

Toasted marshmallows, caramel vodka & a chocolate drizzle make this a rich and creamy treat. [ via With Salt & Wit]

tipsy caramel smores milkshake

22. Grilled Berry S’mores

Put a patriotic spin on the traditional S’more with this 4th of July inspired recipe. [via Whitney Bond]

grilled berry smores whitney bond

Which of these s’more recipes would you love to try? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


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