The Ariana Grande Inspired Half Up Ponytail Tutorial

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ariana grande half up ponytail tutorial

Hey guys! Today I have this ultra-chic voluminous half up ponytail hair tutorial I would like to share with you today that’s inspired by Ariana Grande. It’s actually a fun twist of the half up ponytail for you to try. The look was done by Ariba Pervaiz who’s a contributor for Latest Hairstyles.

Here’s how she came up with the technique:

This ‘do is ideal for those days I want to wear my hair down and still add a bit of interest. The “V” shape parting adds just the right amount of edge to this playful hairstyle. The elastic in the pony is seamlessly concealed with the help of a strong hold hairspray. I learned this technique while working backstage at Toronto Fashion Week and I am super excited to share it with you! This half up pony works great with straight or curly hair. In this tutorial I will be creating texture in the form of bouncy waves. Let’s get started!

Ariana Grande Inspired Half Up Ponytail

half up ponytail step 1

Step 1. Create a diagonal parting starting at the center of your hairline, running back towards the crown on the right side.

half up ponytail step 2

Step 2. Create the same diagonal parting starting at the center point of your hairline and back towards the crown on the left side as well. Add a final horizontal parting to connect the two diagonal partings and create a triangular-shaped section.

half up ponytail step 3

Step 3. Tie off the triangle section with an elastic band.

half up ponytail step 4

Step 4. Place the ponytail forward and take a small section from the back of the ponytail. Tease the section several times. Continue teasing small sections of hair until the entire ponytail is teased.

half up ponytail step 5

Step 5. Take a small section from the ponytail and spray it generously with hairspray until it resembles a piece of ribbon. Wrap it around the elastic to conceal it.

half up ponytail step 6

Step 6. Generously spray hairspray to the ends of the section to secure it into place. You’re done!

You can also watch the step-by-step video tutorial below:

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