6 Perfume Oils That You’ll Fall Head-Over-Heels For

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I’ve been talking a lot about perfumes lately because I love to encounter new scents that have a delightful aroma.  I recently discovered my love for perfume oils because they are far more sophisticated and leaves a long-lasting scent. Since it contains NO alcohol, the scent can last for hours, it’s less irritant, doesn’t dries the skin, and it has a longer shelf life. I’m talking years! If you’ve never tried perfume oils, than let me share with you 6 perfume oils that I love and smells heavenly.


  1. The Body Shop Vanilla Perfume Oil– I have a soft spot for vanilla scents and the first time I took a whiff of this oil, it was too irresistible to put down. Very warm and sweet scent.


  1. Kiehls Essence Oils in Grapefruit– Lovely scent mixed with fresh citrus fruits. The perfect fragrance for a nice sunny day. This oil is packaged in an elegant amber glass combined with a roller ball vial for easy portability.


  1. Clean Pure Perfume Oil– The quintessential Clean scent. Very fresh and soapy yet sweet. It smells like fresh laundry with hints of citrus fruits, lavender and white musk. Perfect if you like the fresh scent of clean clothes.


  1. Philosophy Amazing Grace Concentrated Perfume Oil– Philosophy best-selling fragrance is now in oil form. This floral scent is fabulous and infinitely feminine. You can wear it for any occasion and it fits nicely in your purse.  An amazing scent that is also clean and fresh.


  1. The Soapbox Co. Arcana Poison Candy– I was first introduce to this perfume by my best friend. She convinced me try it and I must say that I had a huge craving for butterscotch. Designed in a beautiful bottle, the perfume oil also contained scents of strawberries, cinnamon, rich cream, and honey. Now that’s very sweet and tasty!


  1. Bigelow Perfume Oil in Vanilla– I told you I can’t resist the smell of vanilla. Another incredible scent that is lovely and sweet.

What is your favorite perfume oils?


  1. Perfumes oils are a great way to layer your fragrance so they last longer. Some of these treasures are exclusive to certain stores, the rest are available online.

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