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I must confess. I have a serious perfume addiction and I’m especially a sucker for beautiful perfume bottles. My collection is huge, because I love discovering new scents plus I change scents daily based on the mood I’m in. Lately, I started to purchase perfumes solely by the look of the bottle and while I have a pretty collection to stare at, this tactic doesn’t always work. I end up disliking the smell or I’m on to the next big thing within a few months which does nothing but hurt my wallet (pretty bottles are expensive).

I would prefer to like a fragrance (and bottle) before committing to purchase it. I got an email recently from a site called Scentbird, where they send you monthly samples from over 400 high-end designer fragrances for you to try.  Scentbird helps you create a ‘scent wardrobe’ based on your preferences so you can find your dream scent(s). For fall, I’m currently wearing Chloe Love Story, Narcisco Rodriguez for Her, and Tom Ford Black Orchid on rotation. Once you pick a fragrance to try, they’ll send you a small, 30-day supply in a cute travel bottle + case that you can easily throw in your purse. Once the month is up, you can switch up your scent or renew every month (for only 14.95 a month)!

scentbird perfume monthly subscription

I’m thrilled that Scentbird is offering HBH readers 15% off for the first month! Use code SWEET15. Head to now to get started!

Note: Scentbird contest is over. Congrats to Elmer Moore for winning a 3-month subscription!

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