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Do you desire free makeup products from Cover Girl or Maybelline? How about free makeup samples from MAC Cosmetics or Honest Beauty?  Everybody loves cosmetics.  From teens to seniors, there is something about makeup that makes it essential for nearly every woman.  Cosmetics are fun, and help you look and feel your best.  However, as makeup can be expensive, it is important to choose the products that are right for you.  An easy way to experiment with many different products is to free beauty product samples.  You can learn which cosmetics look best on you before you buy full-sized products.

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How To Get Free Makeup Samples

I recommend following these tips to get tons of makeup freebies:

1. Start a makeup blog.

Companies make sales when people know about their products. When you talk about makeup on your blog, and provide positive reviews of the products, the companies that sell cosmetics will look at it as free advertising. When you let them know about your blog, many companies will reward you with free samples. Why do you think I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for years? ;-D

Luckily, starting a makeup blog is relatively easy thanks to blogging platforms such as WordPress that come with tons of plugins and features as well as support diverse programming languages. You can create your own blog here with my easy-to-use tutorial. You can start your makeup blog for as low as $2.95 a month and you’ll get a free domain if you sign up through my tutorial. I have a free blogging course you can join too that will help you start and launch a successful makeup blog! Once you have it up and have readers (it can be as little 1000 monthly readers), don’t be surprise to see cosmetic and PR companies reaching out to you.

2. Visit department stores to request free samples.

Some of the best department stores receive free samples from cosmetics companies. The samples are available to customers upon request.

Macy’s and other department stores want your business. You can try Lancome, Clinique, and other products without making a purchase. All you need to do is visit your favorite store, or go to the mall and visit every store, and ask for the samples that are available today.

3. Visit Sephora.

Sephora is well-known for beauty products. You can receive three free samples when you visit. However, you do not have to be left out if there is no Sephora store near your home. Sephora’s website offers free makeup samples, too.

You can choose from lip color, foundation, eau de parfum, and many other samples. Three samples will be mailed to you when you request the samples through the website when purchasing. Sephora also offers a free birthday gift to customers on their birthday month and you don’t have to buy anything to qualify.

These are available now for a limited time:

  • Free Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mini with code FENTYFACE.
  • Free hair hydration sample set with code THIRSTY.
  • First Aid Beauty Sample set with code FABREPAIR.
  • Free trial-size Living Proof TBD Multitasker Styler with code VERSATILE.
  • and tons more!

See the full list of beauty offers here!

4. Become a product tester.

When you agree to test products and provide reviews, you will receive a nice range of products to try. Some of the companies send small samples, while others send full-sized products.

You don’t have to pay any fees to become a makeup product tester, and there are no membership requirements. Each company has its own schedule for how often they send products.

Some of the most popular companies include:

You can sign up for more than one company if you wish, and have fun with new products. Testing products is a fun way to try new makeup and beauty products. It will also be a nice surprise every time a package with free products arrives in your mailbox. You may be asked to write a review of the product, complete a survey, or share information about the product on your social networking sites. The companies value your opinion, and want to know what you think of their products.

5. Use coupons for free products.

It is so much easier to use coupons today than it was in the past. You no longer need to buy the Sunday newspaper and every popular magazine, hoping to find interesting coupons. Instead, you can download the coupons you truly want, and print the coupons at home.

You can find makeup coupons for many stores in your community. Target is one example you don’t want to miss. Target offers impressive discounts on beauty products, as well as free makeup samples. In some instances, the samples are full-sized products. Check Target online regularly, as well as drugstores. Rite Aid and Walgreens often have coupons for free samples, too.

6. Sign up for subscription boxes.

A makeup company subscription is your opportunity to try new products. Best of all, your first box is free. While most companies request a small shipping fee, you will have plenty of time to try the products and decide if you want to continue your subscription. You will only receive boxes in the future if you do not cancel your subscription.

Some of the most popular beauty boxes include:

  • Amazon Beauty Box: First you must be an Amazon Prime member. If not, sign up for a free 30-day trial here or if you’re a student with .edu email address, you get a 6-month of free Amazon Prime through this link! Once you purchase the box ($11.99) and it arrives you get a credit for $11.99. So its essentially free!
  • Honest Co. Essentials Kit: Just pay $5.95 for shipping and get 5 trial sizes of their personal care products. You’ll have seven days after receiving to cancel before you’re automatically enrolled in the Honest Co. monthly subscription (it’s $35.95/month). Paying for shipping might be off putting for some; however, the value of the products covers the $5.95 you’ll pay in shipping.
  • Walmart Beauty Box: Just pay $5 for shipping to receive a curated collection of trusted beauty brands. You’ll have to cancel if you don’t want to continue the subscription.

7. Request samples directly from the companies.

All companies that sell cosmetics and beauty products have their own websites. This includes newer companies you may not be familiar with, as well as companies that have been popular for many years.

Here are a few samples I ordered and picked up in store:

  • Everyday Minerals Sample Kit ($2.44 for shipping)
  • Deluxe Sample of Lancome LA Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer (at Ulta stores)
  • Ulta stores will color match you and give you a free 10-day sample of Lancome’s foundation.

While some companies require a small shipping fee, others charge nothing for their free samples or you can pick up in store.

Why You Should Try Free Makeup Samples

Whether you have used the same products for years and are ready to try something new, or whether you have little experience with makeup, free makeup samples will help you save money. You can try the samples before paying for full-sized products.

A free sample is also a chance to experiment. You may be interested in different colors or different brands, but do not want to pay full price to try them all. Every sample you receive can help you decide which products you like the most. Getting free makeup samples are fun, convenient, and the budget-friendly way to try new products. Start with these tips, and you will have many samples to enjoy.

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