22 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples Right Now

This page is all about free perfume samples.

free perfume samples

Are you searching for free perfume samples or wondering if you can get free samples of perfume? If so, you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of different places that offers free samples. Read on to find out where to get them, as well as the different ways to get free samples of perfume.

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Where Can You Get Free Perfume Samples?

There are many places where you can get free samples of perfume. The top nine websites that offer free samples include:

1. Hermes

Hermes is a popular brand that sells various products, including perfumes. You can signup to their newsletter to be informed about free perfume samples that are given away from time to time. Just head to their contact us page and look for “how may I receive a sample of your fragrance” under Availability section.

2. Diptyque

Diptyque won’t send you samples of perfume on request. However, the company does have a “Try Before and Samples” offer where each fragrance purchase comes with a matching sample. You can try the sample first to see if you like it. You can then return the bottle unopened within 14 days if you don’t want it, free of charge and you don’t have to return the sample either.

3. Dior

Dior is a top brand that gives people free samples of perfumes. However, you do need to order specific products to get a sample. At the time of this writing, you have to order a product from Dior’s La Collection Privee.

4. Jo Malone

Getting a free sample from Jo Malone is easy but it does require a purchase. When you order a product via their website, you’ll have the option to choose a free scented sample for the next time you buy something from them.

5. Sephora

The company’s website has a beauty offers section that gets updated weekly. Take a look at what they have and choose the sample you’re interested in trying. Bear in mind that sometimes a purchase is required before you receive a free sample of perfume. I would also high recommend you join their Beauty Insiders program so you get even more free samples!

6. Nordstrom

A great place to get perfume samples is Nordstrom’s website “Gifts with purchase” page. Although it’s not all the time, they do have offers for limited periods of time. Make sure you check out Nordstrom’s site at least a few times per month to see what they currently have to offer.

7. Macy’s

In order to get free samples of perfumes from Macy’s, you have to check the site frequently. The company is updating the site regularly, and from time to time you can find free samples or complimentary samples that are given to you if you order a particular product.

8. Neiman Marcus

The retailer has a “Gifts with purchase” section too to get free trial-size samples. At the time of this writing, if you spend $50 on beauty products, then you’ll receive free samples of select perfume.

9. Ulta Beauty

The website offers free samples of perfume as a gift with the purchase of certain products. They don’t always have this deal going on, so do check in with them from time to time.

Free Perfume Samples

free fragrance samples

The previously discussed websites are great places to score perfume samples for free. However, there are different ways you can go about getting free fragrance samples without making a purchase. Here are some of our favorite ways to score free perfume samples:

1. Sign Up at Pinchme

Pinchme is a platform you can easily join to grab free samples of perfume. All you do is signup for an account, and then you can start receiving samples via the mail. You won’t have to pay any shipping fees or use your credit card or anything of that nature.

However, you do have to leave feedback. When you receive your perfume sample, use it and then go back to the site to leave your feedback. It’s as easy as that, and if you wish you can check out what other items they have available to sample for free.

2. Get On Beauty Product Testing Panels

The way this works is you join a consumer testing panel. You’ll receive free perfume samples to try and then you’ll leave your feedback for them. Companies are always on the lookout for people to test out their products, and this is because they want to know how they can improve current and soon to be released products.

There is an array of consumer testing panels you can try to join. Allure Beauty Enthusiasts is one of them. Also, L’Oreal USA is regularly looking for people to join their testing panel. Here’s a tip: join at least 3-5 testing panels because this will increase your chances of receiving a number of free perfume samples. Here are a few of my favorites:

3. Write Product Reviews

You can write product reviews in exchange for free items, including perfumes. The way this works is you join a review site, receive your free perfume samples and then leave a review on it. There are many review websites you can join, so try to use a few of them and not just focus on one.

You’ll be required to leave an honest review. Review sites want honesty, even if it means leaving a negative review. Remember, companies want to know exactly what people think of their perfumes, hence why they give them away as samples to be reviewed. Check out these sites:

4. Flip Through A Fashion Magazine

One of the oldest and most common ways to get free perfume samples is via fashion & beauty magazines. There are two common ways to get free perfume samples via this method, with one being that there will be a sample that you can rub on yourself. You’ll either rub it on your wrist or neck.

The second way is there may be a short snippet that tells you to order a free sample. You may have to fill out a short form that asks for basic info. After you send it off, you simply wait for the perfume sample to arrive.

5. Go To Perfume Counters At Department Stores

Do you love going to department stores? If so, then make sure you head to ones that are known for selling perfumes because this is a great way to score free samples of fragrances. All you have to do is head to your nearest Sephora, Macy’s or other big name stores to see if they currently have samples available. If you don’t see any out in the open, then go to the register and ask if they have any perfumes you can try.

In some cases you won’t be given a sample. However, you can still use the tester bottles that are typically available. Macy’s and Sephora are both known for having tester bottles that allow you to test out perfumes before buying them. The downside is you can’t take the tester bottles home with you.

6. Get Free Samples When Shopping Online

As previously mentioned, some of the top nine places to get free perfume samples require you to buy items before receiving your freebies. The next time you shop online, try to buy your items from websites that give you free perfume samples as part of your purchase. You might have to do research on which websites give perfume away (or see the previous list above), but it is worth it.

7. Follow a Few Fragrance Experts

free cologne samples

There is no shortage of fragrance experts to follow on social media. What a lot of people don’t realize is they can follow experts to increase their chances of landing freebies. Not all fragrance experts do this, but many do.

What you want to do is follow as many fragrance experts as you can. Eventually one or a few of them will do giveaways that involve sending out free samples of perfumes. Follow experts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as these are the most popular platforms that fragrance experts and influencers use.

8. Visit Walmart.com

Head over to Walmart.com because the company often has sampling events. Not all of these events will involve giving away perfumes. Nonetheless, they are worth checking out.

What you want to do is fill out a form via Walmart.com. You will then be put on Walmart’s email list. Keep an eye out for when future events are being held and/or when you are eligible to receive a free promotional item, such as perfume.

9. Sign Up For Newsletters Of Your Favorite Brands

Your favorite brands have newsletters, and you should signup to receive those newsletters. After you signup for a newsletter from a brand, you’ll soon be receiving information about products, new products, current giveaways and much more. Lots of people get perfume samples for free by signing up for as many newsletters as possible especially when a perfume brand has an upcoming product launch. Here are a few brands that do send free perfume samples by mail:

  • Burberry
  • Dolce& Gabbana
  • Calvin Klein
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Hermes

10. Request For Free Perfume Samples

Head over to your favorite company’s website and send them an email. Ask them if you can receive free samples of perfume. The worst they will say is no, and at best they will say yes. The more requests you put in, the more of a chance you have of getting samples of perfume for free.

11. Search By Hashtags on Social Media

A unique way to score perfume samples is to use social media. The three most popular social media sites are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Each site allows you to search using hashtags. However, Twitter is absolutely the best site to use to find things via hashtag search.

The way it works is you type in a hashtag that is relevant to what you’re after. In this case, you can use #freeperfumesamples or #freeperfume to find sample offers of perfume. Be creative with your hashtags and use at least two sites to to find free samples.

12. Start a Beauty or Perfume Blog

Starting a beauty or perfume blog is easy. Simply choose a hosting provider and use WordPress to create your website.  I have a free 5-day blogging course you can join too that will help you start and launch a successful blog!

Blog regularly about anything related to perfume or beauty niche. As your blog grows, you’ll have a higher chance to get free perfume samples. Most of the time pr companies will eventually find you and send you an email asking for you to try free full-size products for a product review. You can have a section of your blog that allows companies to request you to review their perfume in exchange you try their perfumes out.

Another way to score free samples is to reach out to companies. Do this when your blog is receiving steady traffic on a daily basis. Reach out to them via social media or through the email listed on their site. Send them a link to your site and tell them you’re interested in receiving a free sample so you can review it.

13. Check Official Websites From Time to Time

Every now and then you should check out the official websites of the brands you love the most. The top brands that have some of the best perfumes include Gucci and Versace. Others are Chanel, Armani and Dior. There are lots of other brands out there, so check in with their official websites at least 2-3 times per month to see what free others they have going on at the moment.

Free Perfume Samples – Final Thoughts

If you want to try out new perfumes or you want to get free perfume samples from your favorite brands, then keep the above info in mind. As you can see, getting free samples of perfume is easy. You might be surprised at how many samples you end up with if you try out several of the previously discussed methods. Good luck with getting as many samples as you can.