3 Powerful Tips for Itchy-Scalp Relief

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dry itchy scalp relief

I was reading Good Housekeeping’s January issue a few days ago and I came across this great article from Boston stylist and hair owner Mario Russo on ways to relieve an itchy scalp this winter.  During the winter, scalp dryness is oftentimes unavoidable since the falling temperatures and low humidity can cause a drying effect on the scalp. The tips in the article were extremely helpful for me so, I thought I’d share these easy fixes to help you stop scratching this winter.

Tip #1: Check Ingredients

Avoid sulfates, which strip away oils, and synthetic fragrances, which can trigger allergic reactions. Product recommendation: Neuma Shampoo & Conditioner.

Tip #2: Nourish with Oils

Massage an omega-3 rich essential oil into your scalp, leave on for a half hour, then work in shampoo before rinsing. Product recommendation: Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil

Tip #3 Avoid Alcohol

Hairstylers that rely on it (especially those used at the roots) can exacerbate itchiness. Opt for products like L’Oreal Paris Everstyle Alcohol-Free Mousse.

I hope you found these winter hair care tips useful!

Source: Good Housekeeping Jan. 2014 issue

Image: We Heart It

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