6 Cool Ways to Spruce Up a Boring Ponytail

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Wearing a ponytail is such a classic go-to hairstyle especially for women with long hair but, going for a simple pulled back look can get quite boring after a while. I’m always looking for ways to spruce up a pony and luckily I found some great ponytail hairstyles to kick this look up a notch.

Here are six cool ponytail ideas to take your look to the next level.

Ponytail Ideas

1. Messy

This boho-style look is a great ponytail alternative that adds plenty of volume for women with fine hair.

2. Soft Curls

This is very quick and simple to do. All you need is a 1″ flat iron to curl the ends and…. Voila! Soft wavy curls!

3. Side swept and waves

It makes for a great nighttime look! First add a small amount of mousse throughout the hair then use a brush to tease it up at the top. Next create a deep side part and gather all your hair to the side opposite the part. Secure it with an elastic hairband. Add soft waves to your hair with a 1 1/4″ curling iron for loose waves. Then pull some of your front pieces out and curl (if necessary). Finger comb the curls to create soft waves then spritz with this beach texture hairspray.

4. Twist + Turns

I love the creativity behind this ponytail idea! Here is a great tutorial on how to twist your ponytail!

5. Braided Up

A braided look is fun, simple, yet very chic! Have fun checking out these braided hairstyle looks!

6. Loose Curls

A loose curl ponytail is the perfect choice if you’re going for that soft, romantic look. It’s also a simple way to turn your day look to night! Use a 1 ” curling iron to the ends and finish with this hairspray.

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  1. Good thing I found your article about pony tail.. Because I’m really having a hard time managing my long hair because of a very hectic schedule.. I would love to try your tips here.. Thanks! ww.makeup-styles.org

  2. When we find something in a website which is also being experienced by us in daily life, it feels so useful and touchy. You really tried well in solving this regular pony problem.

  3. Love the range of ponytails you’ve covered! I’m a male with long hair, and I’ve yet to see any decent ponytail guides for men although I understand that hair is unisex anyway so I’m learning rom your guide. All I have seen for men’s hair so far are guides for shortish long hair and buns, this one is an example of a samurai bun guide but it’s one of the few guides specific to men. Been looking around for a bit, do you have bun guides and other hair tips that are more on the unisex side?

    Great blog in any case, and you now have here a (male) follower! 🙂

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