6 Easy Steps For Sexy, Beach Waves

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Sexy, beachy waves with lots of body, volume and shine are one of the favorite go-to hairstyles when the weather heats up.  Many women, like myself are fond of the perfectly undone, California girl look. I mean I was born and raised in Los Angeles so why wouldn’t I be. It took a bit of time for me to perfect the look, but I did it thanks to this secret hair product a friend of mine recommended. So take a look at this super quick and easy step-by-step tutorial to see how I style my hair and keep reading to find out this “mysterious” product everyone is using to easily get this look. You’ll look like you just came from hanging out at the beach.

DIY Sexy Beach Waves

Step 1. Make sure your hair is washed and conditioned and not weight down with products.

Step 2. On towel-dried hair, massage any kind of styling cream throughout to distribute the product.

Step 3. Lightly apply a heat protectant spray to prep for blow drying.

Step 4. Blow dry hair until the hair is dry. Make sure to aim the hairdryer downward and keep it at least an inch away from your hair. Flat iron your hair (if necessary) and again always use a heat protectant spray.

Step 5. Now here’s the secret product that gives me the perfect waves.  On dry hair, take Love + Salt Beach Mist by Olivine Atelier and spritz it around the hair.

Step 6. You can throw it in a top knot or section it in into 4 braids and let it sleep overnight. In the morning, you’ll have sultry beach waves.

I like to build with the Love + Salt Beach Mist so I would add a bit more to get the perfect amount of volume. This product is great because it helps gives you that texture needed for beach waves and most importantly it doesn’t weigh your hair down. You can also spray it on the body for beautifully hydrated skin thanks to “good” hydrating salts like Himalayan Pink Salt and I swear to you it smells like a vacation. It has the perfect blend of Ocean salt and Black Coconut.

love and salt hair mist beach waves

Try The Love + Salt Beach Mist by Olivine Atelier! You’ll love it.


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