7 Ways to “Summer-ize” Your Skincare Routine

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summer skincare routine

We all enjoy the warm and sunny weather during the summer months but in reality, it can have damaging and negative effects on our skin, making it important to “summe-rize” your regular beauty routine to protect your skin from premature aging or even worse, skin cancer. Healthy Directions Physician Researcher, Dr. Aaron Tabor shares with us his top 7 sun protection tips to maintain our gorgeous skin all summer long.

7 Sun Protection Tips for Healthy Skin 

Tip #1 Buy Sunscreen with at least SPF 30

Purchase a sunscreen product with at least SPF 30, and make sure it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Try to look for a light-feeling lotion (spray versions are ok but, it may not give as good of a coverage). If you have oily or pore-clogging skin, we recommend a lotion with SPF like Kate Somerville Daily Deflector Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen Moisturizer. I like that it has anti-aging properties with great sun protection.

Tip #2 Use Sunscreen Year Round

Apply your sunscreen every day, all year round. Sun protection is not just in the summer or on sunny days. Even if it is winter, cloudy, or hazy, use sunscreen.

Tip #3 Don’t Skip Important Areas

When applying sunscreen, be careful not to forget your neck, the back of your hands, and the tips of your nose and ears, which are all areas that get a lot of sun exposure but are often overlooked.  Other areas that are especially vulnerable are the tops of the ears, where skin cancer loves to develop.

Tip #4 Reapply Often

Always remember to reapply your sunscreen every few hours.

Tip #5 Use a Moisturizer

Use a moisturizer to hydrate skin and protect against environmental factors like the sun.  We suggest: Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer

Tip #6 Lather Up More Before Aunt Flo Visits

Women are most susceptible to sunburns and sun damage the week before a menstrual period, so make sure to lather up and avoid harsh face treatments during that time.

Tip #7 Stay Indoors at Peak Times

Try to stay indoors from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are most intense. However, if you have to be outside, wear long sleeves and a hat with a wide brim—along with your sunscreen.


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