How-To: Crown Mesh Braid Tutorial

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crown braid tutorial

A crown braid is an easy, no heat hairstyle that you can wear everyday during the summer months. This look is one of my favorite go-to hairstyles because it’s versatile (you can create numerous day and night looks) and practical. It can be done on straight, curly, wavy, or kinky hair, whether it’s for the office, a wedding or a backyard bbq party.

Today we share a chic crown mesh braid tutorial done by one of my favorite youtubers, MakeupWearables Hairstyles (subscribe to her channel here).

Click play to watch the step-by-step video for this perfect warm weather hairstyle.

Step 1. Tease the back of your head and then part your hair in the front (side or center). If you have bangs, you’ll want to clip it out of the way as well.

Step 2. Make half-french braid pigtails (add in hair to bottom only).

Step 3. Half-french braid until middle of nape (make sure to fluff the braid).

Step 4. Split the braid in half to start fishtail braiding. Then tie the ends with an elastic and tug on the sides to make it bigger.

Step 5. Repeat half-french braid pigtail on the other side.

Step 6. Wrap the braid around the head. Tuck the ends inside the half-french braid & pin.

Step 7. Use a big curling iron on loose hair (bangs + baby hair).

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